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math: fix exp2l asm on x86 (raise underflow correctly)
there were two problems: * omitted underflow on subnormal results: exp2l(-16383.5) was calculated as sqrt(2)*2^-16384, the last bits of sqrt(2) are zero so the down scaling does not underflow eventhough the result is in subnormal range * spurious underflow for subnormal inputs: exp2l(0x1p-16400) was evaluated as f2xm1(x)+1 and f2xm1 raised underflow (because inexact subnormal result) the first issue is fixed by raising underflow manually if x is in (-32768,-16382] and not integer (x-0x1p63+0x1p63 != x) the second issue is fixed by treating x in (-0x1p64,0x1p64) specially for these fixes the special case handling was completely rewritten
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