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fix ugly bugs in TRE regex parser
1. * in BRE is not special at the beginning of the regex or a subexpression. this broke ncurses' build scripts. 2. \\( in BRE is a literal \ followed by a literal (, not a literal \ followed by a subexpression opener. 3. the ^ in \\(^ in BRE is a literal ^ only at the beginning of the entire BRE. POSIX allows treating it as an anchor at the beginning of a subexpression, but TRE's code for checking if it was at the beginning of a subexpression was wrong, and fixing it for the sake of supporting a non-portable usage was too much trouble when just removing this non-portable behavior was much easier. this patch also moved lots of the ugly logic for empty atom checking out of the default/literal case and into new cases for the relevant characters. this should make parsing faster and make the code smaller. if nothing else it's a lot more readable/logical. at some point i'd like to revisit and overhaul lots of this code...
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