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fix regression in getopt_long support for non-option arguments
commit b72cd07f176b876aa51864d93aa8101477b1d732 added support for a this feature in getopt, but it was later broken in the case where getopt_long is used as a side effect of the changes made in commit 91184c4f16b143107fa9935edebe5d2b20bd70d8, which prevented the underlying getopt call from seeing the leading '-' or '+' character in optstring. this commit changes the logic in the getopt_long core to check for a leading colon, possibly after the leading '-' or '+', without depending on the latter having been skipped by the caller. a minor incorrectness in the return value for one error condition in getopt_long is also fixed when opterr has been set to zero but optstring has no leading ':'.
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