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remove arm (32-bit) support for vdso clock_gettime
it's been reported that the vdso clock_gettime64 function on (32-bit) arm is broken, producing erratic results that grow at a rate far greater than one reported second per actual elapsed second. the vdso function seems to have been added sometime between linux 5.4 and 5.6, so if there's ever been a working version, it was only present for a very short window. it's not clear what the eventual upstream kernel solution will be, but something needs to be done on the libc side so as not to be producing binaries that seem to work on older/existing/lts kernels (which lack the function and thus lack the bug) but will break fantastically when moving to newer kernels. hopefully vdso support will be added back soon, but with a new symbol name or version from the kernel to allow continued rejection of broken ones.
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