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authorRich Felker <>2013-02-20 22:43:23 -0500
committerRich Felker <>2013-02-20 22:43:23 -0500
commit2cc63358cdb0309ca996ffe56ccf402c2f2f16d5 (patch)
tree067001fb5f1a5a09de6d8417c5d1d80249e382ce /include
parentf78cdbe8993d072bf60a65754544199016a1fe29 (diff)
add mkostemp, mkstemps, and mkostemps functions and reorganize temp internals
based on patch contributed by Anthony G. Basile (blueness) some issues remain with the filename generation algorithm and other small bugs, but this patch has been sitting around long enough that I feel it's best to get it committed and then work out any remaining issues.
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diff --git a/include/stdlib.h b/include/stdlib.h
index 671d188f..0bcc9f4f 100644
--- a/include/stdlib.h
+++ b/include/stdlib.h
@@ -95,6 +95,7 @@ int posix_memalign (void **, size_t, size_t);
int setenv (const char *, const char *, int);
int unsetenv (const char *);
int mkstemp (char *);
+int mkostemp (char *, int);
char *mkdtemp (char *);
int getsubopt (char **, char *const *, char **);
int rand_r (unsigned *);
@@ -134,6 +135,8 @@ void lcong48 (unsigned short [7]);
#if defined(_GNU_SOURCE) || defined(_BSD_SOURCE)
#include <alloca.h>
char *mktemp (char *);
+int mkstemps (char *, int);
+int mkostemps (char *, int, int);
void *valloc (size_t);
void *memalign(size_t, size_t);
#define WCOREDUMP(s) ((s) & 0x80)
@@ -150,6 +153,11 @@ char *gcvt(double, int, char *);
#if defined(_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE) || defined(_GNU_SOURCE)
#define mkstemp64 mkstemp
+#define mkostemp64 mkostemp
+#if defined(_GNU_SOURCE) || defined(_BSD_SOURCE)
+#define mkstemps64 mkstemps
+#define mkostemps64 mkostemps
#ifdef __cplusplus