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2020-03-24math: add x86_64 remquolAlexander Monakov-0/+32
2020-03-24math: move x87-family fmod functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-44/+38
2020-03-24math: move x87-family remainder functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-50/+42
2020-03-24math: move x87-family rint functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-24/+28
2020-03-24math: move x87-family lrint functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-60/+64
2020-03-24math: move x86_64 (l)lrint(f) functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-20/+32
2020-03-24math: move i386 sqrt to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-21/+15
2020-03-24math: move i386 sqrtf to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-7/+12
2020-03-24math: move trivial x86-family sqrt functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-18/+28
2020-03-24math: move x87-family fabs functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-24/+28
2020-03-24math: move x86_64 fabs, fabsf to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-16/+20
2020-03-21fix parsing offsets after long timezone namesSamuel Holland-5/+5
TZ containg a timezone name with >TZNAME_MAX characters currently breaks musl's timezone parsing. getname() stops after TZNAME_MAX characters. getoff() will consume no characters (because the next character is not a digit) and incorrectly return 0. Then, because there are remaining alphabetic characters, __daylight == 1, and dst_off == -3600. getname() must consume the entire timezone name, even if it will not fit in d/__tzname, so when it returns, s points to the offset digits.
2020-03-21avoid out-of-bounds read for invalid quoted timezoneSamuel Holland-2/+2
Parsing the timezone name must stop when reaching the null terminator. In that case, there is no '>' to skip.
2020-03-20remove redundant condition in memccpyAlexander Monakov-1/+1
Commit d9bdfd164 ("fix memccpy to not access buffer past given size") correctly added a check for 'n' nonzero, but made the pre-existing test '*s==c' redundant: n!=0 implies *s==c. Remove the unnecessary check. Reported by Alexey Izbyshev.
2020-03-20ldso: remove redundant switch case for REL_NONEFangrui Song-2/+0
as a result of commit b6a6cd703ffefa6352249fb01f4da28d85d17306, the REL_NONE case is now redundant.
2020-03-14define MAP_SYNC on powerpc/powerpc64Samuel Holland-2/+0
Linux defines MAP_SYNC on powerpc and powerpc64 as of commit 22fcea6f85f2 ("mm: move MAP_SYNC to asm-generic/mman-common.h"), so we can stop undefining it on those architectures.
2020-03-14improve strerror speedTimo Teräs-22/+32
change the current O(n) lookup to O(1) based on the machinery described in "How To Write Shared Libraries" (Appendix B).
2020-03-14fix corrupt sysvipc timestamps on 32-bit archs with old kernelsRich Felker-0/+30
kernel commit 4693916846269d633a3664586650dbfac2c5562f (first included in release v4.14) silently fixed a bug whereby the reserved space (which was later used for high bits of time) in IPC_STAT structures was left untouched rather than zeroed. this means that a caller that wants to read the high bits needs to pre-zero the memory. since it's not clear that these operations are permitted to modify the destination buffer on failure, use a temp buffer and copy back to the caller's buffer on success.
2020-03-14work around negated error code bug on some mips kernelsRich Felker-22/+22
on all mips variants, Linux did (and maybe still does) have some syscall return paths that wrongly return both the error flag in r7 and a negated error code in r2. in particular this happened for at least some causes of ENOSYS. add an extra check to only negate the error code if it's positive to begin with. bug report and concept for patch by Andreas Dröscher.
2020-03-14remove useless mips syscall asm constraint, align style with mips64/n32Rich Felker-15/+16
commit 4221f154ff29ab0d6be1e7beaa5ea2d1731bc58e added the r7 constraint apparently out of a misunderstanding of the breakage it was addressing, and did so because the asm was in a shared macro used by all the __syscallN inline functions. now "+r" is used in the output section for the forms 4-argument and up, so having it in input is redundant, and the forms with 0-3 arguments don't need it as an input at all. the r2 constraint is kept because without it most gcc versions (seems to be all prior to 9.x) fail to honor the output register binding for r2. this seems to be a variant of gcc bug #87733. both the r7 and r2 input constraints look useless, but the r2 one was a quiet workaround for gcc bug 87733, which affects all modern versions prior to 9.x, so it's kept and documented.
2020-03-14revert mips (32-bit, o32) syscall asm clean-up due to regressionsRich Felker-32/+31
exactly revert commit 604f8d3d8b08ee4f548de193050ef93a7753c2e0 which was wrong; it caused a major regression on Linux versions prior to 2.6.36. old kernels did not properly preserve r2 across syscall restart, and instead restarted with the instruction right before syscall, imposing a contract that the previous instruction must load r2 from an immediate or a register (or memory) not clobbered by the syscall.
2020-03-14revert mips64/n32 syscall asm clean-up due to regressionsRich Felker-56/+61
effectivly revert commit ddc7c4f936c7a90781072f10dbaa122007e939d0 which was wrong; it caused a major regression on Linux versions prior to 2.6.36. old kernels did not properly preserve r2 across syscall restart, and instead restarted with the instruction right before syscall, imposing a contract that the previous instruction must load r2 from an immediate or a register (or memory) not clobbered by the syscall. since other changes were made since, including removal of the struct stat conversion that was replaced by separate struct kstat, this is not a direct revert, only a functional one. the "0"(r2) input constraint added back seems useless/erroneous, but without it most gcc versions (seems to be all prior to 9.x) fail to honor the output register binding for r2. this seems to be a variant of gcc bug #87733. further changes should be made later if a better workaround is found, but this one has been working since 2012. it seems this issue was encountered but misidentified then, when it inspired commit 4221f154ff29ab0d6be1e7beaa5ea2d1731bc58e.
2020-03-04remove duplicate definitions of INET[6]_ADDRSTRLENRich Felker-7/+0
these were leftover from early beginnings when arpa/inet.h was not including netinet/in.h.
2020-02-26add PTHREAD_NULLRich Felker-0/+3
this is added for POSIX-future as the outcome of Austin Group issue 599. since it's in the reserved namespace for pthread.h, there are no namespace considerations for adding it early.
2020-02-22use __socketcall to simplify socket()Rich Felker-5/+5
commit 59324c8b0950ee94db846a50554183c845ede160 added __socketcall analogous to __syscall, returning the negated error rather than setting errno. use it to simplify the fallback path of socket(), avoiding extern calls and access to errno. Author: Rich Felker <> Date: Tue Jul 30 17:51:16 2019 -0400 make __socketcall analogous to __syscall, error-returning
2020-02-21remove wrap_write helper from vdprintfRich Felker-6/+1
this reverts commit 4ee039f3545976f9e3e25a7e5d7b58f1f2316dc3, which added the helper as a hack to make vdprintf usable before relocation, contingent on strong assumptions about the arch and tooling, back when the dynamic linker did not have a real staged model for self-relocation. since commit f3ddd173806fd5c60b3f034528ca24542aecc5b9 this has been unnecessary and the function was just wasting size and execution time.
2020-02-21math: fix sinh overflows in non-nearest roundingSzabolcs Nagy-10/+12
The final rounding operation should be done with the correct sign otherwise huge results may incorrectly get rounded to or away from infinity in upward or downward rounding modes. This affected sinh and sinhf which set the sign on the result after a potentially overflowing mul. There may be other non-nearest rounding issues, but this was a known long standing issue with large ulp error (depending on how ulp is defined near infinity). The fix should have no effect on sinh and sinhf performance but may have a tiny effect on cosh and coshf.
2020-02-21math: fix __rem_pio2 in non-nearest rounding modesSzabolcs Nagy-3/+41
Handle when after reduction |y| > pi/4+tiny. This happens in directed rounding modes because the fast round to int code does not give the nearest integer. In such cases the reduction may not be symmetric between x and -x so e.g. cos(x)==cos(-x) may not hold (but polynomial evaluation is not symmetric either with directed rounding so fixing that would require more changes with bigger performance impact). The fix only adds two predictable branches in nearest rounding mode, simple ubenchmark does not show relevant performance regression in nearest rounding mode. The code could be improved: e.g reducing the medium size threshold such that two step reduction is enough instead of three, and the single precision case can avoid the issue by doing the round to int differently, but this fix was kept minimal.
2020-02-20release 1.2.0v1.2.0Rich Felker-1/+37
2020-02-12fix remaining direct use of stat syscalls outside fstatat.cRich Felker-6/+10
because struct stat is no longer assumed to correspond to the structure used by the stat-family syscalls, it's not valid to make any of these syscalls directly using a buffer of type struct stat. commit 9493892021eac4edf1776d945bcdd3f7a96f6978 moved all logic around this change for stat-family functions into fstatat.c, making the others wrappers for it. but a few other direct uses of the syscall were overlooked. the ones in tmpnam/tempnam are harmless since the syscalls are just used to test for file existence. however, the uses in fchmodat and __map_file depend on getting accurate file properties, and these functions may actually have been broken one or more mips variants due to removal of conversion hacks from syscall_arch.h. as a low-risk fix, simply use struct kstat in place of struct stat in the affected places.
2020-02-06remove i386 asm for single and double precision exp-family functionsRich Felker-62/+3
these did not truncate excess precision in the return value. fixing them looks like considerable work, and the current C code seems to outperform them significantly anyway. long double functions are left in place because they are not subject to excess precision issues and probably better than the C code.
2020-02-06rename i386 exp.s to exp_ld.sRich Felker-0/+1
this commit is for the sake of reviewable history.
2020-02-06fix excess precision in return value of i386 log-family functionsRich Felker-0/+20
2020-02-06fix excess precision in return value of i386 acos[f] and asin[f]Rich Felker-42/+75
analogous to commit 1c9afd69051a64cf085c6fb3674a444ff9a43857 for atan[2][f].
2020-02-06fix excess precision in return value of i386 atan[2][f]Rich Felker-2/+8
for functions implemented in C, this is a requirement of C11 (F.6); strictly speaking that text does not apply to standard library functions, but it seems to be intended to apply to them, and C2x is expected to make it a requirement. failure to drop excess precision is particularly bad for inverse trig functions, where a value with excess precision can be outside the range of the function (entire range, or range for a particular subdomain), breaking reasonable invariants a caller may expect.
2020-02-05remove legacy time32 timer[fd] syscalls from public syscall.hRich Felker-36/+52
this extends commit 5a105f19b5aae79dd302899e634b6b18b3dcd0d6, removing timer[fd]_settime and timer[fd]_gettime. the timerfd ones are likely to have been used in software that started using them before it could rely on libc exposing functions.
2020-02-05remove further legacy time32 clock syscalls from public syscall.hRich Felker-36/+52
this extends commit 5a105f19b5aae79dd302899e634b6b18b3dcd0d6, removing clock_settime, clock_getres, clock_nanosleep, and settimeofday.
2020-02-05fix incorrect results for catanf and catanl with some inputsRich Felker-26/+2
catan was fixed in 10e4bd3780050e75b72aac5d85c31816419bb17d but the same bug in catanf and catanl was overlooked. the patch is completely analogous.
2020-02-04move riscv64 register index constants to signal.hRich Felker-6/+9
under _GNU_SOURCE for namespace cleanliness, analogous to other archs. the original placement in sys/reg.h seems not to have been motivated; such a header isn't even present on other implementations.
2020-01-30remove legacy clock_gettime and gettimeofday from public syscall.hRich Felker-18/+25
some nontrivial number of applications have historically performed direct syscalls for these operations rather than using the public functions. such usage is invalid now that time_t is 64-bit and these syscalls no longer match the types they are used with, and it was already harmful before (by suppressing use of vdso). since syscall() has no type safety, incorrect usage of these syscalls can't be caught at compile-time. so, without manually inspecting or running additional tools to check sources, the risk of such errors slipping through is high. this patch renames the syscalls on 32-bit archs to clock_gettime32 and gettimeofday_time32, so that applications using the original names will fail to build without being fixed. note that there are a number of other syscalls that may also be unsafe to use directly after the time64 switchover, but (1) these are the main two that seem to be in widespread use, and (2) most of the others continue to have valid usage with a null timeval/timespec argument, as the argument is an optional timeout or similar.
2020-01-29fix misleading use of _POSIX_VDISABLE in sys/ttydefaults.hRich Felker-5/+0
_POSIX_VDISABLE is only visible if unistd.h has already been included, so conditional use of it here makes no sense. the value is always 0 anyway; it does not vary.
2020-01-29fix unprotected macro argument in sys/ttydefaults.hRich Felker-1/+1
2020-01-27math/x32: correct lrintl.s for 32-bit longAlexander Monakov-2/+2
2020-01-25move struct dirent to bits header, allow NAME_MAX to varyRich Felker-12/+15
this is not necessary for linux but is a simple, inexpensive change to make that facilitates ports to systems where NAME_MAX needs to be longer.
2020-01-22fix riscv64 a_cas inline asm operand sign extensionLuís Marques-1/+1
This patch adds an explicit cast to the int arguments passed to the inline asm used in the RISC-V's implementation of `a_cas`, to ensure that they are properly sign extended to 64 bits. They aren't automatically sign extended by Clang, and GCC technically also doesn't guarantee that they will be sign extended.
2020-01-20fix incorrect escaping in add-cfi.*.awk scriptsWill Dietz-2/+2
gawk 5 complains.
2020-01-16add thumb2 support to arm assembler memcpyAndre McCurdy-6/+9
For Thumb2 compatibility, replace two instances of a single instruction "orr with a variable shift" with the two instruction equivalent. Neither of the replacements are in a performance critical loop.
2020-01-15fix incorrect __hwcap seen in dynamic-linked __set_thread_areaRich Felker-1/+1
the bug fixed in commit b82cd6c78d812d38c31febba5a9e57dbaa7919c4 was mostly masked on arm because __hwcap was zero at the point of the call from the dynamic linker to __set_thread_area, causing the access to libc.auxv to be skipped and kuser_helper versions of TLS access and atomics to be used instead of the armv6 or v7 versions. however, on kernels with kuser_helper removed for hardening it would crash. since __set_thread_area potentially uses __hwcap, it must be initialized before the function is called. move the AT_HWCAP lookup from stage 3 to stage 2b.
2020-01-11define RLIMIT_RTTIME, bump RLIMIT_NLIMITSLeah Neukirchen-1/+2
This macro exists since Linux 2.6.25 and is defined in glibc since 2011.
2020-01-01fix wcwidth wrongly returning 0 for most of planes 4 and upRich Felker-1/+1
commit 1b0ce9af6d2aa7b92edaf3e9c631cb635bae22bd introduced this bug back in 2012 and it was never noticed, presumably since the affected planes are essentially unused in Unicode.