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2020-11-11fix vector types in aarch64 register file structuresRich Felker-1/+1
the ABI type for the vector registers in fpregset_t, struct fpsimd_context, and struct user_fpsimd_struct is __uint128_t, which was presumably originally not used because it's a nonstandard type, but its existence is mandated by the aarch64 psABI. use of the wrong type here broke software using these structures, and encouraged incorrect fixes with casts rather than reinterpretation of representation.
2015-03-11add aarch64 portSzabolcs Nagy-0/+16
This adds complete aarch64 target support including bigendian subarch. Some of the long double math functions are known to be broken otherwise interfaces should be fully functional, but at this point consider this port experimental. Initial work on this port was done by Sireesh Tripurari and Kevin Bortis.