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2016-01-17netinet/tcp: Add TCPOPT, TCPOLEN constantsKylie McClain-0/+13
Programs such as iptables depend on these constants, which can also be found defined in other libcs. Since only TCP_* is reserved as part of tcp.h's namespace, we hide them behind _BSD_SOURCE (and therefore _DEFAULT_SOURCE) to expose them by default, but keep it standard conforming.
2015-11-02fix mismatched parens in CMPLX def for annex-g-conforming compilersRich Felker-1/+1
this conditional path was never tested because there are no compilers that conform to annex g (none with _Imaginary_I).
2015-09-17remove attribute((const)) from pthread_self and errno location declsRich Felker-9/+0
this attribute was applied to pthread_self and the functions providing the locations for errno and h_errno as an optimization; however, it is subtly incorrect. as specified, it means the return value will always be the same, which is not true; it varies per-thread. this attribute also implies that the function does not depend on any state, and that calls to it can safely be reordered across any other code. however such reordering is unsafe for these functions: they break when reordered before initialization of the thread pointer. such breakage was actually observed when compiled by libfirm/cparser. to some extent the reordering problem could be solved with strong compiler barriers between the stages of early startup code, but the specified meaning of of attribute((const)) is sufficiently strong that a compiler would theoretically be justified inserting gratuitous calls to attribute((const)) const functions at random locations (e.g. to save the value in static storage for later use). this reverts commit cbf35978a9870fb1f5c73a852c986d4fcca6c2d4.
2015-09-15add format argument attributes to gettext function prototypesKhem Raj-6/+14
their absence completely breaks format string warnings in programs with gettext message translations: -Wformat gives no results, and -Wformat-nonliteral produces spurious warnings. with gcc, the problem manifests only in standards-conforming profiles; otherwise gcc sets these attributes by default for the gettext family. with clang, the problem always manifests; clang has no such defaults.
2015-09-12add sh relocation types needed for fdpic to elf.hRich Felker-0/+8
2015-07-21socket.h: fix SO_* for mipsRoman Yeryomin-3/+3
Signed-off-by: Roman Yeryomin <>
2015-07-09fix incorrect void return type for syncfs functionRich Felker-1/+1
being nonstandard, the closest thing to a specification for this function is its man page, which documents it as returning int. it can fail with EBADF if the file descriptor passed is invalid.
2015-06-16byte-based C locale, phase 3: make MB_CUR_MAX variable to activate codeRich Felker-1/+2
this patch activates the new byte-based C locale (high bytes treated as abstract code unit "characters" rather than decoded as multibyte characters) by making the value of MB_CUR_MAX depend on the active locale. for the C locale, the LC_CTYPE category pointer is null, yielding a value of 1. all other locales yield a value of 4.
2015-06-06add macro version of ctype.h isascii functionRich Felker-0/+1
presumably internal code (ungetwc and fputwc) was written assuming a macro implementation existed; otherwise use of isascii is just a pessimization.
2015-05-28add missing legacy LFS64 macros in sys/resource.hRich Felker-0/+3
based on patch by Felix Janda, with RLIM64_SAVED_CUR and RLIM64_SAVED_MAX added for completeness.
2015-05-08fix netinet/ether.h for c++Szabolcs Nagy-0/+8
2015-05-02improve iswdigit macro to diagnose errorsRich Felker-2/+2
this is analogous to commit 2ca55a93f2a11185d72dcb69006fd2c30b5c3144 for the macros in ctype.h.
2015-05-01add IPTOS_CLASS_* macros to netinet/ip.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+12
These macros were introduced in glibc 2.12 to follow RFC 2474 which deprecates "IP Precedence" in favor of "Class Selector Codepoints".
2015-05-01fix integer overflow in elf.h macro SHF_EXCLUDERich Felker-1/+1
2015-04-17add PR_*_FP_MODE prctl optionsSzabolcs Nagy-0/+5
new in linux v4.0, commit 9791554b45a2acc28247f66a5fd5bbc212a6b8c8 used to work around a floating-point abi issue on mips
2015-04-17add PR_MPX_*_MANAGEMENT prctl optionsSzabolcs Nagy-0/+3
new in linux v3.19, commit fe3d197f84319d3bce379a9c0dc17b1f48ad358c used for on-demand kernel allocation of bounds tables for mpx on x86
2015-04-17add IP_CHECKSUM socket option to netinet/in.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new in linux v4.0, commit ad6f939ab193750cc94a265f58e007fb598c97b7
2015-04-17improve ctype.h macros to diagnose errorsRich Felker-6/+6
the casts of the argument to unsigned int suppressed diagnosis of errors like passing a pointer instead of a character. putting the actual function call in an unreachable branch restores any diagnostics that would be present if the macros didn't exist and functions were used.
2015-04-01remove macro definition of longjmp from setjmp.hRich Felker-1/+0
the C standard specifies that setjmp is a macro, but longjmp is a normal function. a macro version of it would be permitted (albeit useless) for C (not C++), but would have to be a function-like macro, not an object-like one.
2015-04-01move O_PATH definition back to arch bitsRich Felker-3/+2
while it's the same for all presently supported archs, it differs at least on sparc, and conceptually it's no less arch-specific than the other O_* macros. O_SEARCH and O_EXEC are still defined in terms of O_PATH in the main fcntl.h.
2015-03-23fix FLT_ROUNDS regression in C++ applicationsRich Felker-0/+8
commit 559de8f5f06da9022cbba70e22e14a710eb74513 redefined FLT_ROUNDS to use an external function that can report the actual current rounding mode, rather than always reporting round-to-nearest. however, float.h did not include 'extern "C"' wrapping for C++, so C++ programs using FLT_ROUNDS ended up with an unresolved reference to a name-mangled C++ function __flt_rounds.
2015-03-18fix MINSIGSTKSZ values for archs with large signal contextsRich Felker-2/+0
the previous values (2k min and 8k default) were too small for some archs. aarch64 reserves 4k in the signal context for future extensions and requires about 4.5k total, and powerpc reportedly uses over 2k. the new minimums are chosen to fit the saved context and also allow a minimal signal handler to run. since the default (SIGSTKSZ) has always been 6k larger than the minimum, it is also increased to maintain the 6k usable by the signal handler. this happens to be able to store one pathname buffer and should be sufficient for calling any function in libc that doesn't involve conversion between floating point and decimal representations. x86 (both 32-bit and 64-bit variants) may also need a larger minimum (around 2.5k) in the future to support avx-512, but the values on these archs are left alone for now pending further analysis. the value for PTHREAD_STACK_MIN is not increased to match MINSIGSTKSZ at this time. this is so as not to preclude applications from using extremely small thread stacks when they know they will not be handling signals. unfortunately cancellation and multi-threaded set*id() use signals as an implementation detail and therefore require a stack large enough for a signal context, so applications which use extremely small thread stacks may still need to avoid using these features.
2015-03-07fix FLT_ROUNDS to reflect the current rounding modeSzabolcs Nagy-0/+3
Implemented as a wrapper around fegetround introducing a new function to the ABI: __flt_rounds. (fegetround cannot be used directly from float.h)
2015-03-04add new si_lower and si_upper siginfo_t membersSzabolcs Nagy-0/+7
new in linux v3.19 commit ee1b58d36aa1b5a79eaba11f5c3633c88231da83 used to report intel mpx bound violation information.
2015-03-04declare incomplete type struct itimerspec in timerfd.hRich Felker-0/+2
normally time.h would provide a definition for this struct, but depending on the feature test macros in use, it may not be exposed, leading to warnings when it's used in the function prototypes.
2015-03-04fix preprocessor error introduced in poll.h in last commitRich Felker-1/+1
2015-03-04fix POLLWRNORM and POLLWRBAND on mipsTrutz Behn-0/+6
these macros have the same distinct definition on blackfin, frv, m68k, mips, sparc and xtensa kernels. POLLMSG and POLLRDHUP additionally differ on sparc.
2015-03-03make all objects used with atomic operations volatileRich Felker-2/+2
the memory model we use internally for atomics permits plain loads of values which may be subject to concurrent modification without requiring that a special load function be used. since a compiler is free to make transformations that alter the number of loads or the way in which loads are performed, the compiler is theoretically free to break this usage. the most obvious concern is with atomic cas constructs: something of the form tmp=*p;a_cas(p,tmp,f(tmp)); could be transformed to a_cas(p,*p,f(*p)); where the latter is intended to show multiple loads of *p whose resulting values might fail to be equal; this would break the atomicity of the whole operation. but even more fundamental breakage is possible. with the changes being made now, objects that may be modified by atomics are modeled as volatile, and the atomic operations performed on them by other threads are modeled as asynchronous stores by hardware which happens to be acting on the request of another thread. such modeling of course does not itself address memory synchronization between cores/cpus, but that aspect was already handled. this all seems less than ideal, but it's the best we can do without mandating a C11 compiler and using the C11 model for atomics. in the case of pthread_once_t, the ABI type of the underlying object is not volatile-qualified. so we are assuming that accessing the object through a volatile-qualified lvalue via casts yields volatile access semantics. the language of the C standard is somewhat unclear on this matter, but this is an assumption the linux kernel also makes, and seems to be the correct interpretation of the standard.
2015-02-21add new masked cancellation modeRich Felker-0/+1
this is a new extension which is presently intended only for experimental and internal libc use. interface and behavior details may change subject to feedback and experience from using it internally. the basic concept for the new PTHREAD_CANCEL_MASKED state is that the first cancellation point to observe the cancellation request fails with an errno value of ECANCELED rather than acting on cancellation, allowing the caller to process the status and choose whether/how to act upon it.
2015-02-09add new socket options SO_INCOMING_CPU, SO_ATTACH_BPF, SO_DETACH_BPFSzabolcs Nagy-0/+4
these socket options are new in linux v3.19, introduced in commit 2c8c56e15df3d4c2af3d656e44feb18789f75837 and commit 89aa075832b0da4402acebd698d0411dcc82d03e with SO_INCOMING_CPU the cpu can be queried on which a socket is managed inside the kernel and optimize polling of large number of sockets accordingly. SO_ATTACH_BPF lets eBPF programs (created by the bpf syscall) to be attached to sockets.
2015-01-30move MREMAP_MAYMOVE and MREMAP_FIXED out of bitsTrutz Behn-0/+2
the definitions are generic for all kernel archs. exposure of these macros now only occurs on the same feature test as for the function accepting them, which is believed to be more correct.
2014-12-23add new prctl command PR_SET_MM_MAP to sys/prctl.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+21
PR_SET_MM_MAP was introduced as a subcommand for PR_SET_MM in linux v3.18 commit f606b77f1a9e362451aca8f81d8f36a3a112139e the associated struct type is replicated in sys/prctl.h using libc types. example usage: struct prctl_mm_map *p; ... prctl(PR_SET_MM, PR_SET_MM_MAP, p, sizeof *p); the kernel side supported struct size may be queried with the PR_SET_MM_MAP_SIZE subcommand.
2014-12-21move wint_t definition to the shared part of alltypes.h.inRich Felker-0/+1
2014-12-21fix signedness of UINT32_MAX and UINT64_MAX at the preprocessor levelRich Felker-2/+2
per the rules for hexadecimal integer constants, the previous definitions were correctly treated as having unsigned type except possibly when used in preprocessor conditionals, where all artithmetic takes place as intmax_t or uintmax_t. the explicit 'u' suffix ensures that they are treated as unsigned in all contexts.
2014-12-20add login_tty functionFelix Janda-0/+2
2014-12-17fix signedness of WINT_MIN expressionRich Felker-1/+1
since wint_t is unsigned, WINT_MIN needs to expand to an unsigned zero.
2014-12-17make the definition of _Complex_I explicitly complexRich Felker-2/+2
it's unclear whether compilers which provide pure imaginary types might produce a pure imaginary expression for 1.0fi. using 0.0f+1.0fi ensures that the result is explicitly complex and makes this obvious to human readers too.
2014-12-17make the result of the cimag macro a non-lvalueRich Felker-1/+1
this change is not necessary but helps diagnose invalid code. based on patch by Jens Gustedt.
2014-12-17fix definition of CMPLX macros in complex.h to work in constant expressionsRich Felker-3/+9
based on patches by Jens Gustedt. these macros need to be usable in static initializers, and the old definitions were not. there is no portable way to provide correct definitions for these macros unless the compiler supports pure imaginary types. a portable definition is provided for this case even though there are presently no compilers that can use it. gcc and compatible compilers provide a builtin function that can be used, but clang fails to support this and instead requires a construct which is a constraint violation and which is only a constant expression as a clang-specific extension. since these macros are a namespace violation in pre-C11 profiles, and since no known pre-C11 compilers provide any way to define them correctly anyway, the definitions have been made conditional on C11.
2014-12-17add basic dns record parsing functionsRich Felker-35/+23
based on patch by Timo Teräs, with some corrections to bounds checking code and other minor changes. while they are borderline scope creep, the functions added are fairly small and are roughly the minimum code needed to use the results of the res_query API without re-implementing error-prone DNS packet parsing, and they are used in practice by some kerberos related software and possibly other things. at this time there is no intent to implement further nameser.h API functions.
2014-12-09don't shadow functions with macros in C++Bobby Bingham-0/+6
C++ programmers typically expect something like "::function(x,y)" to work and may be surprised to find that "(::function)(x,y)" is actually required due to the headers declaring a macro version of some standard functions. We already omit function-like macros for C++ in most cases where there is a real function available. This commit extends this to the remaining function-like macros which have a real function version.
2014-10-14suppress macro definitions of ctype functions under C++Rich Felker-0/+7
based on patch by Sergey Dmitrouk.
2014-10-13implement uchar.h (C11 UTF-16/32 conversion) interfacesRich Felker-5/+30
2014-10-08add new linux file sealing api to fcntl.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+7
new in linux v3.17 commit 40e041a2c858b3caefc757e26cb85bfceae5062b sealing allows some operations to be blocked on a file which makes file access safer when fds are shared between processes (only supported for shared mem fds currently) flags: F_SEAL_SEAL prevents further sealing F_SEAL_SHRINK prevents file from shrinking F_SEAL_GROW prevents file from growing F_SEAL_WRITE prevents writes fcntl commands: F_GET_SEALS get the current seal flags F_ADD_SEALS add new seal flags
2014-10-08add new IPV6_AUTOFLOWLABEL socket option in netinet/in.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
added in linux v3.17 commit 753a2ad54ef45e3417a9d49537c2b42b04a2e1be enables automatic flow label generation on transmit
2014-09-10add _DEFAULT_SOURCE feature profile as an alias for _BSD_SOURCERich Felker-0/+4
as a result of commit ab8f6a6e42ff893041f7545a23e6d6a0edde07fb, this definition is now equivalent to the actual "default profile" which appears immediately below in features.h, and which defines both _BSD_SOURCE and _XOPEN_SOURCE. the intent of providing a _DEFAULT_SOURCE, which glibc also now provides, is to give applications a way to "get back" the default feature profile when it was lost either by compiler flags that inhibit it (such as -std=c99) or by library-provided predefined macros (such as -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200809L) which may inhibit exposure of features that were otherwise visible by default and which the application may need. without _DEFAULT_SOURCE, the application had encode knowledge of a particular libc's defaults, and such knowledge was fragile and subject to bitrot. eventually the names _GNU_SOURCE and _BSD_SOURCE should be phased out in favor of the more-descriptive and more-accurate _ALL_SOURCE and _DEFAULT_SOURCE, leaving the old names as aliases but using the new ones internally. however this is a more invasive change that would require extensive regression testing, so it is deferred.
2014-09-10fix _ALL_SOURCE logic to avoid possible redefinition of _GNU_SOURCERich Felker-1/+1
this could be an error if _GNU_SOURCE was already defined differently by the application.
2014-09-10fix places where _BSD_SOURCE failed to yield a superset of _XOPEN_SOURCERich Felker-8/+2
the vast majority of these failures seem to have been oversights at the time _BSD_SOURCE was added, or perhaps shortly afterward. the one which may have had some reason behind it is omission of setpgrp from the _BSD_SOURCE feature profile, since the standard setpgrp interface conflicts with a legacy (pre-POSIX) BSD interface by the same name. however, such omission is not aligned with our general policy in this area (for example, handling of similar _GNU_SOURCE cases) and should not be preserved.
2014-09-08add new F_OFD_* macros to fcntl.h (open file description locks)Szabolcs Nagy-0/+4
open file description locks are inherited across fork and only auto dropped after the last fd of the file description is closed, they can be used to synchronize between threads that open separate file descriptions for the same file. new in linux 3.15 commit 0d3f7a2dd2f5cf9642982515e020c1aee2cf7af6
2014-09-06add threads.h and needed per-arch types for mtx_t and cnd_tRich Felker-0/+85
based on patch by Jens Gustedt. mtx_t and cnd_t are defined in such a way that they are formally "compatible types" with pthread_mutex_t and pthread_cond_t, respectively, when accessed from a different translation unit. this makes it possible to implement the C11 functions using the pthread functions (which will dereference them with the pthread types) without having to use the same types, which would necessitate either namespace violations (exposing pthread type names in threads.h) or incompatible changes to the C++ name mangling ABI for the pthread types. for the rest of the types, things are much simpler; using identical types is possible without any namespace considerations.