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simplify/refactor fflush and make fflush_unlocked an alias for fflush
previously, fflush_unlocked was an alias for an internal backend that was called by fflush, either for its argument or in a loop for each file if a null pointer was passed. since the logic for the latter was in the main fflush function, fflush_unlocked crashed when passed a null pointer, rather than flushing all open files. since fflush_unlocked is not a standard function and has no specification, it's not clear whether it should be expected to accept null pointers like fflush does, but a reasonable argument could be made that it should. this patch eliminates the helper function, simplifying fflush, and makes fflush_unlocked an alias for fflush, which is valid because the two functions agree in their behavior in all cases where their behavior is defined (the unlocked version has undefined behavior if another thread could hold locks).
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