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2019-12-08fix null pointer dereference in setitimer time32 compat shimRich Felker-4/+6
this interface permits a null pointer for where to store the old itimerval being replaced. an early version of the time32 compat shim code had corresponding bugs for lots of functions; apparently setitimer was overlooked when fixing them.
2019-11-02add time32 ABI compat shims, compat source treeRich Felker-0/+1039
these files provide the symbols for the traditional 32-bit time_t ABI on existing 32-bit archs by wrapping the real, internal versions of the corresponding functions, which always work with 64-bit time_t. they are written to be as agnostic as possible to the implementation details of the real functions, so that they can be written once and mostly forgotten, but they are aware of details of the old (and sometimes new) ABI, which is okay since ABI is fixed and cannot change. a new compat tree is added, separate from src, which the Makefile does not see or use now, but which archs will be able to add to the build process. we could also consider moving other things that are compat shims here, like functions which are purely for glibc-ABI-compat, with the goal of making it optional or just cleaning up the main src tree to make the distinction between actual implementation/API files and ABI-compat shims clear.