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add TLSDESC support for 32-bit arm
unlike other asm where the baseline ISA is used, these functions are hot paths and use ISA-level specializations. call-clobbered vfp registers are saved before calling __tls_get_new, since there is no guarantee it won't use them. while setjmp/longjmp have to use hwcap to decide whether to the fpu is in use, since application code could be using vfp registers even if libc was compiled as pure softfloat, __tls_get_new is part of libc and can be assumed not to have access to vfp registers if tlsdesc.S does not. thus it suffices just to check the predefined preprocessor macros. the check for __ARM_PCS_VFP is redundant; !__SOFTFP__ must always be true if the target ISA level includes fpu instructions/registers.
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diff --git a/ldso/dynlink.c b/ldso/dynlink.c
index 3ecbddfa..c2892b90 100644
--- a/ldso/dynlink.c
+++ b/ldso/dynlink.c
@@ -458,6 +458,13 @@ static void do_relocs(struct dso *dso, size_t *rel, size_t rel_size, size_t stri
+ addend;
+ /* Some archs (32-bit ARM at least) invert the order of
+ * the descriptor members. Fix them up here. */
+ size_t tmp = reloc_addr[0];
+ reloc_addr[0] = reloc_addr[1];
+ reloc_addr[1] = tmp;
error("Error relocating %s: unsupported relocation type %d",