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fix mips struct stat dev_t members for big endian
the mips version of this structure on the kernel side wrongly has 32-bit type rather than 64-bit type. fortunately there is adjacent padding to bring it up to 64 bits, and on little-endian, this allows us to treat the adjacent kernel st_dev and st_pad0[0] as as single 64-bit dev_t. however, on big endian, such treatment results in the upper and lower 32-bit parts of the dev_t value being swapped. for the purpose of just comparing st_dev values this did not break anything, but it precluded actually processing the device numbers as major/minor values. since the broken kernel behavior that needs to be worked around is isolated to one arch, I put the workarounds in syscall_arch.h rather than adding a stat fixup path in the common code. on little endian mips, the added code optimizes out completely. the changes necessary were incompatible with the way the __asm_syscall macro was factored so I just removed it and flattened the individual __syscallN functions. this arguably makes the code easier to read and understand, anyway.
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