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2018-04-19reintroduce hardening against partially-replaced allocatorRich Felker-1/+1
commit 618b18c78e33acfe54a4434e91aa57b8e171df89 removed the previous detection and hardening since it was incorrect. commit 72141795d4edd17f88da192447395a48444afa10 already handled all that remained for hardening the static-linked case. in the dynamic-linked case, have the dynamic linker check whether malloc was replaced and make that information available. with these changes, the properties documented in commit c9f415d7ea2dace5bf77f6518b6afc36bb7a5732 are restored: if calloc is not provided, it will behave as malloc+memset, and any of the memalign-family functions not provided will fail with ENOMEM.
2018-04-19return chunks split off by memalign using __bin_chunk instead of freeRich Felker-1/+1
this change serves multiple purposes: 1. it ensures that static linking of memalign-family functions will pull in the system malloc implementation, thereby causing link errors if an attempt is made to link the system memalign functions with a replacement malloc (incomplete allocator replacement). 2. it eliminates calls to free that are unpaired with allocations, which are confusing when setting breakpoints or tracing execution. as a bonus, making __bin_chunk external may discourage aggressive and unnecessary inlining of it.
2018-04-19using malloc implementation types/macros/idioms for memalignRich Felker-20/+22
the generated code should be mostly unchanged, except for explicit use of C_INUSE in place of copying the low bits from existing chunk headers/footers. these changes also remove mild UB due to dubious arithmetic on pointers into imaginary size_t[] arrays.
2018-04-19revert detection of partially-replaced allocatorRich Felker-3/+1
commit c9f415d7ea2dace5bf77f6518b6afc36bb7a5732 included checks to make calloc fallback to memset if used with a replaced malloc that didn't also replace calloc, and the memalign family fail if free has been replaced. however, the checks gave false positives for replacement whenever malloc or free resolved to a PLT entry in the main program. for now, disable the checks so as not to leave libc in a broken state. this means that the properties documented in the above commit are no longer satisfied; failure to replace calloc and the memalign family along with malloc is unsafe if they are ever called. the calloc checks were correct but useless for static linking. in both cases (simple or full malloc), calloc and malloc are in a source file together, so replacement of one but not the other would give linking errors. the memalign-family check was useful for static linking, but broken for dynamic as described above, and can be replaced with a better link-time check.
2018-04-18allow interposition/replacement of allocator (malloc)Rich Felker-4/+2
replacement is subject to conditions on the replacement functions. they may only call functions which are async-signal-safe, as specified either by POSIX or as an implementation-defined extension. if any allocator functions are replaced, at least malloc, realloc, and free must be provided. if calloc is not provided, it will behave as malloc+memset. any of the memalign-family functions not provided will fail with ENOMEM. in order to implement the above properties, calloc and __memalign check that they are using their own malloc or free, respectively. choice to check malloc or free is based on considerations of supporting __simple_malloc. in order to make this work, calloc is split into separate versions for __simple_malloc and full malloc; commit ba819787ee93ceae94efd274f7849e317c1bff58 already did most of the split anyway, and completing it saves an extra call frame. previously, use of -Bsymbolic-functions made dynamic interposition impossible. now, we are using an explicit dynamic-list, so add allocator functions to the list. most are not referenced anyway, but all are added for completeness.
2013-07-23remove redundant check in memalignRich Felker-1/+1
the case where mem was already aligned is handled earlier in the function now.
2013-07-23fix heap corruption bug in memalignRich Felker-1/+3
this bug was caught by the new footer-corruption check in realloc and free. if the block returned by malloc was already aligned to the desired alignment, memalign's logic to split off the misaligned head was incorrect; rather than writing to a point inside the allocated block, it was overwriting the footer of the previous block on the heap with the value 1 (length 0 plus an in-use flag). fortunately, the impact of this bug was fairly low. (this is probably why it was not caught sooner.) due to the way the heap works, malloc will never return a block whose previous block is free. (doing so would be harmful because it would increase fragmentation with no benefit.) the footer is actually not needed for in-use blocks, except that its in-use bit needs to remain set so that it does not get merged with free blocks, so there was no harm in it being set to 1 instead of the correct value. however, there is one case where this bug could have had an impact: in multi-threaded programs, if another thread freed the previous block after memalign's call to malloc returned, but before memalign overwrote the previous block's footer, the resulting block in the free list could be left in a corrupt state. I have not analyzed the impact of this bad state and whether it could lead to more serious malfunction.
2013-07-04move core memalign code from aligned_alloc to __memalignRich Felker-2/+50
there are two motivations for this change. one is to avoid gratuitously depending on a C11 symbol for implementing a POSIX function. the other pertains to the documented semantics. C11 does not define any behavior for aligned_alloc when the length argument is not a multiple of the alignment argument. posix_memalign on the other hand places no requirements on the length argument. using __memalign as the implementation of both, rather than trying to implement one in terms of the other when their documented contracts differ, eliminates this confusion.
2012-08-25implement "low hanging fruit" from C11Rich Felker-7/+1
based on Gregor's patch sent to the list. includes: - stdalign.h - removing gets in C11 mode - adding aligned_alloc and adjusting other functions to use it - adding 'x' flag to fopen for exclusive mode
2011-02-12initial check-in, version 0.5.0v0.5.0Rich Felker-0/+13