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improve configure's target arch matching
most notably, it was failing to match sh4-*, etc., but in general the explicit matching of hyphens for some archs was problematic because it failed to accept simply the musl-style arch name (without a gcc-style tuple) as an input. the original motivation of matching hyphens was to prevent incorrectly identifying a 64-bit arch as the corresponding 32-bit arch (e.g. mips* matching mips64) but this is easily fixed by simply checking (and for now, rejecting as unsupported) the relevant 64-bit archs.
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diff --git a/configure b/configure
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--- a/configure
+++ b/configure
@@ -222,14 +222,16 @@ printf "%s\n" "$target"
# Convert to just ARCH
case "$target" in
+# Catch these early to simplify matching for 32-bit archs
+mips64*|powerpc64*) fail "$0: unsupported target \"$target\"" ;;
arm*) ARCH=arm ;;
i?86*) ARCH=i386 ;;
x86_64-x32*|x32*) ARCH=x32 ;;
x86_64*) ARCH=x86_64 ;;
-mips-*|mipsel-*) ARCH=mips ;;
-microblaze-*) ARCH=microblaze ;;
-powerpc-*) ARCH=powerpc ;;
-sh-*) ARCH=sh ;;
+mips*) ARCH=mips ;;
+microblaze*) ARCH=microblaze ;;
+powerpc*) ARCH=powerpc ;;
+sh[1-9bel-]*|sh|superh*) ARCH=sh ;;
unknown) fail "$0: unable to detect target arch; try $0 --target=..." ;;
*) fail "$0: unknown or unsupported target \"$target\"" ;;