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improve error strings
this definitely has the potential to be a bikeshed topic, so some justification is in order. most of the changes made fit into one of the following categories: 1. alignment with text in posix, xsh 2.3 2. eliminating overly-specific text for shared error codes 3. making the message match more closely with the macro name 4. removing extraneous words in particular, the EAGAIN/EWOULDBLOCK text is updated to match the description of EAGAIN (which covers both uses) rather than saying the operation would block, and ENOTSUP/EOPNOTSUPP is updated not to mention sockets. the distinction between ENFILE/EMFILE has also been clarified; ENFILE is aligned with the posix text, and EMFILE, which lacks concise posix text matching any historic message, is updated to emphasize that the exhausted resource is not open files/open file descriptions, but rather the integer 'address space' of file descriptors. some messages may be further tweaked based on feedback.
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