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2019-03-13expose TSVTX unconditionally in tar.hRich Felker-4/+0
as noted in Austin Group issue #1236, the XSI shading for TSVTX is misplaced in the html version of the standard; it was only supposed to be on the description text. the intent was that the definition always be visible, which is reflected in the pdf version of the standard. this reverts commits d93c0740d86aaf7043e79b942a6c0b3f576af4c8 and 729fef0a9358e2f6f1cd8c75a1a0f7ee48b08c95.
2018-03-28fix default feature profile in tar.hRich Felker-0/+2
commit d93c0740d86aaf7043e79b942a6c0b3f576af4c8 added use of feature test macros without including features.h, causing a definition that should be exposed in the default profile, TSVTX, to appear only when _XOPEN_SOURCE or higher is explicitly defined.
2018-03-10fix minor namespace issue in tar.hRich Felker-0/+2
TSVTX is XSI-shaded.
2011-02-12initial check-in, version 0.5.0v0.5.0Rich Felker-0/+33