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2018-03-10reverse definition dependency between PAGESIZE and PAGE_SIZERich Felker-8/+8
PAGESIZE is actually the version defined in POSIX base, with PAGE_SIZE being in the XSI option. use PAGESIZE as the underlying definition to facilitate making exposure of PAGE_SIZE conditional.
2018-03-07fix nl_langinfo_l(CODESET, loc) reporting wrong locale's valueRich Felker-1/+1
use of MB_CUR_MAX encoded a hidden dependency on the currently active locale for the calling thread, whereas nl_langinfo_l is supposed to report for the locale passed as an argument.
2018-02-25add public interface headers to implementation filesRich Felker-0/+11
general policy is that all source files defining a public API or an ABI mechanism referenced by a public header should include the public header that declares the interface, so that the compiler or analysis tools can check the consistency of the declarations. Alexander Monakov pointed out a number of violations of this principle a few years back. fix them now.
2018-02-24fix aliasing violations in fgetpos/fsetposRich Felker-2/+3
add a member of appropriate type to the fpos_t union so that accesses are well-defined. use long long instead of off_t since off_t is not always exposed in stdio.h and there's no namespace-clean alias for it. access is still performed using pointer casts rather than by naming the union member as a matter of style; to the extent possible, the naming of fields in opaque types defined in the public headers is not treated as an API contract with the implementation. access via the pointer cast is valid as long as the union has a member of matching type.
2018-02-24use idiomatic safe form for FUNLOCK macroRich Felker-1/+1
previously this macro used an odd if/else form instead of the more idiomatic do/while(0), making it unsafe against omission of trailing semicolon. the omission would make the following statement conditional instead of producing an error.
2018-02-24in vswprintf, initialize the FILE rather than memset-and-assignRich Felker-9/+8
this is the idiom that's used elsewhere and should be more efficient or at least no worse.
2018-02-24remove unused MIN macro from getdelim source fileRich Felker-2/+0
2018-02-24remove useless null check before call to free in fcloseRich Felker-1/+1
2018-02-24remove useless and confusing parentheses in stdio __towrite functionRich Felker-1/+1
they seem to be relics of e3cd6c5c265cd481db6e0c5b529855d99f0bda30 where this code was refactored from a check that previously masked against (F_ERR|F_NOWR) instead of just F_NOWR.
2018-02-24avoid use of readv syscall in __stdio_read backend when not neededRich Felker-1/+2
formally, calling readv with a zero-length first iov component should behave identically to calling read on just the second component, but presence of a zero-length iov component has triggered bugs in some kernels and performs significantly worse than a simple read on some file types.
2018-02-24consistently return number of bytes read from stdio read backendRich Felker-2/+2
the stdio FILE read backend's return type is size_t, not ssize_t, and all of the special (non-fd-backed) FILE types already return the number of bytes read (zero) on error or eof. only __stdio_read leaked a syscall error return into its return value. fread had a workaround for this behavior going all the way back to the original check-in. remove the workaround since it's no longer needed.
2018-02-24remove obfuscated flags bit-twiddling logic in __stdio_readRich Felker-1/+1
replace with simple conditional that doesn't rely on assumption that cnt is either 0 or -1.
2018-02-24fix getopt wrongly treating colons in optstring as valid option charsRich Felker-1/+1
the ':' in optstring has special meaning as a flag applying to the previous option character, or to getopt's error handling behavior when it appears at the beginning. don't also accept a "-:" option based on its presence.
2018-02-23add getentropy functionRich Felker-0/+32
based loosely on patch by Hauke Mehrtens; converted to wrap the public API of the underlying getrandom function rather than direct syscalls, so that if/when a fallback implementation of getrandom is added it will automatically get picked up by getentropy too.
2018-02-22add getrandom syscall wrapperHauke Mehrtens-0/+26
This syscall is available since Linux 3.17 and was also implemented in glibc in version 2.25 using the same interfaces.
2018-02-22aarch64: add sve_context struct and related defines from linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+39
signal context definitions for scalable vector extension new in commit d0b8cd3187889476144bd9b13bf36a932c3e7952
2018-02-22elf.h: add DT_SYMTAB_SHNDXSzabolcs Nagy-1/+2
it's a recent addition to elf gabi: based on discussions at
2018-02-22elf.h: syncronize DF_1_ flags with binutilsSzabolcs Nagy-0/+2
DF_1_STUB and DF_1_PIE were added in binutils-gdb commit 5c383f026242d25a3c21fdfda42e5ca218b346c8
2018-02-22elf.h: update NT_* coredump elf notes for linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+21
NT_ARM_SVE and NT_S390_RI_CB are new in linux commits 43d4da2c45b2f5d62f8a79ff7c6f95089bb24656 and 262832bc5acda76fd8f901d39f4da1121d951222 the rest are older. musl missed NT_PRFPREG because it followed the glibc api:
2018-02-22elf.h: add PPC64_OPT_LOCALENTRYSzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
allows calling extern functions without saving r2, for details see glibc commit 0572433b5beb636de1a49ec6b4fdab830c38cdc5
2018-02-22elf.h: add AT_* auxval macros for cache geometrySzabolcs Nagy-0/+8
AT_L1I_*, AT_L1D_*, AT_L2_* and AT_L3_* were added in linux v4.11 for powerpc in commit 98a5f361b8625c6f4841d6ba013bbf0e80d08147.
2018-02-22sys/prctl.h: add new PR_SVE_* macros from linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+6
PR_SVE_SET_VL and PR_SVE_GET_VL controls are new in linux commit 2d2123bc7c7f843aa9db87720de159a049839862 related PR_SVE_* macros were added in 7582e22038a266444eb87bc07c372592ad647439
2018-02-22aarch64: update hwcap.h for linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+6
HWCAP_SVE is new in linux commit 43994d824e8443263dc98b151e6326bf677be52e HWCAP_SHA3, HWCAP_SM3, HWCAP_SM4, HWCAP_ASIMDDP and HWCAP_SHA512 are new in f5e035f8694c3bdddc66ea46ecda965ee6853718
2018-02-22arm: add get_tls syscall from linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
for systems without tp register or kuser helper, new in linux commit 8fcd6c45f5a65621ec809b7866a3623e9a01d4ed
2018-02-22powerpc: update hwcap.h for linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+6
PPC_FEATURE2_HTM_NO_SUSPEND is new in linux commit cba6ac4869e45cc93ac5497024d1d49576e82666 PPC_FEATURE2_DARN and PPC_FEATURE2_SCV were new in v4.12 in commit a4700a26107241cc7b9ac8528b2c6714ff99983d
2018-02-22s390x: add s390_sthyi system call from v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
to store hypervisor information, added in linux commit 3d8757b87d7fc15a87928bc970f060bc9c6dc618
2018-02-22netinet/in.h: add new IPV6_FREEBIND from linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new socekt option for AF_INET6 SOL_RAW sockets, added in linux commit 84e14fe353de7624872e582887712079ba0b2d56
2018-02-22netinet/tcp.h: add TCP_* socket options from linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
TCP_FASTOPEN_KEY is new in 1fba70e5b6bed53496ba1f1f16127f5be01b5fb6 TCP_FASTOPEN_NO_COOKIE is new in 71c02379c762cb616c00fd5c4ed253fbf6bbe11b
2018-02-22add MAP_SYNC and MAP_SHARED_VALIDATE from linux v4.15Szabolcs Nagy-0/+7
for synchronous page faults, new in linux commit 1c9725974074a047f6080eecc62c50a8e840d050 and b6fb293f2497a9841d94f6b57bd2bb2cd222da43 note that only targets that use asm-generic/mman.h have this new flag defined, so undef it on other targets (mips*, powerpc*).
2018-02-22mips,powerpc: fix TIOCSER_TEMT in termios.hSzabolcs Nagy-5/+5
use the same token to define TIOCSER_TEMT as is used in ioctl.h so when both headers are included there are no redefinition warnings during musl build.
2018-02-22netinet/tcp.h: add tcp_diag_md5sig struct from linux v4.14Szabolcs Nagy-0/+8
for querying tcp md5 signing keys. new in linux commit c03fa9bcacd9ac04595cc13f34f3445f0a5ecf13
2018-02-22sys/{mman,shm}.h: add {MAP,SHM}_HUGE_ macros from linux uapiSzabolcs Nagy-0/+26
*_HUGE_SHIFT, *_HUGE_2MB, *_HUGE_1GB are documented in the man page, so add all of the *_HUGE_* macros from linux uapi. if MAP_HUGETLB is set, top bits of the mmap flags encode the page size. see the linux commit aafd4562dfee81a40ba21b5ea3cf5e06664bc7f6 if SHM_HUGETLB is set, top bits of the shmget flags encode the page size. see the linux commit 4da243ac1cf6aeb30b7c555d56208982d66d6d33 *_HUGE_16GB is defined unsigned to avoid signed left shift ub.
2018-02-22netinet/if_ether.h: add new ETH_P_ macros from linux v4.14Szabolcs Nagy-0/+4
new ethertypes in linux v4.14: ETH_P_ERSPAN new in 84e54fe0a5eaed696dee4019c396f8396f5a908b ETH_P_IFE new in 2804fd3af6ba5ae5737705b27146455eabe2e2f8 ETH_P_NSH new in 155e6f649757c902901e599c268f8b575ddac1f8 ETH_P_MAP new in 7373ae7e8f0bf2c0718422481da986db5058b005
2018-02-22net/if_arp.h: add ARPHRD_RAWIP from linux v4.14Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new in linux commmit cdf4969c42a6c1a376dd03a9e846cf638d3cd4b1
2018-02-22signal.h: add missing SIGTRAP si_codesSzabolcs Nagy-0/+2
TRAP_BRANCH and TRAP_HWBKPT new in linux commit da654b74bda14c45a7d98c731bf3c1a43b6b74e2
2018-02-22aarch64: add HWCAP_DCPOP from linux v4.14Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
indicates ARMv8.2-DCPoP persistent memory support extension. new in linux commit 7aac405ebb3224037efd56b73d82d181111cdac3
2018-02-22sys/mman.h: add MADV_WIPEONFORK from linux v4.14Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
allows zeroing anonymous private pages inherited by a child process. new in linux commit d2cd9ede6e193dd7d88b6d27399e96229a551b19
2018-02-22sys/socket.h: add MSG_ZEROCOPY from linux v4.14Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
MSG_ZEROCOPY socket send flag avoids copy in the kernel new in linux commit 52267790ef52d7513879238ca9fac22c1733e0e3 SO_ZEROCOPY socket option enables MSG_ZEROCOPY if availale new in linux commit 76851d1212c11365362525e1e2c0a18c97478e6b
2018-02-22sys/socket.h: add SOL_TLS from linux v4.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
socket option for kernel TLS support new in linux commit 3c4d7559159bfe1e3b94df3a657b2cda3a34e218
2018-02-22sys/socket.h: add PF_SMC from linux v4.11Szabolcs Nagy-1/+3
add AF_SMC and PF_SMC for the IBM shared memory communication protocol. new in linux commit ac7138746e14137a451f8539614cdd349153e0c0 (linux socket.h is not in uapi so this update was missed earlier)
2018-02-22release 1.1.19v1.1.19Rich Felker-1/+46
2018-02-21update authors/contributors listRich Felker-0/+17
these additions were made by scanning git log since the last major update in commit 790580b2fc47bc20e613336cb937a120422a770c. in addition to git-level commit authorship, "patch by" text in the commit message was also scanned. this idiom was used in the past for patches that underwent substantial edits when merging or where the author did not provide a commit message. going forward, my intent is to use commit authorship consistently for attribution. as before my aim was adding everyone with either substantial code contributions or a pattern of ongoing simple patch submission; any omissions are unintentional.
2018-02-21fix detection of LIBCC for compiler-rt with clangMatúš Olekšák-0/+2
Maintainer's note: at one point, -lcompiler_rt apparently worked, and may still work and be preferable if one has manually installed the library in a public lib directory. but with current versions of clang, the full pathname to the library file is needed. the original patch removed the -lcompiler_rt check; I have left it in place in case there are users depending on it, and since, when it does work, it's preferable so as not to code a dependency on the specific compiler version and paths in config.mak.
2018-02-21convert execvp error handling to switch statementRich Felker-2/+9
this is more extensible if we need to consider additional errors, and more efficient as long as the compiler does not know it can cache the result of __errno_location (a surprisingly complex issue detailed in commit a603a75a72bb469c6be4963ed1b55fabe675fe15).
2018-02-21fix execvp failing on not-dir entries in PATH.Przemyslaw Pawelczyk-1/+1
It's better to make execvp continue PATH search on ENOTDIR rather than issuing an error. Bogus entries should not render rest of PATH invalid. Maintainer's note: POSIX seems to require the search to continue like this as part of XBD 8.3 Other Environment Variables. Only errors that conclusively determine non-existence are candidates for continuing; otherwise for consistency we have to report the error.
2018-02-11fix incorrect overflow check for allocation in fmemopenRich Felker-1/+1
when a null buffer pointer is passed to fmemopen, requesting it allocate its own memory buffer, extremely large size arguments near SIZE_MAX could overflow and result in underallocation. this results from omission of the size of the cookie structure in the overflow check but inclusion of it in the calloc call. instead of accounting for individual small contributions to the total allocation size needed, simply reject sizes larger than PTRDIFF_MAX, which will necessarily fail anyway. then adding arbitrary fixed-size structures is safe without matching up the expressions in the comparison and the allocation.
2018-02-07better configure check for long double supportSzabolcs Nagy-3/+2
2018-02-07make getcwd fail if it cannot obtain an absolute pathDmitry V. Levin-1/+7
Currently getcwd(3) can succeed without returning an absolute path because the underlying getcwd syscall, starting with linux commit v2.6.36-rc1~96^2~2, may succeed without returning an absolute path. This is a conformance issue because "The getcwd() function shall place an absolute pathname of the current working directory in the array pointed to by buf, and return buf". Fix this by checking the path returned by syscall and failing with ENOENT if the path is not absolute. The error code is chosen for consistency with the case when the current directory is unlinked. Similar issue was fixed in glibc recently, see
2018-02-07disallow non-absolute rpath $ORIGIN for suid/sgid/AT_SECURE processesRich Felker-0/+3
in theory non-absolute origins can only arise when either the main program is invoked by running ldso as a command (inherently non-suid) or when dlopen was called with a relative pathname containing at least one slash. such usage would be inherently insecure in an suid program anyway, so the old behavior here does not seem to have been insecure. harden against it anyway.
2018-02-07honor rpath $ORIGIN for ldd/ldso command with program in working dirRich Felker-1/+10
the rpath fixup code assumed any module's name field would contain at least one slash, an invariant which is usually met but not in the case of a main executable loaded from the current working directory by running ldd or ldso as a command. it would be possible to make this invariant always hold, but it has a higher runtime allocation cost and does not seem useful elsewhere, so just patch things up in fixup_rpath instead.