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fix build regression in arm asm for memcpy
commit 27828f7e9adb6b4f93ca56f6f98ef4c44bb5ed4e fixed compatibility with clang's internal assembler, but broke compatibility with gas and the traditional arm asm syntax by switching to the arm "unified assembler language" (UAL). recent versions of gas also support UAL, but require the .syntax directive to be used to switch to it. clang on the other hand defaults to UAL. and old versions of gas (still relevant) don't support UAL at all. for the conditional ldm/stm instructions, "ia" is default and can just be omitted, resulting in a mnemonic that's compatible with both traditional and UAL syntax. but for byte/halfword loads and stores, there seems to be no mnemonic compatible with both, and thus .word is used to produce the desired opcode explicitly. the .inst directive is not used because it is not compatible with older assemblers.
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