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move __BYTE_ORDER definition to alltypes.h
this change is motivated by the intersection of several factors. presently, despite being a nonstandard header, endian.h is exposing the unprefixed byte order macros and functions only if _BSD_SOURCE or _GNU_SOURCE is defined. this is to accommodate use of endian.h from other headers, including bits headers, which need to define structure layout in terms of endianness. with time64 switch-over, even more headers will need to do this. at the same time, the resolution of Austin Group issue 162 makes endian.h a standard header for POSIX-future, requiring that it expose the unprefixed macros and the functions even in standards-conforming profiles. changes to meet this new requirement would break existing internal usage of endian.h by causing it to violate namespace where it's used. instead, have the arch's alltypes.h define __BYTE_ORDER, either as a fixed constant or depending on the right arch-specific predefined macros for determining endianness. explicit literals 1234 and 4321 are used instead of __LITTLE_ENDIAN and __BIG_ENDIAN so that there's no danger of getting the wrong result if a macro is undefined and implicitly evaluates to 0 at the preprocessor level. the powerpc (32-bit) bits/endian.h being removed had logic for varying endianness, but our powerpc arch has never supported that and has always been big-endian-only. this logic is not carried over to the new __BYTE_ORDER definition in alltypes.h.
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diff --git a/arch/microblaze/bits/ b/arch/microblaze/bits/
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--- a/arch/microblaze/bits/
+++ b/arch/microblaze/bits/
@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@
#define _Int64 long long
#define _Reg int
+#define __BYTE_ORDER 1234
+#define __BYTE_ORDER 4321
#ifndef __cplusplus
TYPEDEF int wchar_t;
diff --git a/arch/microblaze/bits/endian.h b/arch/microblaze/bits/endian.h
deleted file mode 100644
index d82a92ac..00000000
--- a/arch/microblaze/bits/endian.h
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,5 +0,0 @@