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2020-09-09sys/mman.h: add MREMAP_DONTUNMAP from linux v5.7Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
it remaps anon mappings without unmapping the original. chromeos plans to use it with userfaultfd, see: linux commit e346b3813067d4b17383f975f197a9aa28a3b077 mm/mremap: add MREMAP_DONTUNMAP to mremap()
2020-09-09sys/fanotify.h: update to linux v5.7Szabolcs Nagy-1/+3
see linux commit 9e2ba2c34f1922ca1e0c7d31b30ace5842c2e7d1 fanotify: send FAN_DIR_MODIFY event flavor with dir inode and name linux commit 44d705b0370b1d581f46ff23e5d33e8b5ff8ec58 fanotify: report name info for FAN_DIR_MODIFY event
2020-09-09aarch64: add new HWCAP2_ macros from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+8
added in linux commit 1a50ec0b3b2e9a83f1b1245ea37a853aac2f741c arm64: Implement archrandom.h for ARMv8.5-RNG linux commit d4209d8b717311d114b5d47ba7f8249fd44e97c2 arm64: cpufeature: Export matrix and other features to userspace
2020-09-09aarch64: add HWCAP2_ macros from linux v5.3Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
these were missed before, added in linux commit 1201937491822b61641c1878ebcd16a93aed4540 arm64: Expose ARMv8.5 CondM capability to userspace linux commit ca9503fc9e9812aa6258e55d44edb03eb30fc46f arm64: Expose FRINT capabilities to userspace
2020-09-09sched.h: add CLONE_NEWTIME from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
reuses a bit from CSIGNAL so it can only be used with unshare and clone3, added in linux commit 769071ac9f20b6a447410c7eaa55d1a5233ef40c ns: Introduce Time Namespace
2020-09-09sys/random.h: add GRND_INSECURE from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
added in linux commit 75551dbf112c992bc6c99a972990b3f272247e23 random: add GRND_INSECURE to return best-effort non-cryptographic bytes
2020-09-09sys/prctl.h: add PR_{SET,GET}_IO_FLUSHER from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+3
needed for storage drivers with userspace component that may run in the IO path, see linux commit 8d19f1c8e1937baf74e1962aae9f90fa3aeab463 prctl: PR_{G,S}ET_IO_FLUSHER to support controlling memory reclaim
2020-09-09netinet/udp.h: add TCP_ENCAP_ESPINTCP from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
The use of TCP_ in udp.h is not known, fortunately udp.h is not specified by posix so there are no strict namespace rules, added in linux commit e27cca96cd68fa2c6814c90f9a1cfd36bb68c593 xfrm: add espintcp (RFC 8229)
2020-09-09netinet/tcp.h: update for linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-2/+4
TCP_NLA_TIMEOUT_REHASH queries timeout-triggered rehash attempts, tcpm_ifindex limits the scope of TCP_MD5SIG* sockopt to a device. see linux commit 32efcc06d2a15fa87585614d12d6c2308cc2d3f3 tcp: export count for rehash attempts linux commit 6b102db50cdde3ba2f78631ed21222edf3a5fb51 net: Add device index to tcp_md5sig
2020-09-09netinet/in.h: add IPPROTO_ macros from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-1/+3
add IPPROTO_ETHERNET and IPPROTO_MPTCP, see linux commit 2677625387056136e256c743e3285b4fe3da87bb seg6: fix SRv6 L2 tunnels to use IANA-assigned protocol number linux commit faf391c3826cd29feae02078ca2022d2f912f7cc tcp: Define IPPROTO_MPTCP
2020-09-09add pidfd_getfd and openat2 syscall numbers from linux v5.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+34
also added clone3 on sh and m68k, on sh it's still missing (not yet wired up), but reserved so safe to add. see linux commit fddb5d430ad9fa91b49b1d34d0202ffe2fa0e179 open: introduce openat2(2) syscall linux commit 9a2cef09c801de54feecd912303ace5c27237f12 arch: wire up pidfd_getfd syscall linux commit 8649c322f75c96e7ced2fec201e123b2b073bf09 pid: Implement pidfd_getfd syscall linux commit e8bb2a2a1d51511e6b3f7e08125d52ec73c11139 m68k: Wire up clone3() syscall
2020-09-09netinet/tcp.h: update tcp_info for linux v5.5Szabolcs Nagy-1/+8
see linux commit 480274787d7e3458bc5a7cfbbbe07033984ad711 tcp: add TCP_INFO status for failed client TFO
2020-09-03use generic bits/fcntl.h for x86_64 and riscv64Rich Felker-78/+0
these were only using a custom version because they needed the "non-64" variants of the file locking command macros.
2020-09-03make generic bits/fcntl.h shareable with 64-bit archsRich Felker-0/+6
the fcntl file locking command macro values in the existing generic bits/fcntl.h were the "64" variants, requiring 64-bit archs that use the "plain" variants to have their own bits/fcntl.h, even if they otherwise use the common definitions for everything. since commit 7cc79d10afd43811a486fd5e9fcdf8e45ac599e0 exposed __LONG_MAX to all bits headers, we can now make the generic one common between 32- and 64-bit archs.
2020-09-03fix missing O_LARGEFILE values on x86_64, x32, and mips64Rich Felker-3/+3
prior to commit 685e40bb09f5f24a2af54ea09c97328808f76990, x86_64 was correctly passing O_LARGEFILE to SYS_open; it was removed (defined to 0 in the public header, and changed to use the public definition) as part of that change, probably out of a mistaken belief that it's not needed. however, on a mixed system with 32-bit and 64-bit binaries, it's important that all files be opened with O_LARGEFILE, even if the opening process is 64-bit, in case a descriptor is passed to a 32-bit process. otherwise, attempts to access past 2GB in the 32-bit process could produce EOVERFLOW. most 64-bit archs added later got this right alread, except for mips64. x32 was also affected. there are now fixed.
2020-09-03fix missing newline in herror outputRich Felker-1/+1
2020-08-30fix i386 __set_thread_area fallbackRich Felker-0/+1
this code is only needed for pre-2.6 kernels, which are not actually supported anyway, and was never tested. the fallback path using SYS_modify_ldt failed to clear the upper bits of %eax (all ones due to SYS_set_thread_area's return value being an error) before modifying %al to attempt a new syscall.
2020-08-30restore h_errno ABI compatibility with ancient binariesRich Felker-0/+4
prior to commit e68c51ac46a9f273927aef8dcebc89912ab19ece, h_errno was actually an external data object not a macro. bring back the symbol, and use it as the storage for the main thread's h_errno. technically this still doesn't provide full compatibility if the application was multithreaded, but at the time there were no res_* functions (and they did not set h_errno anyway), so any use of h_errno would have been via thread-unsafe functions. thus a solution that just fixes single-threaded applications seems acceptable.
2020-08-30clean up overinclusion in files using TIOCGWINSZRich Felker-3/+0
now that struct winsize is available via sys/ioctl.h once again, including termios.h is not needed.
2020-08-30fix regression with applications that expect struct winsize in ioctl.hRich Felker-7/+5
putting the (simple) definition in alltypes.h seems like the best solution here. making sys/ioctl.h implicitly include termios.h is probably excess namespace pollution.
2020-08-27configure: enable warnings by defaultRich Felker-2/+2
now that -Wall is not used and we control which warnings are enabled, it makes sense to have the wanted ones on by default. hopefully this will also discourage manually adding -Wall to CFLAGS and making incorrect changes or bug reports based on the compiler's output.
2020-08-27configure: use additive warnings instead of subtracting from -WallRich Felker-9/+15
-Wall varies too much by compiler and version. rather than trying to track all the unwanted style warnings that need to be subtracted, just enable wanted warnings. also, move -Wno-pointer-to-int-cast outside --enable-warnings conditional so that it always applies, since it's turning off a nuisance warning that's on-by-default with most compilers.
2020-08-27configure: add further -Werror=... options to detected CFLAGSRich Felker-0/+4
these four warning options were overlooked previously, likely because they're not part of GCC's -Wall. they all detect constraint violations (invalid C at the source level) and should always be on in -Werror form.
2020-08-27remove redundant pthread struct members repeated for layout purposesRich Felker-18/+19
dtv_copy, canary2, and canary_at_end existed solely to match multiple ABI and asm-accessed layouts simultaneously. now that pthread_arch.h can be included before struct __pthread is defined, the struct layout can depend on macros defined by pthread_arch.h.
2020-08-27deduplicate __pthread_self thread pointer adjustment out of each archRich Felker-65/+65
the adjustment made is entirely a function of TLS_ABOVE_TP and TP_OFFSET. aside from avoiding repetition of the TP_OFFSET value and arithmetic, this change makes pthread_arch.h independent of the definition of struct __pthread from pthread_impl.h. this in turn will allow inclusion of pthread_arch.h to be moved to the top of pthread_impl.h so that it can influence the definition of the structure. previously, arch files were very inconsistent about the type used for the thread pointer. this change unifies the new __get_tp interface to always use uintptr_t, which is the most correct when performing arithmetic that may involve addresses outside the actual pointed-to object (due to TP_OFFSET).
2020-08-24deduplicate TP_ADJ logic out of each arch, replace with TP_OFFSETRich Felker-21/+16
the only part of TP_ADJ that was not uniquely determined by TLS_ABOVE_TP was the 0x7000 adjustment used mainly on mips and powerpc variants.
2020-08-24report res_query failures, including nxdomain/nodata, via h_errnoRich Felker-1/+15
while it's not clearly documented anywhere, this is the historical behavior which some applications expect. applications which need to see the response packet in these cases, for example to distinguish between nonexistence in a secure vs insecure zone, must already use res_mkquery with res_send in order to be portable, since most if not all other implementations of res_query don't provide it.
2020-08-24make h_errno thread-localRich Felker-4/+3
the framework to do this always existed but it was deemed unnecessary because the only [ex-]standard functions using h_errno were not thread-safe anyway. however, some of the nonstandard res_* functions are also supposed to set h_errno to indicate the cause of error, and were unable to do so because it was not thread-safe. this change is a prerequisite for fixing them.
2020-08-24add tcgetwinsize and tcsetwinsize functions, move struct winsizeRich Felker-7/+29
these have been adopted for future issue of POSIX as the outcome of Austin Group issue 1151, and are simply functions performing the roles of the historical ioctls. since struct winsize is being standardized along with them, its definition is moved to the appropriate header. there is some chance this will break source files that expect struct winsize to be defined by sys/ioctl.h without including termios.h. if this happens, further changes will be needed to have sys/ioctl.h expose it too.
2020-08-22fix MUSL_LOCPATH searchRich Felker-1/+1
all path elements but the last had the final byte truncated.
2020-08-17add gettid functionRich Felker-0/+9
this is a prerequisite for addition of other interfaces that use kernel tids, including futex and SIGEV_THREAD_ID. there is some ambiguity as to whether the semantic return type should be int or pid_t. either way, futex API imposes a contract that the values fit in int (excluding some upper reserved bits). glibc used pid_t, so in the interest of not having gratuitous mismatch (the underlying types are the same anyway), pid_t is used here as well. while conceptually this is a syscall, the copy stored in the thread structure is always valid in all contexts where it's valid to call libc functions, so it's used to avoid the syscall.
2020-08-12aarch64: fix setjmp return valueSzabolcs Nagy-4/+3
longjmp should set the return value of setjmp, but 64bit registers were used for the 0 check while the type is int. use the code that gcc generates for return val ? val : 1;
2020-08-12setjmp: optimize longjmp prologuesAlexander Monakov-14/+8
Use a branchless sequence that is one byte shorter on 64-bit, same size on 32-bit. Thanks to Pete Cawley for suggesting this variant.
2020-08-11setjmp: optimize x86 longjmp epiloguesAlexander Monakov-12/+6
2020-08-11setjmp: avoid useless REX-prefix on xor %eax, %eaxAlexander Monakov-2/+2
2020-08-11setjmp: fix x86-64 longjmp argument adjustmentAlexander Monakov-6/+6
longjmp 'val' argument is an int, but the assembly is referencing 64-bit registers as if the argument was a long, or the caller was responsible for extending the argument. Though the psABI is not clear on this, the interpretation in GCC is that high bits may be arbitrary and the callee is responsible for sign/zero-extending the value as needed (likewise for return values: callers must anticipate that high bits may be garbage). Therefore testing %rax is a functional bug: setjmp would wrongly return zero if longjmp was called with val==0, but high bits of %rsi happened to be non-zero. Rewrite the prologue to refer to 32-bit registers. In passing, change 'test' to use %rsi, as there's no advantage to using %rax and the new form is cheaper on processors that do not perform move elimination.
2020-08-08prefer new socket syscalls, fallback to SYS_socketcall only if neededRich Felker-14/+27
a number of users performing seccomp filtering have requested use of the new individual syscall numbers for socket syscalls, rather than the legacy multiplexed socketcall, since the latter has the arguments all in memory where they can't participate in filter decisions. previously, some archs used the multiplexed socketcall if it was historically all that was available, while other archs used the separate syscalls. the intent was that the latter set only include archs that have "always" had separate socket syscalls, at least going back to linux 2.6.0. however, at least powerpc, powerpc64, and sh were wrongly included in this set, and thus socket operations completely failed on old kernels for these archs. with the changes made here, the separate syscalls are always preferred, but fallback code is compiled for archs that also define SYS_socketcall. two such archs, mips (plain o32) and microblaze, define SYS_socketcall despite never having needed it, so it's now undefined by their versions of syscall_arch.h to prevent inclusion of useless fallback code. some archs, where the separate syscalls were only added after the addition of SYS_accept4, lack SYS_accept. because socket calls are always made with zeros in the unused argument positions, it suffices to just use SYS_accept4 to provide a definition of SYS_accept, and this is done to make happy the macro machinery that concatenates the socket call name onto __SC_ and SYS_.
2020-08-05math: new software sqrtlSzabolcs Nagy-1/+253
same approach as in sqrt. sqrtl was broken on aarch64, riscv64 and s390x targets because of missing quad precision support and on m68k-sf because of missing ld80 sqrtl. this implementation is written for quad precision and then edited to make it work for both m68k and x86 style ld80 formats too, but it is not expected to be optimal for them. note: using fp instructions for the initial estimate when such instructions are available (e.g. double prec sqrt or rsqrt) is avoided because of fenv correctness.
2020-08-05math: add __math_invalidlSzabolcs Nagy-0/+12
for targets where long double is different from double.
2020-08-05math: new software sqrtfSzabolcs Nagy-70/+70
same method as in sqrt, this was tested on all inputs against an sqrtf instruction. (the only difference found was that x86 sqrtf does not signal the x86 specific input-denormal exception on negative subnormal inputs while the software sqrtf does, this is fine as it was designed for ieee754 exceptions only.) there is known faster method: "Computing Floating-Point Square Roots via Bivariate Polynomial Evaluation" that computes sqrtf directly via pipelined polynomial evaluation which allows more parallelism, but the design does not generalize easily to higher precisions.
2020-08-05math: new software sqrtSzabolcs Nagy-173/+179
approximate 1/sqrt(x) and sqrt(x) with goldschmidt iterations. this is known to be a fast method for computing sqrt, but it is tricky to get right, so added detailed comments. use a lookup table for the initial estimate, this adds 256bytes rodata but it can be shared between sqrt, sqrtf and sqrtl. this saves one iteration compared to a linear estimate. this is for soft float targets, but it supports fenv by using a floating-point operation to get the final result. the result is correctly rounded in all rounding modes. if fenv support is turned off then the nearest rounded result is computed and inexact exception is not signaled. assumes fast 32bit integer arithmetics and 32 to 64bit mul.
2020-08-05in hosts file lookups, honor first canonical name regardless of familyRich Felker-1/+1
prior to this change, the canonical name came from the first hosts file line matching the requested family, so the canonical name for a given hostname could differ depending on whether it was requested with AF_UNSPEC or a particular family (AF_INET or AF_INET6). now, the canonical name is deterministically the first one to appear with the requested name as an alias.
2020-08-04in hosts file lookups, use only first match for canonical nameRich Felker-2/+7
the existing code clobbered the canonical name already discovered every time another matching line was found, which will necessarily be the case when a hostname has both IPv4 and v6 definitions. patch by Wolf.
2020-08-04release 1.2.1v1.2.1Rich Felker-1/+37
2020-08-02add m68k sqrtl using native instructionRich Felker-0/+15
this is actually a functional fix at present, since the C sqrtl does not support ld80 and just wraps double sqrt. once that's fixed it will just be an optimization.
2020-07-24getentropy: fix UB if len==0Bartosz Brachaczek-1/+1
if len==0, an uninitalized variable would be returned
2020-07-06fix async-cancel-safety of pthread_cancelRich Felker-1/+4
the previous commit addressing async-signal-safety issues around pthread_kill did not fully fix pthread_cancel, which is also required (albeit rather irrationally) to be async-cancel-safe. without blocking implementation-internal signals, it's possible that, when async cancellation is enabled, a cancel signal sent by another thread interrupts pthread_kill while the killlock for a targeted thread is held. as a result, the calling thread will terminate due to cancellation without ever unlocking the targeted thread's killlock, and thus the targeted thread will be unable to exit.
2020-07-06make thread killlock async-signal-safe for pthread_killRich Felker-5/+18
pthread_kill is required to be AS-safe. that requirement can't be met if the target thread's killlock can be taken in contexts where application-installed signal handlers can run. block signals around use of this lock in all pthread_* functions which target a tid, and reorder blocking/unblocking of signals in pthread_exit so that they're blocked whenever the killlock is held.
2020-07-05fix C implementation of a_clz_32Rich Felker-1/+1
this broke mallocng size_to_class on archs without a native implementation of a_clz_32. the incorrect logic seems to have been something i derived from a related but distinct log2-type operation. with the change made here, it passes an exhaustive test. as this function is new and presently only used by mallocng, no other functionality was affected.
2020-07-02vfscanf: fix possible invalid free due to uninitialized variable useJulien Ramseier-1/+1
vfscanf() may use the variable 'alloc' uninitialized when taking the branch introduced by commit b287cd745c2243f8e5114331763a5a9813b5f6ee. Spotted by clang.