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2019-10-25update ctype data to unicode 12.1.0u_quark-74/+86
2017-12-18update ctype tables to unicode 10.0Rich Felker-84/+100
2017-12-18reformat ctype tables to be diff-friendly, match tool outputRich Felker-92/+96
the new version of the code used to generate these tables forces a newline every 256 entries, whereas at the time these files were originally generated and committed, it only wrapped them at 80 columns. the new behavior ensures that localized changes to the tables, if they are ever needed, will produce localized diffs. commit d060edf6c569ba9df4b52d6bcd93edde812869c9 made the corresponding changes to the iconv tables.
2012-04-23fix spurious punct class for some surrogate codepoints (invalid)Rich Felker-59/+56
this happened due to their entries in UnicodeData.txt
2012-04-23destubify iswalpha and update iswpunct to unicode 6.1Rich Felker-0/+112
alpha is defined as unicode property "Alphabetic" plus category Nd minus ASCII digits minus 2 special-cased Thai punctuation marks supposedly misclassified by Unicode as letters. punct is defined as all of unicode except control, alphanumeric, and space characters. the tables were generated by a simple tool based on the code posted previously to the mailing list. in the future, this and other code used for maintaining locale/iconv/i18n data will be published either in the main source repository or in a separate locale data generation repository.