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authorRich Felker <>2019-08-02 15:41:27 -0400
committerRich Felker <>2019-11-02 18:30:56 -0400
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switch all existing 32-bit archs to 64-bit time_t
this commit preserves ABI fully for existing interface boundaries between libc and libc consumers (applications or libraries), by retaining existing symbol names for the legacy 32-bit interfaces and redirecting sources compiled against the new headers to alternate symbol names. this does not necessarily, however, preserve the pairwise ABI of libc consumers with one another; where they use time_t-derived types in their interfaces with one another, it may be necessary to synchronize updates with each other. the intent is that ABI resulting from this commit already be stable and permanent, but it will not be officially so until a release is made. changes to some header-defined types that do not play any role in the ABI between libc and its consumers may still be subject to change. mechanically, the changes made by this commit for each 32-bit arch are as follows: - _REDIR_TIME64 is defined to activate the symbol redirections in public headers - COMPAT_SRC_DIRS is defined in arch.mak to activate build of ABI compat shims to serve as definitions for the original symbol names - time_t and suseconds_t definitions are changed to long long (64-bit) - IPC_STAT definition is changed to add the IPC_TIME64 bit (0x100), triggering conversion of semid_ds, shmid_ds, and msqid_ds split low/high time bits into new time_t members - structs semid_ds, shmid_ds, msqid_ds, and stat are modified to add new 64-bit time_t/timespec members at the end, maintaining existing layout of other members. - socket options (SO_*) and ioctl (sockios) command macros are redefined to use the kernel's "_NEW" values. in addition, on archs where vdso clock_gettime is used, the VDSO_CGT_SYM macro definition in syscall_arch.h is changed to use a new time64 vdso function if available, and a new VDSO_CGT32_SYM macro is added for use as fallback on kernels lacking time64.
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diff --git a/arch/sh/bits/msg.h b/arch/sh/bits/msg.h
index bc8436c4..7bbbb2bf 100644
--- a/arch/sh/bits/msg.h
+++ b/arch/sh/bits/msg.h
@@ -1,15 +1,18 @@
struct msqid_ds {
struct ipc_perm msg_perm;
- time_t msg_stime;
- int __unused1;
- time_t msg_rtime;
- int __unused2;
- time_t msg_ctime;
- int __unused3;
+ unsigned long __msg_stime_lo;
+ unsigned long __msg_stime_hi;
+ unsigned long __msg_rtime_lo;
+ unsigned long __msg_rtime_hi;
+ unsigned long __msg_ctime_lo;
+ unsigned long __msg_ctime_hi;
unsigned long msg_cbytes;
msgqnum_t msg_qnum;
msglen_t msg_qbytes;
pid_t msg_lspid;
pid_t msg_lrpid;
unsigned long __unused[2];
+ time_t msg_stime;
+ time_t msg_rtime;
+ time_t msg_ctime;