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--- /dev/null
+++ b/src/ctype/iswpunct.c
@@ -0,0 +1,138 @@
+#include <wctype.h>
+#include <inttypes.h>
+/* The below data is derived from classes (P.|Sm) plus Pattern_Syntax */
+#define R(a,b) { (b), (b)-(a) }
+static const struct range {
+ uint32_t base:20;
+ uint32_t len:12;
+} ranges[] = {
+R(0x21, 0x2f),
+R(0x3a, 0x40),
+R(0x5b, 0x60),
+R(0x7b, 0x7e),
+R(0xa1, 0xa7),
+R(0xa9, 0xa9),
+R(0xab, 0xac),
+R(0xae, 0xae),
+R(0xb0, 0xb1),
+R(0xb6, 0xb7),
+R(0xbb, 0xbb),
+R(0xbf, 0xbf),
+R(0xd7, 0xd7),
+R(0xf7, 0xf7),
+R(0x37e, 0x37e),
+R(0x387, 0x387),
+R(0x3f6, 0x3f6),
+R(0x55a, 0x55f),
+R(0x589, 0x58a),
+R(0x5be, 0x5be),
+R(0x5c0, 0x5c0),
+R(0x5c3, 0x5c3),
+R(0x5c6, 0x5c6),
+R(0x5f3, 0x5f4),
+R(0x606, 0x60a),
+R(0x60c, 0x60d),
+R(0x61b, 0x61b),
+R(0x61e, 0x61f),
+R(0x66a, 0x66d),
+R(0x6d4, 0x6d4),
+R(0x700, 0x70d),
+R(0x7f7, 0x7f9),
+R(0x964, 0x965),
+R(0x970, 0x970),
+R(0xdf4, 0xdf4),
+R(0xe4f, 0xe4f),
+R(0xe5a, 0xe5b),
+R(0xf04, 0xf12),
+R(0xf3a, 0xf3d),
+R(0xf85, 0xf85),
+R(0xfd0, 0xfd4),
+R(0x104a, 0x104f),
+R(0x10fb, 0x10fb),
+R(0x1361, 0x1368),
+R(0x166d, 0x166e),
+R(0x1680, 0x1680),
+R(0x169b, 0x169c),
+R(0x16eb, 0x16ed),
+R(0x1735, 0x1736),
+R(0x17d4, 0x17d6),
+R(0x17d8, 0x17da),
+R(0x1800, 0x180a),
+R(0x180e, 0x180e),
+R(0x1944, 0x1945),
+R(0x19de, 0x19df),
+R(0x1a1e, 0x1a1f),
+R(0x1b5a, 0x1b60),
+R(0x1c3b, 0x1c3f),
+R(0x1c7e, 0x1c7f),
+R(0x2010, 0x2027),
+R(0x2030, 0x205e),
+R(0x207a, 0x207e),
+R(0x208a, 0x208e),
+R(0x2140, 0x2144),
+R(0x214b, 0x214b),
+R(0x2190, 0x245f),
+R(0x2500, 0x2775),
+R(0x2794, 0x2bff),
+R(0x2cf9, 0x2cfc),
+R(0x2cfe, 0x2cff),
+R(0x2e00, 0x2e7f),
+R(0x3001, 0x3003),
+R(0x3008, 0x3020),
+R(0x3030, 0x3030),
+R(0x303d, 0x303d),
+R(0x30a0, 0x30a0),
+R(0x30fb, 0x30fb),
+R(0xa60d, 0xa60f),
+R(0xa874, 0xa877),
+R(0xa8ce, 0xa8cf),
+R(0xa92e, 0xa92f),
+R(0xa95f, 0xa95f),
+R(0xfb29, 0xfb29),
+R(0xfd3e, 0xfd3f),
+R(0xfe10, 0xfe19),
+R(0xfe30, 0xfe52),
+R(0xfe54, 0xfe66),
+R(0xfe68, 0xfe68),
+R(0xfe6a, 0xfe6b),
+R(0xff01, 0xff03),
+R(0xff05, 0xff0f),
+R(0xff1a, 0xff20),
+R(0xff3b, 0xff3d),
+R(0xff3f, 0xff3f),
+R(0xff5b, 0xff65),
+R(0xffe2, 0xffe2),
+R(0xffe9, 0xffec),
+R(0x10100, 0x10101),
+R(0x1039f, 0x1039f),
+R(0x103d0, 0x103d0),
+R(0x1091f, 0x1091f),
+R(0x1093f, 0x1093f),
+R(0x10a50, 0x10a58),
+R(0x12470, 0x12473),
+R(0x1d6c1, 0x1d6c1),
+R(0x1d6db, 0x1d6db),
+R(0x1d6fb, 0x1d6fb),
+R(0x1d715, 0x1d715),
+R(0x1d735, 0x1d735),
+R(0x1d74f, 0x1d74f),
+R(0x1d76f, 0x1d76f),
+R(0x1d789, 0x1d789),
+R(0x1d7a9, 0x1d7a9),
+R(0x1d7c3, 0x1d7c3),
+int iswpunct(wint_t wc)
+ unsigned c = wc;
+ int a = 0;
+ int n = sizeof ranges / sizeof ranges[0];
+ do {
+ n >>= 1;
+ a += n+1 & (signed)(ranges[a+n].base-c)>>31;
+ } while (n);
+ return ranges[a].base-c <= ranges[a].len;