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authorRich Felker <>2012-04-13 23:06:54 -0400
committerRich Felker <>2012-04-13 23:06:54 -0400
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rename __sa_restorer to sa_restorer in struct sigaction
this is legal since sa_* is in the reserved namespace for signal.h, per posix. note that the sa_restorer field is not used anywhere, so programs that are trying to use it may still break, but at least they'll compile. if it turns out such programs actually need to be able to set their own sa_restorer to function properly, i'll add the necessary code to sigaction.c later.
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diff --git a/include/signal.h b/include/signal.h
index 1a198e48..38f369b1 100644
--- a/include/signal.h
+++ b/include/signal.h
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ struct sigaction {
} __sa_handler;
sigset_t sa_mask;
int sa_flags;
- void (*__sa_restorer)(void);
+ void (*sa_restorer)(void);
#define sa_handler __sa_handler.sa_handler
#define sa_sigaction __sa_handler.sa_sigaction