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clock_gettime: add support for 32-bit vdso with 64-bit time_t
this fixes a major upcoming performance regression introduced by commit 72f50245d018af0c31b38dec83c557a4e5dd1ea8, whereby 32-bit archs would lose vdso clock_gettime after switching to 64-bit time_t, unless the kernel supports time64 and provides a time64 version of the vdso function. this would incur not just one but two syscalls: first, the failed time64 syscall, then the fallback time32 one. overflow of the 32-bit result is detected and triggers a revert to syscalls. normally, on a system that's not Y2038-ready, this would still overflow, but if the process has been migrated to a time64-capable kernel or if the kernel has been hot-patched to add time64 syscalls, it may conceivably work.
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