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upgrade to latest upstream TRE regex code (0.8.0)
the main practical results of this change are 1. the regex code is no longer subject to LGPL; it's now 2-clause BSD 2. most (all?) popular nonstandard regex extensions are supported I hesitate to call this a "sync" since both the old and new code are heavily modified. in one sense, the old code was "more severely" modified, in that it was actively hostile to non-strictly-conforming expressions. on the other hand, the new code has eliminated the useless translation of the entire regex string to wchar_t prior to compiling, and now only converts multibyte character literals as needed. in the future i may use this modified TRE as a basis for writing the long-planned new regex engine that will avoid multibyte-to-wide character conversion entirely by compiling multibyte bracket expressions specific to UTF-8.
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