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refactor headers, especially alltypes.h, and improve C++ ABI compat
the arch-specific bits/ has been replaced with a generic and minimal arch-specific bits/ this commit is intended to have no functional changes except: - exposing additional symbols that POSIX allows but does not require - changing the C++ name mangling for some types - fixing the signedness of blksize_t on powerpc (POSIX requires signed) - fixing the limit macros for sig_atomic_t on x86_64 - making dev_t an unsigned type (ABI matching goal, and more logical) in addition, some types that were wrongly defined with long on 32-bit archs were changed to int, and vice versa; this change is non-functional except for the possibility of making pointer types mismatch, and only affects programs that were using them incorrectly, and only at build-time, not runtime. the following changes were made in the interest of moving non-arch-specific types out of the alltypes system and into the headers they're associated with, and also will tend to improve application compatibility: - netdb.h now includes netinet/in.h (for socklen_t and uint32_t) - netinet/in.h now includes sys/socket.h and inttypes.h - sys/resource.h now includes sys/time.h (for struct timeval) - sys/wait.h now includes signal.h (for siginfo_t) - langinfo.h now includes nl_types.h (for nl_item) for the types in stdint.h: - types which are of no interest to other headers were moved out of the alltypes system. - fast types for 8- and 64-bit are hard-coded (at least for now); only the 16- and 32-bit ones have reason to vary by arch. and the following types have been changed for C++ ABI purposes; - mbstate_t now has a struct tag, __mbstate_t - FILE's struct tag has been changed to _IO_FILE - DIR's struct tag has been changed to __dirstream - locale_t's struct tag has been changed to __locale_struct - pthread_t is defined as unsigned long in C++ mode only - fpos_t now has a struct tag, _G_fpos64_t - fsid_t's struct tag has been changed to __fsid_t - idtype_t has been made an enum type (also required by POSIX) - nl_catd has been changed from long to void * - siginfo_t's struct tag has been removed - sigset_t's has been given a struct tag, __sigset_t - stack_t has been given a struct tag, sigaltstack - suseconds_t has been changed to long on 32-bit archs - [u]intptr_t have been changed from long to int rank on 32-bit archs - dev_t has been made unsigned summary of tests that have been performed against these changes: - nsz's libc-test (diff -u before and after) - C++ ABI check symbol dump (diff -u before, after, glibc) - grepped for __NEED, made sure types needed are still in alltypes - built gcc 3.4.6
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+TYPEDEF unsigned _Addr size_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned _Addr uintptr_t;
+TYPEDEF _Addr ptrdiff_t;
+TYPEDEF _Addr ssize_t;
+TYPEDEF _Addr intptr_t;
+TYPEDEF signed char int8_t;
+TYPEDEF short int16_t;
+TYPEDEF int int32_t;
+TYPEDEF _Int64 int64_t;
+TYPEDEF _Int64 intmax_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned char uint8_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned short uint16_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned int uint32_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned _Int64 uint64_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned _Int64 uintmax_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned mode_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned nlink_t;
+TYPEDEF _Int64 off_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned _Int64 ino_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned _Int64 dev_t;
+TYPEDEF long blksize_t;
+TYPEDEF _Int64 blkcnt_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned _Int64 fsblkcnt_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned _Int64 fsfilcnt_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned long wctype_t;
+TYPEDEF void * timer_t;
+TYPEDEF int clockid_t;
+TYPEDEF long clock_t;
+STRUCT timeval { time_t tv_sec; suseconds_t tv_usec; };
+STRUCT timespec { time_t tv_sec; long tv_nsec; };
+TYPEDEF int pid_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned id_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned uid_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned gid_t;
+TYPEDEF int key_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned useconds_t;
+#ifdef __cplusplus
+TYPEDEF unsigned long pthread_t;
+TYPEDEF struct __pthread * pthread_t;
+TYPEDEF int pthread_once_t;
+TYPEDEF int pthread_key_t;
+TYPEDEF int pthread_spinlock_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned pthread_mutexattr_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned pthread_condattr_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned pthread_barrierattr_t;
+TYPEDEF struct { unsigned __attr[2]; } pthread_rwlockattr_t;
+TYPEDEF struct __locale_struct * locale_t;
+TYPEDEF struct __sigset_t { unsigned long __bits[128/sizeof(long)]; } sigset_t;
+STRUCT iovec { void *iov_base; size_t iov_len; };
+TYPEDEF unsigned socklen_t;
+TYPEDEF unsigned short sa_family_t;