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2012-12-16math: sinh.c cleanup similar to the cosh oneSzabolcs Nagy-171/+72
comments are kept in the double version of the function
2012-12-16math: finished cosh.c cleanupSzabolcs Nagy-142/+49
changed the algorithm: large input is not special cased (when exp(-x) is small compared to exp(x)) and the threshold values are reevaluated (fdlibm code had a log(2)/2 cutoff for which i could not find justification, log(2) seems to be a better threshold and this was verified empirically) the new code is simpler, makes smaller binaries and should be faster for common cases the old comments were removed as they are no longer true for the new algorithm and the fdlibm copyright was dropped as well because there is no common code or idea with the original anymore except for trivial ones.
2012-12-16math: x86_64 version of expl, fixed some comments in the i386 versionSzabolcs Nagy-4/+112
2012-12-16math: move x86_64 exp2l implementation to exp2l.s from expl.sSzabolcs Nagy-85/+76
2012-12-15fix breakage in ldd (failure to print library load address)Rich Felker-2/+2
2012-12-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/math'Rich Felker-907/+803
2012-12-15add some missing macros to sys/shm.hRich Felker-0/+3
these are not specified in the standard, but in the reserved namespace, so there is no problem with defining them unconditionally.
2012-12-14math: fix i386/expl.s with more precise x*log2eSzabolcs Nagy-7/+107
with naive exp2l(x*log2e) the last 12bits of the result was incorrect for x with large absolute value with hi + lo = x*log2e is caluclated to 128 bits precision and then expl(x) = exp2l(hi) + exp2l(hi) * f2xm1(lo) this gives <1.5ulp measured error everywhere in nearest rounding mode
2012-12-14fixed tgmath.h for functions with integral resultSzabolcs Nagy-7/+9
in tgmath.h the return values are casted to the appropriate floating-point type (if the compiler supports gcc __typeof__), this is wrong in case of ilogb, lrint, llrint, lround, llround which do not need such cast
2012-12-13add missing flags in sys/timerfd.hRich Felker-0/+6
2012-12-11treat invalid C as an error even if warnings aren't enabled.Rich Felker-1/+11
2012-12-12math: add a non-dummy tgamma implementationSzabolcs Nagy-20/+215
uses the lanczos approximation method with the usual tweaks. same parameters were selected as in boost and python. (avoides some extra work and special casing found in boost so the precision is not that good: measured error is <5ulp for positive x and <10ulp for negative) an alternative lgamma_r implementation is also given in the same file which is simpler and smaller than the current one, but less precise so it's ifdefed out for now.
2012-12-12math: cosh cleanupSzabolcs Nagy-70/+63
do fabs by hand, don't check for nan and inf separately
2012-12-12math: fix comment in __rem_pio2f.cSzabolcs Nagy-2/+2
2012-12-12math: add empty __invtrigl.s to i386 and x86_64Szabolcs Nagy-0/+0
__invtrigl is not needed when acosl, asinl, atanl have asm implementations
2012-12-11math: clean up inverse trigonometric functionsSzabolcs Nagy-377/+258
modifications: * avoid unsigned->signed conversions * removed various volatile hacks * use FORCE_EVAL when evaluating only for side-effects * factor out R() rational approximation instead of manual inline * __invtrigl.h now only provides __invtrigl_R, __pio2_hi and __pio2_lo * use 2*pio2_hi, 2*pio2_lo instead of pi_hi, pi_lo otherwise the logic is not changed, long double versions will need a revisit when a genaral long double cleanup happens
2012-12-11math: rewrite inverse hyperbolic functions to be simpler/smallerSzabolcs Nagy-406/+149
modifications: * avoid unsigned->signed integer conversion * do not handle special cases when they work correctly anyway * more strict threshold values (0x1p26 instead of 0x1p28 etc) * smaller code, cleaner branching logic * same precision as the old code: acosh(x) has up to 2ulp error in [1,1.125] asinh(x) has up to 1.6ulp error in [0.125,0.5], [-0.5,-0.125] atanh(x) has up to 1.7ulp error in [0.125,0.5], [-0.5,-0.125]
2012-12-11math: remove long double version of bessel functions from math.hSzabolcs Nagy-8/+0
j0l,j1l,jnl,y0l,j1l,jnl are gnu extensions, bsd and posix do not have them. noone seems to use them and there is no plan to implement them any time soon so we shouldn't declare them in math.h.
2012-12-11make CMPLX macros available in complex.h in non-c11 mode as wellSzabolcs Nagy-10/+0
2012-12-11fix double errno-decoding in the old-kernel fallback path of pipe2Rich Felker-1/+1
this bug seems to have caused any failure by pipe2 on such systems to set errno to 1, rather than the proper error code.
2012-12-10fix regressions in app compatibility from previous sys/ipc.h changesRich Felker-0/+5
despite glibc using __key and __seq rather than key and seq, some applications, notably busybox, assume the names are key and seq unless glibc is being used. and the names key and seq are really the ones that _should_ be exposed when not attempting to present a standards-conforming namespace; apps should not be using names that begin with double-underscore. thus, the optimal fix is to use key and seq as the actual names of the members when in bsd/gnu source profile, and define macros for __key and __seq that redirect to plain key and seq.
2012-12-10document self-synchronized destruction issue for stdio lockingRich Felker-0/+10
2012-12-10syscall() declaration belongs in unistd.h, not sys/syscall.hRich Felker-10/+1
traditionally, both BSD and GNU systems have it this way. sys/syscall.h is purely syscall number macros. presently glibc exposes the syscall declaration in unistd.h only with _GNU_SOURCE, but that does not reflect historical practice.
2012-12-07add support for ctors/dtors on arm with modern gccRich Felker-4/+40
a while back, gcc switched from using the old _init/_fini fragments method for calling ctors and dtors on arm to the __init_array and __fini_array method. unfortunately, on glibc this depends on ugly hacks involving making a linker script and pulling parts of libc into the main program binary. so I cheat a little bit, and just write asm to iterate over the init/fini arrays from the _init/_fini asm. the same approach could be used on any arch it's needed on, but for now arm is the only one.
2012-12-07page-align initial brk value used by malloc in shared libcRich Felker-1/+5
this change fixes an obscure issue with some nonstandard kernels, where the initial brk syscall returns a pointer just past the end of bss rather than the beginning of a new page. in that case, the dynamic linker has already reclaimed the space between the end of bss and the page end for use by malloc, and memory corruption (allocating the same memory twice) will occur when malloc again claims it on the first call to brk.
2012-12-07remove __arch_prctl alias for arch_prctlRich Felker-3/+1
if there's evidence of any use for it, we can add it back later. as far as I can tell, glibc has it only for internal use (and musl uses a direct syscall in that case rather than a function call), not for exposing it to applications.
2012-12-07move new linux syscall wrapper functions to proper source dirRich Felker-0/+0
2012-12-07fix trailing whitespace issues that crept in here and thereRich Felker-13/+13
2012-12-06fix invalid read in aligned_allocRich Felker-2/+3
in case of mmap-obtained chunks, end points past the end of the mapping and reading it may fault. since the value is not needed until after the conditional, move the access to prevent invalid reads.
2012-12-06move signal.h REG_* macros under _GNU_SOURCE protectionRich Felker-44/+48
they were accidentally exposed under just baseline POSIX, which is a big namespace pollution issue. thankfully glibc only exposes them under _GNU_SOURCE, not under any of its other options, so omitting the pollution in the default _BSD_SOURCE profile does not hurt application compatibility at all.
2012-12-06fix names of ipc_perm __key/__seq elementsRich Felker-6/+2
previously the names were exposed as key/seq with _GNU_SOURCE and __ipc_perm_key/__ipc_perm/seq otherwise, whereas glibc always uses __key and __seq for the names. thus, the old behavior never matched glibc, and the new behavior always does, regardless of feature test macros. for now, i'm leaving the renaming here in sys/ipc.h where it's easy to change globally for all archs, in case something turns out to be wrong, but eventually the names could just be incorporated directly into the bits headers for each arch and the renaming removed.
2012-12-06fix sigorset/sigandset: _NSIG/8 is the size in bytesrofl0r-2/+2
2012-12-06fix F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC being defined twicerofl0r-1/+0
2012-12-06sigandset/sigorset: do not check for NULL pointers.rofl0r-10/+0
that way it's consistent with existing sig* functions, and saves some code size.
2012-12-06fixup sigandsetrofl0r-2/+2
2012-12-06fixup for fcntl.h changesrofl0r-16/+15
2012-12-06add arch_prctl syscall (amd64/x32 only)rofl0r-0/+9
2012-12-06add personality syscallrofl0r-0/+13
2012-12-06add sigandset and sigorset (needed for qemu)rofl0r-0/+37
2012-12-06add struct msgbuf to sys/msg.hrofl0r-0/+7
2012-12-06unistd.h: fix wrong type for gid_t argumentrofl0r-1/+1
the prototype is defined with const gid_t* rather than const gid_t[]. it was already correctly defined in grp.h.
2012-12-06ipc.h: fix gnu aliases for key and seq in struct ipc_permrofl0r-2/+4
the macro was the wrong way round, additionally GNU defines __ prefixed versions, which are used by qemu.
2012-12-06add obsolete futimesat()rofl0r-0/+10
this function is obsolete, however it's available as a syscall and as such qemu userspace emulation tries to forward it to the host kernel.
2012-12-06bits/signal.h: add register names for x86(_64)rofl0r-0/+46
glibc exposes them from ucontext.h. since that header includes signal.h, it is safe to put them into bits/signal.h, if _GNU_SOURCE is defined.
2012-12-06fcntl.h: add some linux-specific F_ macrosrofl0r-0/+17
thankfully these are all generic across archs. the DN_ macros are for usage with F_NOTIFY.
2012-12-06tcp.h: add SOL_TCP, analoguous to udp.hrofl0r-0/+2
2012-12-06add more arch-specific MAP_ macros to bits/mman.hrofl0r-0/+24
these are also needed by qemu.
2012-12-06remove MAP_32 from non-x86 archsrofl0r-3/+0
both kernel and glibc define it only on x86(_64).
2012-12-06add MAP_NORESERVE to bits/mman.hrofl0r-0/+6
this is needed for qemu, and since it differs for each arch it can't be circumvented easily by using a macro in CFLAGS.
2012-12-05remove fenv saving/loading code from setjmp/longjmp on armRich Felker-4/+0
the issue is identical to the recent commit fixing the mips versions: despite other implementations doing this, it conflicts with the requirements of ISO C and it's a waste of time and code size.