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math: use double_t for temporaries to avoid stores on i386
When FLT_EVAL_METHOD!=0 (only i386 with x87 fp) the excess precision of an expression must be removed in an assignment. (gcc needs -fexcess-precision=standard or -std=c99 for this) This is done by extra load/store instructions which adds code bloat when lot of temporaries are used and it makes the result less precise in many cases. Using double_t and float_t avoids these issues on i386 and it makes no difference on other archs. For now only a few functions are modified where the excess precision is clearly beneficial (mostly polynomial evaluations with temporaries). object size differences on i386, gcc-4.8: old new __cosdf.o 123 95 __cos.o 199 169 __sindf.o 131 95 __sin.o 225 203 __tandf.o 207 151 __tan.o 605 499 erff.o 1470 1416 erf.o 1703 1649 j0f.o 1779 1745 j0.o 2308 2274 j1f.o 1602 1568 j1.o 2286 2252 tgamma.o 1431 1424 math/*.o 64164 63635
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