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fix definitions of WIFSTOPPED and WIFSIGNALED to support up to signal 127
mips has signal numbers up to 127 (formerly, up to 128, but the last one never worked right and caused kernel panic when used), so 127 in the "signal number" field of the wait status is insufficient for determining that the process was stopped. in addition, a nonzero value in the upper bits must be present, indicating the signal number which caused the process to be stopped. details on this issue can be seen in the email with message id on the linux-mips mailing list, archived at: and in the associated thread about fixing the mips kernel bug. commit 4a96b948687166da26a6c327e6c6733ad2336c5c fixed the corresponding issue in uClibc, but introduced a multiple-evaluation issue for the WIFSTOPPED macro. for the most part, none of these issues affected pure musl systems, since musl has up until now (incorrectly) defined SIGRTMAX as 64 on all archs, even mips. however, interpreting status of non-musl programs on mips may have caused problems. with this change, the full range of signal numbers can be made available on mips.
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