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fix rint.c and rintf.c when FLT_EVAL_METHOD!=0
The old code used the rounding idiom incorrectly: y = (double)(x + 0x1p52) - 0x1p52; the cast is useless if FLT_EVAL_METHOD==0 and causes a second rounding if FLT_EVAL_METHOD==2 which can give incorrect result in nearest rounding mode, so the correct idiom is to add/sub a power-of-2 according to the characteristics of double_t. This did not cause actual bug because only i386 is affected where rint is implemented in asm. Other rounding functions use a similar idiom, but they give correct results because they only rely on getting a neighboring integer result and the rounding direction is fixed up separately independently of the current rounding mode. However they should be fixed to use the idiom correctly too.
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