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make configure check for visibility preinclude compatible with pcc
pcc does not search for -include relative to the working directory unless -I. is used. rather than adding -I., which could be problematic if there's extra junk in the top-level directory, switch back to the old method (reverting commit 60ed988fd6c67b489d7cc186ecaa9db4e5c25b8c) of using -include vis.h and relying on -I./src/internal being present on the command line (which the Makefile guarantees). to fix the breakage that was present in trycppif checks with the old method, $CFLAGS_AUTO is removed from the command line passed to trycppif; this is valid since $CFLAGS_AUTO should not contain options that alter compiler semantics or ABI, only optimizations, warnings, etc.
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