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remove use of buggy .SECONDARY special target in makefile
this functionality is affected by GNU make bug #30653, "intermediate files incorrectly pruned in parallel builds". on affected versions of make, parallel builds attempt to compile source files before alltypes.h is generated. as noted with commit a91ebdcfac6804714a1fe39f4375e2b4ebab085b, which added the use of .SECONDARY, suppression of removal of "intermediate" files does not seem to be needed at present. if it is needed in the future, it should be achievable by explicitly mentioning their names as targets or prerequisites.
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@@ -203,6 +203,4 @@ musl-git-%.tar.gz: .git
musl-%.tar.gz: .git
git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=$(patsubst %.tar.gz,%,$@)/ -o $@ v$(patsubst musl-%.tar.gz,%,$@)
.PHONY: all clean install install-libs install-headers install-tools