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2017-06-23powerpc64: add single-instruction math functionsRich Felker-0/+290
while the official elfv2 abi for "powerpc64le" sets power8 as the baseline isa, we use it for both little and big endian powerpc64 targets and need to maintain compatibility with pre-power8 models. the instructions for sqrt, fabs, and fma are in the baseline isa; support for the rest is conditional via predefined isa-level macros. patch by David Edelsohn.
2017-06-23fix clang CFLAGS checks and silence unused argument warningsDmitry Golovin-0/+8
2017-06-23s390x: add single-instruction math functionsRich Felker-0/+360
these were introduced in z196 and not available in the baseline (z900) ISA level. use __HTM__ as an alternate indicator for ISA level, since gcc did not define __ARCH__ until 7.x. patch by David Edelsohn.
2017-06-22fix arm run-time abi string functionsSzabolcs Nagy-36/+76
in arm rtabi these __aeabi_* functions have special abi (they are only allowed to clobber r0,r1,r2,r3,ip,lr,cpsr), so they cannot be simple wrappers around normal string functions (which may clobber other registers), the safest solution is to write them in asm, a minimalistic implementation works because these are not supposed to be emitted by compilers or used in general.
2017-06-21fix regression in getspnam[_r] error code for insufficient buffer sizeRich Felker-1/+1
commit 2d7d05f031e014068a61d3076c6178513395d2ae wrongly changed ERANGE to EINVAL, likely as the result of copy-and-paste error.
2017-06-21fix omission of microblaze user.h definitionsRich Felker-1/+25
2017-06-20fix iconv conversions for iso88592-iso885916Bartosz Brachaczek-1/+1
commit 97bd6b09dbe7478d5a90a06ecd9e5b59389d8eb9 refactored the table lookup into a function and introduced an error in index computation. the error caused garbage to be read from the table if the given charmap had a non-zero number of elided entries.
2017-06-20handle errors from localtime_r in ctime_rRich Felker-3/+2
POSIX requires ctime_r return a null pointer on failure, which can occur if the input time_t value is not representable in broken down form. based on patch by Alexander Monakov.
2017-06-15set errno when getpw*_r, getgr*_r, and getspnam_r failRich Felker-3/+7
these functions return an error code, and are not explicitly documented to set errno, but they are nonstandard and the historical implementations do set errno as well, and some applications expect this behavior. do likewise for compatibility. patch by Rudolph Pereira.
2017-06-15handle localtime errors in ctimeRich Felker-1/+3
ctime passes the result from localtime directly to asctime. But in case of error, localtime returns 0. This causes an error (NULL pointer dereference) in asctime. based on patch by Omer Anson.
2017-06-15handle mremap failure in realloc of mmap-serviced allocationsRich Felker-1/+2
mremap seems to always fail on nommu, and on some non-Linux implementations of the Linux syscall API, it at least fails to increase allocation size, and may fail to move (i.e. defragment) the existing mapping when shrinking it too. instead of failing realloc or leaving an over-sized allocation that may waste a large amount of memory, fallback to malloc-memcpy-free if mremap fails.
2017-06-14getdate: correctly specify error numberA. Wilcox-1/+2
POSIX defines getdate error #5 as: "An I/O error is encountered while reading the template file." POSIX defines getdate error #7 as: "There is no line in the template that matches the input." This change correctly disambiguates between the two error conditions.
2017-06-14catopen: set errno to EOPNOTSUPPA. Wilcox-0/+2
Per 1003.1-2008 (2016 ed.), catopen must set errno on failure. We set errno to EOPNOTSUPP because musl does not currently support message catalogues.
2017-06-08fix glob failure to match plain "/" to root directoryRich Felker-1/+1
the check to prevent matching empty string wrongly blocked matching of "/" due to checking emptiness after stripping leading slashes rather than checking the full original argument string. simplified from patch by Julien Ramseier.
2017-06-08use hard-coded sh4a atomic opcodes to avoid linker errors on shRich Felker-4/+4
when using the sh4a opcodes, the assembler tags the resulting object file as requiring sh4a. the linker then refuses to (static) link it with object files marked as requiring j2, since there is no isa level that includes both sh4a and j2 instructions.
2017-05-31towupper/towlower: fast path for ascii charsNatanael Copa-3/+3
Make a fast path for ascii chars which is assumed to be the most common case. This has significant performance benefit on xml json and similar
2017-05-31remove long-obsolete clang workarounds from mips* syscall_arch.h filesRich Felker-157/+0
at one point, clang reportedly failed to support the asm register constraints needed for inline syscalls. versions of clang that old have much bigger problems that preclude using them to compile musl libc.
2017-05-31fix fstatat syscall on mips64Rich Felker-3/+22
mips64 requires 'struct stat' conversion due to incorrect 32-bit fields where time_t should be in the kernel version of the structure. syscall_arch.h already performed the correct translation for stat, fstat, and lstat syscalls, but omitted special handling for fstatat.
2017-05-27fix fchown fallback on arches without chown(2)Samuel Holland-1/+1
The flags argument was missing, causing uninitalized data to be passed to fchownat(2). The correct value of flags should match the fallback for chown(3).
2017-05-27fix iconv conversions to legacy 8bit encodingsRich Felker-9/+12
there was missing reverse-conversion logic for the case, handled specially in the character set tables, where a byte represents a unicode codepoint with the same value. this patch adds code to handle the case, and refactors the two-level 10-bit table lookup for legacy character sets into a function to avoid repeating it yet another time as part of the fix.
2017-04-22have posix_spawnattr_setflags check for supported flagsRich Felker-0/+11
per POSIX, EINVAL is not a mandatory error, only an optional one. but reporting unsupported flags allows an application to fallback gracefully when a requested feature is not supported. this is not helpful now, but it may be in the future if additional flags are added. had this checking been present before, applications would have been able to check for the newly-added POSIX_SPAWN_SETSID feature (added in commit bb439bb17108b67f3df9c9af824d3a607b5b059d) at runtime.
2017-04-22add no-op POSIX_SPAWN_USEVFORK to spawn.hRich Felker-0/+1
the bit is reserved anyway for ABI-compat reasons; this documents it and makes it so we can have posix_spawnattr_setflags check for flag validity without hard-coding an anonymous bit value.
2017-04-22s390x: provide sigcontext struct definitionBobby Bingham-0/+15
This structure was missed when creating the s390x port. This is based on the report and patch from William Pitcock, but with a modified structure defintion to more closely match the kernel's definition.
2017-04-22implement new posix_spawn flag POSIX_SPAWN_SETSIDRich Felker-0/+5
this functionality has been adopted for inclusion in the next issue of POSIX as the result of Austin Group issue #1044. based on patch by Daurnimator.
2017-04-22remove va_arg hacks in printf core with undefined behaviorRich Felker-26/+1
the code being removed was written to optimize for size assuming the compiler cannot collapse code paths for different types with the same underlying representation. modern compilers sometimes succeed in making this optimization themselves, but either way it's a small size difference and not worth the source-level complexity or the UB involved in this hack. some incorrect use of va_arg still remains, particularly use of void * where the actual argument has a different pointer type. fixing this requires some actual code additions, rather than just removing cruft, so I'm leaving it to be done later as a separate commit.
2017-04-21make ttyname[_r] return ENODEV rather than ENOENTRich Felker-1/+1
commit 0a950dcf15bb9f7274c804dca490e9e20e475f3e added checking that the pathname a tty device was opened with actually matches the device, which can fail to hold when a container inherits a tty from outside the container. the error code added at the time was ENOENT; however, discussions between affected applications and glibc developers resulted in glibc adopting ENODEV as the error for this condition, and this has now been documented in the man pages project as well. adopt the same error code for consistency. patch by Christian Brauner.
2017-04-21fix regression in support for resolv.conf attempts optionRich Felker-2/+2
commit d6cb08bcaca4ff1f921375510ca72bccea969c75 moved the code and introduced an incorrect string offset for the new parsing, probably due to a copy-and-paste error. patch by Stefan Sedich.
2017-04-21fix scalbn when result is in the subnormal rangeSzabolcs Nagy-12/+14
in nearest rounding mode scalbn could introduce double rounding error when an intermediate value and the final result were both in the subnormal range e.g. scalbn(0x1.7ffffffffffffp-1, -1073) returned 0x1p-1073 instead of 0x1p-1074, because the intermediate computation got rounded to 0x1.8p-1023. with the fix an intermediate value can only be in the subnormal range if the final result is 0 which is correct even after double rounding. (there still can be two roundings so signals may be raised twice, but that's only observable with trapping exceptions which is not supported.)
2017-04-21allow full-range file offsets to mmap on archs with 64-bit syscall argsRich Felker-1/+1
normally 32-bit archs use the mmap2 syscall and are limited to an offset of 2^32 pages. however some 32-bit archs (mainly ILP32-on-64 ones like x32) have 64-bit syscall argument slots and thus can accept the full range. don't artifically limit them.
2017-04-11fix dl_iterate_phdr in static PIE binariesRich Felker-0/+5
analogous to commit 5bf7eba213cacc4c1220627c91c28deff2ffecda, use of AT_PHDR/PT_PHDR does not actually work to find the program base, and the method with _DYNAMIC vs PT_DYNAMIC must be used as an alternative. patch by Shiz, along with testing to confirm that this fixes unwinding in static PIE.
2017-04-11fix read past end of buffer in getaddrinfo backendRich Felker-2/+2
due to testing buf[i].family==AF_INET before checking i==cnt, it was possible to read past the end of the array, or past the valid part. in practice, without active bounds/indeterminate-value checking by the compiler, the worst that happened was failure to return early and optimize out the sorting that's unneeded for v4-only results. returning on i==cnt-1 rather than i==cnt would be an alternate fix, but the approach this patch takes is more idiomatic and less error-prone. patch by Timo Teräs.
2017-03-21aarch64: add single instruction math functionsSzabolcs Nagy-24/+226
this should increase performance and reduce code size on aarch64. the compiled code was checked against using __builtin_* instead of inline asm with gcc-6.2.0. lrint is two instructions. c with inline asm is used because it is safer than a pure asm implementation, this prevents ll{rint,round} to be an alias of l{rint,round} (because the types don't match) and depends on gcc style inline asm support. ceil, floor, round, trunc can either raise inexact on finite non-integer inputs or not raise any exceptions. the new implementation does not raise exceptions while the generic c code does. on aarch64, the underflow exception is signaled before rounding (ieee 754 allows both before and after rounding, but it must be consistent), the generic fma c code signals it after rounding so using single instruction fixes a slight conformance issue too.
2017-03-21fix strptime output for %C without %yJulien Ramseier-2/+3
in this case, a potentially-uninitialized or unrelated existing value in tm_year was being used. instead use 0 if %y was not present.
2017-03-21fix processing of strptime %p formatJulien Ramseier-0/+2
string pointer was not advanced after matching.
2017-03-21fix off-by-one in strptime %jJulien Ramseier-0/+1
tm_yday range is 0-365 while %j is 1-366
2017-03-21regex: fix newline matching with negated bracketsJulien Ramseier-0/+14
With REG_NEWLINE, POSIX says: "A <newline> in string shall not be matched by a period outside a bracket expression or by any form of a non-matching list"
2017-03-21increase limit on locale name length from 15 to 23 bytesRich Felker-2/+2
the old limit was one byte too short to support locale names of the form xx_XX.UTF-8@modifier where modifier is more than 3 bytes, a form which various real-world locale names take. the problem could be avoided by omitting the useless ".UTF-8" part, but users may need to have it present when operating on mixed-libc systems or when it will be carried over (e.g. across ssh) to other systems. the new limit is chosen sufficient for existing/reasonable locale names while still keeping the size of setlocale's static buffer small. also add locale_impl.h to the Makefile's list of headers which force rebuild of source files, to prevent dangerously inconsistent object files from getting used after this change.
2017-03-21search locale name variants for gettext translationsRich Felker-32/+55
often translations will be named only by language, whereas locale names may also include a territory code, modifier, and codeset portion. previously, only translations exactly matching the locale name were loaded. this was a major usability issue, requiring workarounds like symlinks or tweaking of the locale name. with these changes, gettext now searches for translations by first removing the codeset portion of the locale name, then trying the remainder in full, with modifier (@mod) removed, with territory code (_XX) removed, and with both removed. part of the reason gettext lacked support for searching fallbacks before is that the candidate pathname for a translation file was constructed on each call and used as the key to lookup an already-mapped translation file. this was very costly/inefficient. we now use the tuple of textdomain binding pointer, locale map pointer, and integer category id as the key for looking up a translation file mapping. based on patch by He X.
2017-03-21make setlocale return a single name for LC_ALL if all categories matchRich Felker-2/+5
when called for LC_ALL, setlocale has to return a string representing the state of all locale categories. the simplest way to do this was to always return a delimited list of values for each category, but that's not friendly in the fairly common case where all categories have the same setting. He X proposed a patch to check for this case and return a single name; this patch is a simplified approach to do the same.
2017-03-21fix dlopen/dlsym regression opening libs already loaded at startupRich Felker-2/+2
commit 4ff234f6cba96403b5de6d29d48a59fd73252040 erroneously changed the condition for running certain code at dlopen time to check whether the library was already relocated rather than whether it already had its deps[] table filled. this was out of concern over whether the code under the conditional would be idempotent/safe to call on an already-loaded libraries. however, I missed a consideration in the opposite direction: if a library was loaded at program startup rather than dlopen, its deps[] table was not yet allocated/filled, and load_deps needs to be called at dlopen time in order for dlsym to be able to perform dependency-order symbol lookups. in order to avoid wasteful allocation of lazy-binding relocation tables for libraries which were already loaded and relocated at startup, the check for !p->relocated is not deleted entirely, but moved to apply only to allocation of these dables.
2017-03-15fix POSIX-format TZ dst transition times for southern hemisphereRich Felker-8/+4
the time of day at which daylight time switches over is specified in local time in the dst state prior to the transition. the code for handling this wrongly assumed it needed to switch whether dst or standard offset is applied to the transition time when the dst end date is before the dst start date (souther hemisphere summer), but in fact the end transition time should always be adjusted for dst, and the start transition time should always be adjusted for standard time.
2017-03-15s390x: fix fpreg_t and remove unused per_structTuan M. Hoang-2/+2
Including sys/procfs.h complains unknown type name 'fpreg_t' in bits/user.h. fpreg_t in bits/signal.h and elf_fpreg_t in bits/user.h are practically the same. per_struct is never used, even conflicts with kernel header asm/ptrace.h
2017-03-15precalculate gnu hash rather than doing it lazily in find_sym inner loopRich Felker-8/+2
this change was suggested based on testing done by Timo Teräs almost two years ago; the branch (and probably call prep overhead) in the inner loop was found to contribute noticably to total symbol lookup time. this change will make lookup slightly slower if libraries were built with only the traditional "sysv" ELF hash table, but based on how much slower lookup tends to be without the gnu hash table, it seems reasonable to assume that (1) users building without gnu hash don't care about dynamic linking performance, and (2) the extra time spent computing the gnu hash is likely to be dominated by the slowness of the sysv hash table lookup anyway.
2017-03-15fix threshold constants in j0f, y0f, j1f, y1fSzabolcs Nagy-13/+12
partly following freebsd rev 279491 (musl had some of the fixes before freebsd). the change should not matter much for j0f, y0f, but it improves j1f and y1f in [2.5,~3.75] (that is [0x40200000,~0x40700000]). near roots (e.g. around 3.8317 for j1f) there are still large ulp errors. dropped code that tried to raise inexact.
2017-03-14remove unused refcnt field for shared librariesRich Felker-4/+0
2017-03-14avoid loading of multiple libc versions via explicit pathnameRich Felker-1/+11
such loading is unsafe, and can happen when programs use their own logic to locate a .so file then pass the absolute pathname to dlopen, or if an absolute pathname ends up in DT_NEEDED headers. multiple loads with only the base name were already precluded, provided libc was named appropriately, by special-casing standard library names. one function symbol (in the reserved namespace, but public, since it's part of the crt1 entry point ABI) and one data symbol are checked. this way we avoid likely false positives, particularly from libraries interposing and wrapping functions. there is no hard requirement to avoid breaking such usage, since trying to run a hook before libc is even initialized is not a supported usage case, but it's friendlier not to break things.
2017-03-14fix one-byte overflow in legacy getpass functionRich Felker-1/+1
if the length of the input was equal to the buffer size (128), a fixed value of zero was written one byte past the end of the static buffer.
2017-03-14fix wide scanf's use of a compound literal past its lifetimeRich Felker-1/+2
2017-03-14fix possible fd leak, unrestored cancellation state on dns socket failRich Felker-1/+5
2017-03-14in static dl_iterate_phdr, fix use of possibly-uninitialized aux dataRich Felker-1/+1
this could only happen if an incomplete auxv was passed into the program, but it's better to just initialize the data anyway.