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add locale framework
this commit adds non-stub implementations of setlocale, duplocale, newlocale, and uselocale, along with the data structures and minimal code needed for representing the active locale on a per-thread basis and optimizing the common case where thread-local locale settings are not in use. at this point, the data structures only contain what is necessary to represent LC_CTYPE (a single flag) and LC_MESSAGES (a name for use in finding message translation files). representation for the other categories will be added later; the expectation is that a single pointer will suffice for each. for LC_CTYPE, the strings "C" and "POSIX" are treated as special; any other string is accepted and treated as "C.UTF-8". for other categories, any string is accepted after being truncated to a maximum supported length (currently 15 bytes). for LC_MESSAGES, the name is kept regardless of whether libc itself can use such a message translation locale, since applications using catgets or gettext should be able to use message locales libc is not aware of. for other categories, names which are not successfully loaded as locales (which, at present, means all names) are treated as aliases for "C". setlocale never fails. locale settings are not yet used anywhere, so this commit should have no visible effects except for the contents of the string returned by setlocale.
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