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fix missing strerror text for EMULTIHOP
this is an obsolete error code from RFS, an obsolete predecessor of NFS. POSIX documents it only as "Reserved", but maintains the requirement that it be defined. as long as it is defined, it needs a string for strerror to produce; the one chosen matches glibc and documentation from other language runtimes I could find.
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diff --git a/src/errno/__strerror.h b/src/errno/__strerror.h
index 915044b5..2f04d400 100644
--- a/src/errno/__strerror.h
+++ b/src/errno/__strerror.h
@@ -100,5 +100,6 @@ E(EREMOTEIO, "Remote I/O error")
E(EDQUOT, "Quota exceeded")
E(ENOMEDIUM, "No medium found")
E(EMEDIUMTYPE, "Wrong medium type")
+E(EMULTIHOP, "Multihop attempted")
E(0, "No error information")