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12 daysfix strings.h feature test macro usage due to missing features.hHEADmasterMichael Pratt-0/+1
2022-04-20add missing POSIX confstr keys for pthread CFLAGS/LDFLAGSRich Felker-0/+2
_CS_POSIX_V7_THREADS_CFLAGS and _CS_POSIX_V7_THREADS_LDFLAGS have been missing for a long time, which is a conformance defect. we were waiting on glibc to add them or at least agree on the numeric values they will have so as to keep the numbering aligned. it looks like they will be added to glibc with these numbers, and in any case, this list does not have any significant churn that would result in the numbers getting taken.
2022-03-08sys/ptrace.h: add PTRACE_GET_RSEQ_CONFIGURATION from linux v5.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+9
see linux commit 90f093fa8ea48e5d991332cee160b761423d55c1 rseq, ptrace: Add PTRACE_GET_RSEQ_CONFIGURATION request the struct type got __ prefix to follow existing practice.
2022-03-08sys/prctl.h: add PR_PAC_{SET,GET}_ENABLED_KEYS from linux v5.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+3
see linux commit 201698626fbca1cf1a3b686ba14cf2a056500716 arm64: Introduce prctl(PR_PAC_{SET,GET}_ENABLED_KEYS)
2022-03-08elf.h: add NT_ARM_PAC_ENABLED_KEYS from linux v5.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
see linux commit 201698626fbca1cf1a3b686ba14cf2a056500716 arm64: Introduce prctl(PR_PAC_{SET,GET}_ENABLED_KEYS)
2022-03-08netinet/in.h: add INADDR_DUMMY from linux v5.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
see linux commit 321827477360934dc040e9d3c626bf1de6c3ab3c icmp: don't send out ICMP messages with a source address of "RFC7600 reserves a dummy address to be used as a source for ICMP messages (, so let's teach the kernel to substitute that address as a last resort if the regular source address selection procedure fails."
2022-03-08netinet/tcp.h: add tcp_zerocopy_receive fields from linux v5.12Szabolcs Nagy-0/+4
see linux commit 7eeba1706eba6def15f6cb2fc7b3c3b9a2651edc tcp: Add receive timestamp support for receive zerocopy. linux commit 3c5a2fd042d0bfac71a2dfb99515723d318df47b tcp: Sanitize CMSG flags and reserved args in tcp_zerocopy_receive.
2022-03-08netinet/tcp.h: add TCP_NLA_* values up to linux v5.12Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
TCP_NLA_EDT was new in v5.9, see linux commit 48040793fa6003d211f021c6ad273477bcd90d91 tcp: add earliest departure time to SCM_TIMESTAMPING_OPT_STATS TCP_NLA_TTL is new in v5.12, see linux commit e7ed11ee945438b737e2ae2370e35591e16ec371 tcp: add TTL to SCM_TIMESTAMPING_OPT_STATS
2022-03-08signal.h: add new sa_flags from linux v5.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+3
see linux commit a54f0dfda754c5cecc89a14dab68a3edc1e497b5 signal: define the SA_UNSUPPORTED bit in sa_flags linux commit 6ac05e832a9e96f9b1c42a8917cdd317d7b6c8fa signal: define the SA_EXPOSE_TAGBITS bit in sa_flags Note: SA_ is in the posix reserved namespace so these linux specific flags can be exposed when compiling for posix.
2022-03-08signal.h: add SYS_USER_DISPATCH si_code value from linux v5.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
see linux commit 1d7637d89cfce54a4f4a41c2325288c2f47470e8 signal: Expose SYS_USER_DISPATCH si_code type
2022-03-08signal.h: add si_code values for SIGSYSSzabolcs Nagy-0/+2
unlike other si_code defines, SYS_ is not in the posix reserved namespace which is likely the reason why SYS_SECCOMP was previously missing (was new in linux v3.5).
2022-03-08netinet/tcp.h: add tcp zerocopy related changes from linux v5.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+5
see linux commit 18fb76ed53865c1b5d5f0157b1b825704590beb5 net-zerocopy: Copy straggler unaligned data for TCP Rx. zerocopy. linux commit 94ab9eb9b234ddf23af04a4bc7e8db68e67b8778 net-zerocopy: Defer vm zap unless actually needed.
2022-03-08netinet/if_ether.h: add ETH_P_CFM from linux v5.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
see linux commit fbaedb4129838252570410c65abb2036b5505cbd bridge: uapi: cfm: Added EtherType used by the CFM protocol.
2022-03-08sys/socket.h: add new SO_ socket options from linux v5.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
see linux commit 7fd3253a7de6a317a0683f83739479fb880bffc8 net: Introduce preferred busy-polling linux commit 7c951cafc0cb2e575f1d58677b95ac387ac0a5bd net: Add SO_BUSY_POLL_BUDGET socket option
2022-03-08sys/prctl.h: add PR_SET_SYSCALL_USER_DISPATCH from linux v5.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+6
see linux commit 1446e1df9eb183fdf81c3f0715402f1d7595d4cb kernel: Implement selective syscall userspace redirection linux commit 36a6c843fd0d8e02506681577e96dabd203dd8e8 entry: Use different define for selector variable in SUD redirect syscalls to a userspace handler via SIGSYS, except for a specific range of code. can be toggled via a memory write to a selector variable. mainly for wine.
2022-01-09add SEEK_DATA and SEEK_HOLE to unistd.hÉrico Nogueira-0/+2
these are linux specific constants. glibc exposes them behind _GNU_SOURCE, but, since SEEK_* is reserved for the implementation, we can simply define them. furthermore, since they can't be used with fseek() and other functions that deal with FILE, we don't add them to stdio.h.
2021-11-29define NULL as nullptr when used in C++11 or laterIsmael Luceno-8/+24
This should be safer for casting and more compatible with existing code bases that wrongly assume it must be defined as a pointer.
2021-09-23add qsort_r and make qsort a wrapper around itÉrico Nogueira-0/+1
we make qsort a wrapper by providing a wrapper_cmp function that uses the extra argument as a function pointer. should be optimized to a tail call on most architectures, as long as it's built with -fomit-frame-pointer, so the performance impact should be minimal. to keep the git history clean, for now qsort_r is implemented in qsort.c and qsort is implemented in qsort_nr.c. qsort.c also received a few trivial cleanups, including replacing (*cmp)() calls with cmp(). qsort_nr.c contains only wrapper_cmp and qsort as a qsort_r wrapper itself.
2021-04-20add pthread_getname_np functionÉrico Rolim-0/+1
based on the pthread_setname_np implementation
2021-04-19define __STDC_UTF_{16,32}__ macrosÉrico Nogueira-0/+3
these macros are used to indicate that the implementation uses, respectively, utf-16 and utf-32 encoding for char16_t and char32_t.
2021-02-25suppress isascii() macro for C++Érico Rolim-0/+2
analogous to commit a60457c84a4b59ab564d7f4abb660a70283ba98d.
2021-02-22guard against compilers failing to handle setjmp specially by defaultRich Felker-3/+11
since 4.1, gcc has had the __returns_twice__ attribute and has required functions which return twice to carry it; however it's always applied it automatically to known setjmp-like function names. clang however does not do this reliably, at least not with -ffreestanding and possibly under other conditions, resulting in silent emission of wrong code. since the symbol name setjmp is in no way special (setjmp is specified as a macro that could expand to use any implementation-specific symbol name or names), a compiler is justified not to do anything special without further hints, and it's reasonable to do what we can to provide such hints. gcc 4.0.x and earlier do not recognize the attribute, so make use conditional on __GNUC__ macros. clang and other gcc-like compilers report (and have always reported) a later "GNUC" version so the preprocessor conditional should function as desired for them as too. undefine the internal macro after use so that nothing abuses it as a public feature.
2021-02-15signal.h: add MTE specific SIGSEGV codes from linux v5.10Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
add synchronouse and asynchronous tag check failure codes, see linux commit 74f1082487feb90bbf880af14beb8e29c3030c9f arm64: mte: Add specific SIGSEGV codes
2021-02-15sys/prctl.h: add MTE related constants from linux v5.10Szabolcs Nagy-0/+7
these are for the aarch64 MTE (memory tagging extension), see linux commit 1c101da8b971a36695319dce7a24711dc567a0dd arm64: mte: Allow user control of the tag check mode via prctl() linux commit af5ce95282dc99d08a27a407a02c763dde1c5558 arm64: mte: Allow user control of the generated random tags via prctl()
2021-02-15elf.h: add NT_ARM_TAGGED_ADDR_CTRL from linux v5.10Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
see linux commit 2200aa7154cb7ef76bac93e98326883ba64bfa2e arm64: mte: ptrace: Add NT_ARM_TAGGED_ADDR_CTRL regset
2021-02-15sys/mman.h: add MAP_HUGE_16KB from linux v5.10Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
see linux commit e47168f3d1b14af5281cf50c59561d59d28201f9 powerpc/8xx: Support 16k hugepages with 4k pages
2021-02-15sys/mount.h: add MS_NOSYMFOLLOW from linux v5.10Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
path resolution does not follow symlinks on nosymfollow mounts (but readlink still does), see linux commit dab741e0e02bd3c4f5e2e97be74b39df2523fc6e Add a "nosymfollow" mount option.
2021-02-15sys/membarrier.h: add new constants from linux v5.10Szabolcs Nagy-0/+4
can cause rseq restart on another cpu to synchronize with global memory access from rseq critical sections, see linux commit 2a36ab717e8fe678d98f81c14a0b124712719840 rseq/membarrier: Add MEMBARRIER_CMD_PRIVATE_EXPEDITED_RSEQ
2020-11-30implement reallocarrayAriadne Conill-0/+1
reallocarray is an extension introduced by OpenBSD, which introduces calloc overflow checking to realloc. glibc 2.28 introduced support for this function behind _GNU_SOURCE, while glibc 2.29 allows its usage in _DEFAULT_SOURCE.
2020-11-29netinet/in.h: add IP_RECVERR_4884 from linux v5.9Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
see linux commit eba75c587e811d3249c8bd50d22bb2266ccd3c0f icmp: support rfc 4884
2020-11-29sys/fanotify.h: add new FAN_* macros from linux v5.9Szabolcs Nagy-0/+4
Update fanotify.h, see linux commit 929943b38daf817f2e6d303ea04401651fc3bc05 fanotify: add support for FAN_REPORT_NAME linux commit 83b7a59896dd24015a34b7f00027f0ff3747972f fanotify: add basic support for FAN_REPORT_DIR_FID linux commit 08b95c338e0c5a96e47f4ca314ea1e7580ecb5d7 fanotify: remove event FAN_DIR_MODIFY FAN_DIR_MODIFY that was new in v5.7 is now removed from linux uapi, but kept in musl, so we don't break api, linux cannot reuse the value anyway.
2020-11-29add missing personality valuesWilliam Woodruff-0/+3
Adds two missing personality(2) personas: UNAME26 and FDPIC_FUNCPTRS. FDPIC_FUNCPTRS was also missing its corresponding PER_LINUX_FDPIC value.
2020-10-28add support for SIGEV_THREAD_ID timersJames Y Knight-3/+13
This is like SIGEV_SIGNAL, but targeted to a particular thread's tid, rather than the process.
2020-10-14implement _Fork and refactor fork using itRich Felker-0/+1
the _Fork interface is defined for future issue of POSIX as the outcome of Austin Group issue 62, which drops the AS-safety requirement for fork, and provides an AS-safe replacement that does not run the registered atfork handlers.
2020-09-09netinet/if_ether.h: add ETH_P_MRP from linux v5.8Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
Ethernet protocol number for media redundancy protocol, see linux commit 4714d13791f831d253852c8b5d657270becb8b2a bridge: uapi: mrp: Add mrp attributes.
2020-09-09elf.h: add related definitionsSzabolcs Nagy-0/+2
On x86 and aarch64 GNU properties may be used to mark ELF objects.
2020-09-09netinet/tcp.h: update to linux v5.7Szabolcs Nagy-0/+3
add TCP_NLA_BYTES_NOTSENT and new tcp_zerocopy_receive fields, see linux commit c8856c051454909e5059df4e81c77b9c366c5515 tcp-zerocopy: Return inq along with tcp receive zerocopy. linux commit 33946518d493cdf10aedb4a483f1aa41948a3dab tcp-zerocopy: Return sk_err (if set) along with tcp receive zerocopy. linux commit e08ab0b377a1489760533424437c5f4be7f484a4 tcp: add bytes not sent to SCM_TIMESTAMPING_OPT_STATS
2020-09-09sys/mman.h: add MREMAP_DONTUNMAP from linux v5.7Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
it remaps anon mappings without unmapping the original. chromeos plans to use it with userfaultfd, see: linux commit e346b3813067d4b17383f975f197a9aa28a3b077 mm/mremap: add MREMAP_DONTUNMAP to mremap()
2020-09-09sys/fanotify.h: update to linux v5.7Szabolcs Nagy-1/+3
see linux commit 9e2ba2c34f1922ca1e0c7d31b30ace5842c2e7d1 fanotify: send FAN_DIR_MODIFY event flavor with dir inode and name linux commit 44d705b0370b1d581f46ff23e5d33e8b5ff8ec58 fanotify: report name info for FAN_DIR_MODIFY event
2020-09-09sched.h: add CLONE_NEWTIME from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
reuses a bit from CSIGNAL so it can only be used with unshare and clone3, added in linux commit 769071ac9f20b6a447410c7eaa55d1a5233ef40c ns: Introduce Time Namespace
2020-09-09sys/random.h: add GRND_INSECURE from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
added in linux commit 75551dbf112c992bc6c99a972990b3f272247e23 random: add GRND_INSECURE to return best-effort non-cryptographic bytes
2020-09-09sys/prctl.h: add PR_{SET,GET}_IO_FLUSHER from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+3
needed for storage drivers with userspace component that may run in the IO path, see linux commit 8d19f1c8e1937baf74e1962aae9f90fa3aeab463 prctl: PR_{G,S}ET_IO_FLUSHER to support controlling memory reclaim
2020-09-09netinet/udp.h: add TCP_ENCAP_ESPINTCP from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
The use of TCP_ in udp.h is not known, fortunately udp.h is not specified by posix so there are no strict namespace rules, added in linux commit e27cca96cd68fa2c6814c90f9a1cfd36bb68c593 xfrm: add espintcp (RFC 8229)
2020-09-09netinet/tcp.h: update for linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-2/+4
TCP_NLA_TIMEOUT_REHASH queries timeout-triggered rehash attempts, tcpm_ifindex limits the scope of TCP_MD5SIG* sockopt to a device. see linux commit 32efcc06d2a15fa87585614d12d6c2308cc2d3f3 tcp: export count for rehash attempts linux commit 6b102db50cdde3ba2f78631ed21222edf3a5fb51 net: Add device index to tcp_md5sig
2020-09-09netinet/in.h: add IPPROTO_ macros from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-1/+3
add IPPROTO_ETHERNET and IPPROTO_MPTCP, see linux commit 2677625387056136e256c743e3285b4fe3da87bb seg6: fix SRv6 L2 tunnels to use IANA-assigned protocol number linux commit faf391c3826cd29feae02078ca2022d2f912f7cc tcp: Define IPPROTO_MPTCP
2020-09-09netinet/tcp.h: update tcp_info for linux v5.5Szabolcs Nagy-1/+8
see linux commit 480274787d7e3458bc5a7cfbbbe07033984ad711 tcp: add TCP_INFO status for failed client TFO
2020-08-30fix regression with applications that expect struct winsize in ioctl.hRich Felker-7/+5
putting the (simple) definition in alltypes.h seems like the best solution here. making sys/ioctl.h implicitly include termios.h is probably excess namespace pollution.
2020-08-24add tcgetwinsize and tcsetwinsize functions, move struct winsizeRich Felker-7/+10
these have been adopted for future issue of POSIX as the outcome of Austin Group issue 1151, and are simply functions performing the roles of the historical ioctls. since struct winsize is being standardized along with them, its definition is moved to the appropriate header. there is some chance this will break source files that expect struct winsize to be defined by sys/ioctl.h without including termios.h. if this happens, further changes will be needed to have sys/ioctl.h expose it too.
2020-08-17add gettid functionRich Felker-0/+1
this is a prerequisite for addition of other interfaces that use kernel tids, including futex and SIGEV_THREAD_ID. there is some ambiguity as to whether the semantic return type should be int or pid_t. either way, futex API imposes a contract that the values fit in int (excluding some upper reserved bits). glibc used pid_t, so in the interest of not having gratuitous mismatch (the underlying types are the same anyway), pid_t is used here as well. while conceptually this is a syscall, the copy stored in the thread structure is always valid in all contexts where it's valid to call libc functions, so it's used to avoid the syscall.
2020-03-04remove duplicate definitions of INET[6]_ADDRSTRLENRich Felker-7/+0
these were leftover from early beginnings when arpa/inet.h was not including netinet/in.h.