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@@ -1776,3 +1776,79 @@ arch-specific bugs fixed:
- wrong pread/pwrite syscall calling convention on sh
- wrong preadv2/pwritev2 syscall numbers on x32
- mrand48/jrand48 produced wrong-signedness results on 64-bit archs
+1.1.17 release notes
+new features:
+- RTLD_LAZY deferred symbol binding, functionally equivalent to lazy binding
+- safeguard against dlopen of multiple libc versions/instances
+- new posix_spawn flag POSIX_SPAWN_SETSID
+- posix_spawnattr_setflags now reports unknown flags as error
+- ldso option --argv0 to set argv[0]
+- added _NL_LOCALE_NAME extension to nl_langinfo
+- dlopen local-to-global promotion no longer changes existing symbols
+- gettext now searches locale name variants for translation files
+- increased locale name length limit from 15 to 23 bytes
+- setlocale(LC_ALL, 0) returns single name if all categories are same
+- realloc no longer fails when mremap doesn't work
+- getservby* no longer treat numeric port strings as service records
+- mmap now works around incorrect EPERM error codes from kernel
+- impact of REG_* namespace pollution in x86[_64] signal.h is reduced
+- arm atomic asm now assembles correctly with new binutils
+- PAGE_SIZE on arm is no longer constant (quiet upstream ABI relaxation)
+- lsearch/lfind now pass args to compare callback in canonical order
+- STB_WEAK and STB_GNU_UNIQUE symbols now behave same as STB_GLOBAL
+- better clang CFLAGS checks in configure
+- global vis.h hack, which made lld refuse to link to, is disabled
+- single-instruction optimized math functions for aarch64, s390x, powerpc64
+- fast path for ASCII in towupper/towlower
+- new mostly-integer-math fma function
+semantic bugs fixed:
+- POSIX-format TZ dst time transitions were wrong for southern hemisphere
+- regex REG_NEWLINE semantics were wrong with negated brackets
+- various bugs in strptime %j, %p, %C formats
+- iconv mapped some characters to legacy 8bit encodings incorrectly
+- glob failed to match "/"
+- UTF-8 decoder accepted invalid f4 9x xx xx code sequences
+- scanf %% conversion failed to consume whitespace
+- glob with GLOB_PERIOD wrongly descended into . and ..
+- nftw gave incorrect base name offset when pathname ends in "/"
+- functional regression in resolv.conf attempts option
+- scalbn could produce wrong result due to double rounding in subnormal range
+- strftime %y format wrong with negative years
+- mbsnrtowcs and wcsnrtombs mishandled input limits
+- minor issues with error codes for various functions
+safety/consistency bugs fixed:
+- stack-based buffer overflow in dns response processing
+- invalid free in regexec on certain error paths
+- invalid free in globfree after failed glob
+- one-byte buffer overflow in legacy getpass function
+- failed dlopen corrupted thread-local storage module list
+- race in pthread_create with priority attributes could leave signals masked
+- multithreaded set*id() functions could induce spurious EINTRs
+- dl_iterate_phdr reported wrong base address in static PIE
+- fd leak and wrong cancellation state after dns socket failure
+- memory leaks and other issues in environment-modification functions
+- read-after-free race in pthread_detach
+- memmem performed single-byte over-read in short-needle code paths
+- read via uninitialized pointer in gettext core
+- bindtextdomain broke bindings for all other domains
+- various silent undefined behavior
+- getopt clobbered optopt on success
+arch-specific bugs fixed:
+- x32 dynamic TLS accesses crashed
+- s390x was missing dlsym entry point (needed for RTLD_NEXT)
+- powerpc64 ldso startup could crash depending on link order
+- powerpc64 setjmp/longjmp didn't properly save/restore TOC pointer
+- thumb2 setjmp/longjmp silently broke at ld-time with text not aligned
+- fchown was broken on archs without SYS_fchown syscall
+- fstatat was broken on mips64
+- various incorrect constants in powerpc64 and mips headers