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+musl as a whole is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2.1 or later.
+See the file COPYING for the text of this license.
+See below for the copyright status on all code included in musl:
+The TRE regular expression implementation (src/regex/reg* and
+src/regex/tre*) is Copyright © 2001-2006 Ville Laurikari and licensed
+under the terms of the GNU LGPL version 2.1 or later. The included
+version was heavily modified in Spring 2006 by Rich Felker in the
+interests of size, simplicity, and namespace cleanliness.
+Most of the math library code (src/math/*) is Copyright © 1993 Sun
+Microsystems, Inc. Some files are Copyright © 2003 Steven G. Kargl and
+labelled as such. All have been licensed under extremely permissive
+terms which are compatible with the GNU LGPL. See the comments in the
+individual files for details.
+The implementation of DES for crypt (src/misc/crypt.c) is Copyright ©
+1994 David Burren. It is licensed under a BSD license compatible with
+the GNU LGPL.
+All files which have no copyright comments are original works
+Copyright © 2005-2011 Rich Felker, the main author of this library.
+The decision to exclude such comments is intentional, as it should be
+possible to carry around the complete source code on tiny storage
+media. All public header files (include/*) should be treated as Public
+Domain as they intentionally contain no content which can be covered
+by copyright. Some source modules may fall in this category as well.
+If you believe that a file is so trivial that it should be in the
+Public Domain, please contact me and, if I agree, I will explicitly
+release it from copyright.