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implement locale file loading and state for remaining locale categories
there is still no code which actually uses the loaded locale files, so the main observable effect of this commit is that calls to setlocale store and give back the names of the selected locales for the remaining categories (LC_TIME, LC_COLLATE, LC_MONETARY) if a locale file by the requested name could be loaded.
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diff --git a/src/internal/libc.h b/src/internal/libc.h
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--- a/src/internal/libc.h
+++ b/src/internal/libc.h
@@ -5,9 +5,12 @@
#include <stdio.h>
#include <limits.h>
+struct __locale_map;
struct __locale_struct {
int ctype_utf8;
char *messages_name;
+ struct __locale_map *cat[4];
struct __libc {