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authorSzabolcs Nagy <>2014-09-08 15:26:40 +0200
committerSzabolcs Nagy <>2014-09-08 15:35:26 +0200
commit976bb28fa0f5b6d82055502c27444ac5c9bf34ed (patch)
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parent23614b0fcb4cd4d7b2e4148d3b1887b642169765 (diff)
add new F_OFD_* macros to fcntl.h (open file description locks)
open file description locks are inherited across fork and only auto dropped after the last fd of the file description is closed, they can be used to synchronize between threads that open separate file descriptions for the same file. new in linux 3.15 commit 0d3f7a2dd2f5cf9642982515e020c1aee2cf7af6
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diff --git a/include/fcntl.h b/include/fcntl.h
index 2d8fa6e4..ff9fcb92 100644
--- a/include/fcntl.h
+++ b/include/fcntl.h
@@ -46,6 +46,10 @@ int posix_fallocate(int, off_t, off_t);
#define O_WRONLY 01
#define O_RDWR 02
+#define F_OFD_GETLK 36
+#define F_OFD_SETLK 37
+#define F_OFD_SETLKW 38
#define F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC 1030
#define F_RDLCK 0