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implement realpath directly instead of using procfs readlink
inability to use realpath in chroot/container without procfs access and at early boot prior to mount of /proc has been an ongoing issue, and it turns out realpath was one of the last remaining interfaces that needed procfs for its core functionality. during investigation while reimplementing, it was determined that there were also serious problems with the procfs-based implementation. most seriously it was unsafe on pre-O_PATH kernels, and unlike other places where O_PATH was used, the unsafety was hard or impossible to fix because O_NOFOLLOW can't be used (since the whole purpose was to follow symlinks). the new implementation is a direct one, performing readlink on each path component to resolve it. an explicit stack, as opposed to recursion, is used to represent the remaining components to be processed. the stack starts out holding just the input string, and reading a link pushes the link contents onto the stack. unlike many other implementations, this one does not call getcwd initially for relative pathnames. instead it accumulates initial .. components to be applied to the working directory if the result is still a relative path. this avoids calling getcwd (which may fail) at all when symlink traversal will eventually yield an absolute path. it also doesn't use any form of stat operation; instead it arranges for readlink to tell it when a non-directory is used in a context where a directory is needed. this minimizes the number of syscalls needed, avoids accessing inodes when the directory table suffices, and reduces the amount of code pulled in for static linking.
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