path: root/arch/s390x/bits/user.h
AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorLines
2018-03-10use PAGESIZE rather than PAGE_SIZE in user.h bitsRich Felker-2/+2
align with commit c9c2cd3e6955cb1d57b8be01d4b072bf44058762.
2017-03-15s390x: fix fpreg_t and remove unused per_structTuan M. Hoang-2/+2
Including sys/procfs.h complains unknown type name 'fpreg_t' in bits/user.h. fpreg_t in bits/signal.h and elf_fpreg_t in bits/user.h are practically the same. per_struct is never used, even conflicts with kernel header asm/ptrace.h
2016-12-16fix use of incomplete struct type in s390x user.hBobby Bingham-10/+10
2016-12-16fix typo in s390x user.hBobby Bingham-1/+1
2016-11-11add s390x portBobby Bingham-0/+62