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fix makefile suppression of intermediate file removal
at one point, GNU make was removing crt/*.o after producing the copies in lib/ due to an arcane misfeature for handling "intermediate" files. the circumstances that caused this are no longer present in our makefile, but the previous workaround using .PRECIOUS was wrong and could result in corrupt/partial files being left behind during an interrupted build. using .SECONDARY is the correct, documented fix that will prevent deletion of "intermediate" files from ever resurfacing.
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@@ -203,6 +203,6 @@ musl-git-%.tar.gz: .git
musl-%.tar.gz: .git
git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=$(patsubst %.tar.gz,%,$@)/ -o $@ v$(patsubst musl-%.tar.gz,%,$@)
-.PRECIOUS: $(CRT_LIBS:lib/%=crt/%)
.PHONY: all clean install install-libs install-headers install-tools