BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfix build failure for sh4a due to missing colon in asm statementThomas Petazzoni8 days
rs-1.0release 1.0.5Rich Felker2 years
v1.1.16musl-1.1.16.tar.gz  Rich Felker8 months
v1.1.15musl-1.1.15.tar.gz  Rich Felker13 months
v1.1.14musl-1.1.14.tar.gz  Rich Felker18 months
v1.1.13musl-1.1.13.tar.gz  Rich Felker18 months
v1.1.12musl-1.1.12.tar.gz  Rich Felker22 months
v1.1.11musl-1.1.11.tar.gz  Rich Felker24 months
v1.1.10musl-1.1.10.tar.gz  Rich Felker2 years
v1.1.9musl-1.1.9.tar.gz  Rich Felker2 years
v1.0.5musl-1.0.5.tar.gz  Rich Felker2 years
v1.1.8musl-1.1.8.tar.gz  Rich Felker2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysfix build failure for sh4a due to missing colon in asm statementHEADmasterThomas Petazzoni
8 daystrap UB from attempts to join a detached threadRich Felker
8 daysppc64: fix setjmp/longjmp handling of TOC pointerBobby Bingham
8 daysqsort: add a short comment about the algorithmLeah Neukirchen
9 daysdisable global visibility override hack (vis.h) by defaultRich Felker
2017-08-01add _NL_LOCALE_NAME extension to nl_langinfoRich Felker
2017-07-04fix missing volatile qualifier on lock in __get_localeJens Gustedt
2017-07-04remove ineffective compiler assist from printfAlexander Monakov
2017-07-04fix undefined behavior in ptraceAlexander Monakov
2017-07-04unify the use of FUTEX_PRIVATEJens Gustedt