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2016-11-11generalize ELF hash table types not to assume 32-bit entriesRich Felker-2/+1
alpha and s390x gratuitously use 64-bit entries (wasting 2x space and cache utilization) despite the values always being 32-bit. based on patch by Bobby Bingham, with changes suggested by Alexander Monakov to use the public Elf_Symndx type from link.h (and make it properly variable by arch) rather than adding new internal infrastructure for handling the type.
2013-08-02add missing c++ extern "C" wrapping to link.hRich Felker-0/+8
2012-12-19link.h: expose glibc/svr4 dynlinker debugging gluerofl0r-0/+19
this is already implemented in the dynliker (see struct debug), but was not exposed. we need it to do so to make wine happy...
2012-10-31add dl_iterate_phdr interfaceRich Felker-0/+27
patches by Alex Caudill (npx). the dynamic-linked version is almost identical to the final submitted patch; I just added a couple missing lines for saving the phdr address when the dynamic linker is invoked directly to run a program, and removed a couple to avoid introducing another unnecessary type. the static-linked version is based on npx's draft. it could use some improvements which are contingent on the startup code saving some additional information for later use.