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authorJens Gustedt <>2018-01-03 14:17:12 +0100
committerRich Felker <>2018-01-09 13:14:49 -0500
commitc4bc0b1a64e1ef1e105df84401805a16e8dbe82a (patch)
treed4aa94638bb44b688b1c0acd8cfa02259c15bd4f /src/thread/pthread_setschedprio.c
parent47d0bcd4762f223364e5b58d5a381aaa0cbd7c38 (diff)
consistently use the LOCK an UNLOCK macros
In some places there has been a direct usage of the functions. Use the macros consistently everywhere, such that it might be easier later on to capture the fast path directly inside the macro and only have the call overhead on the slow path.
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diff --git a/src/thread/pthread_setschedprio.c b/src/thread/pthread_setschedprio.c
index e0bdc03b..dc745b42 100644
--- a/src/thread/pthread_setschedprio.c
+++ b/src/thread/pthread_setschedprio.c
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
int pthread_setschedprio(pthread_t t, int prio)
int r;
- __lock(t->killlock);
+ LOCK(t->killlock);
r = t->dead ? ESRCH : -__syscall(SYS_sched_setparam, t->tid, &prio);
- __unlock(t->killlock);
+ UNLOCK(t->killlock);
return r;