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2017-12-18fix iconv output of surrogate pairs in ucs2Rich Felker-1/+1
in the unified code for handling utf-16 and ucs2 output, the check for ucs2 wrongly looked at the source charset rather than the destination charset.
2017-12-18add support for BOM-determined-endian UCS2, UTF-16, and UTF-32 to iconvRich Felker-3/+40
previously, the charset names without endianness specified were always interpreted as big endian. unicode specifies that UTF-16 and UTF-32 have BOM-determined endianness if BOM is present, and are otherwise big endian. since commit 5b546faa67544af395d6407553762b37e9711157 added support for stateful encodings, it is now possible to implement BOM support via the conversion descriptor state. for conversions to these charsets, the output is always big endian and does not have a BOM.
2017-12-18add cp866 (dos cyrillic) to iconvRich Felker-0/+12
2017-12-18update case mappings to unicode 10.0Rich Felker-2/+41
the mapping tables and code are not automatically generated; they were produced by comparing the output of towupper/towlower against the mappings in the UCD, ignoring characters that were previously excluded from case mappings or from alphabetic status (micro sign and circled letters), and adding table entries or code for everything else missing. based very loosely on a patch by Reini Urban.
2017-12-18update ctype tables to unicode 10.0Rich Felker-220/+305
2017-12-18reformat ctype tables to be diff-friendly, match tool outputRich Felker-263/+276
the new version of the code used to generate these tables forces a newline every 256 entries, whereas at the time these files were originally generated and committed, it only wrapped them at 80 columns. the new behavior ensures that localized changes to the tables, if they are ever needed, will produce localized diffs. commit d060edf6c569ba9df4b52d6bcd93edde812869c9 made the corresponding changes to the iconv tables.
2017-12-15fix endian errors in netinet/icmp6.h due to failure to include endian.hRich Felker-0/+1
2017-12-14fix endian errors in arpa/nameser.h due to failure to include endian.hJo-Philipp Wich-0/+1
2017-12-14remove unused explicit dependency rules for crti/crtnNicholas Wilson-4/+0
notes by maintainer: commit 2f853dd6b9a95d5b13ee8f9df762125e0588df5d added these rules because the new system for handling arch-provided replacement files introduced for out-of-tree builds did not apply to the crt tree. commit 63bcda4d8f4074e9d92ae156afd0dced6e64eb65 later adapted the makefile logic so that the crt and ldso trees go through the same replacement logic as everything else, but failed to remove the explicit rules that assumed the arch would always provide asm replacements. in addition to cleaning things up, removing these spurious rules allows crti/crtn asm to be omitted by an arch (thereby using the empty C files instead) if they are not needed.
2017-12-14use the name UTC instead of GMT for UTC timezoneNatanael Copa-12/+12
notes by maintainer: both C and POSIX use the term UTC to specify related functionality, despite POSIX defining it as something more like UT1 or historical (pre-UTC) GMT without leap seconds. neither specifies the associated string for %Z. old choice of "GMT" violated principle of least surprise for users and some applications/tests. use "UTC" instead.
2017-12-14fix sysconf for infinite rlimitsNatanael Copa-0/+2
sysconf should return -1 for infinity, not LONG_MAX.
2017-12-14fix x32 unistd macros to report as ILP32 not LP64Nicholas Wilson-2/+2
2017-12-14fix data race in at_quick_exitRich Felker-3/+4
aside from theoretical arbitrary results due to UB, this could practically cause unbounded overflow of static array if hit, but hitting it depends on having more than 32 calls to at_quick_exit and having them sufficiently often.
2017-12-12add ibm1047 codepage (ebcdic representation of latin1) to iconvRich Felker-0/+20
2017-12-11implement strftime padding specifier extensionsTimo Teräs-8/+14
notes added by maintainer: the '-' specifier allows default padding to be suppressed, and '_' allows padding with spaces instead of the default (zeros). these extensions seem to be included in several other implementations including FreeBSD and derivatives, and Solaris. while portable software should not depend on them, time format strings are often exposed to the user for configurable time display. reportedly some python programs also use and depend on them.
2017-12-06adjust fopencookie structure tag for ABI-compatRich Felker-1/+1
stdio types use the struct tag names from glibc libio to match C++ ABI.
2017-12-06implement the fopencookie extension to stdioWilliam Pitcock-0/+152
notes added by maintainer: this function is a GNU extension. it was chosen over the similar BSD function funopen because the latter depends on fpos_t being an arithmetic type as part of its public API, conflicting with our definition of fpos_t and with the intent that it be an opaque type. it was accepted for inclusion because, despite not being widely used, it is usually very difficult to extricate software using it from the dependency on it. calling pattern for the read and write callbacks is not likely to match glibc or other implementations, but should work with any reasonable callbacks. in particular the read function is never called without at least one byte being needed to satisfy its caller, so that spurious blocking is not introduced. contracts for what callbacks called from inside libc/stdio can do are always complicated, and at some point still need to be specified explicitly. at the very least, the callbacks must return or block indefinitely (they cannot perform nonlocal exits) and they should not make calls to stdio using their own FILE as an argument.
2017-11-20make fgetwc handling of encoding errors consistent with/without bufferRich Felker-14/+14
previously, fgetwc left all but the first byte of an illegal sequence unread (available for subsequent calls) when reading out of the FILE buffer, but dropped all bytes contibuting to the error when falling back to reading a byte at a time. neither behavior was ideal. in the buffered case, each malformed character produced one error per byte, rather than one per character. in the unbuffered case, consuming the last byte that caused the transition from "incomplete" to "invalid" state potentially dropped (and produced additional spurious encoding errors for) the next valid character. to handle both cases uniformly without duplicate code, revise the buffered case to only cover situations where a complete and valid character is present in the buffer, and fall back to byte-at-a-time for all other cases. this allows using mbtowc (stateless) instead of mbrtowc, which may slightly improve performance too. when an encoding error has been hit in the byte-at-a-time case, leave the final byte that produced the error unread (via ungetc) except in the case of single-byte errors (for UTF-8, bytes c0, c1, f5-ff, and continuation bytes with no lead byte). single-byte errors are fully consumed so as not to leave the caller in an infinite loop repeating the same error. none of these changes are distinguished from a conformance standpoint, since the file position is unspecified after encoding errors. they are intended merely as QoI/consistency improvements.
2017-11-20fix treatment by fgetws of encoding errors as eofRich Felker-1/+6
fgetwc does not set the stream's error indicator on encoding errors, making ferror insufficient to distinguish between error and eof conditions. feof is also insufficient, since it will return true if the file ended with a partial character encoding error. whether fgetwc should be setting the error indicator itself is a question with conflicting answers. the POSIX text for the function states it as a requirement, but the ISO C text seems to require that it not. this may be revisited in the future based on the outcome of Austin Group issue #1170.
2017-11-18fix fgetwc when decoding a character that crosses buffer boundarySzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
Update the buffer position according to the bytes consumed into st when decoding an incomplete character at the end of the buffer.
2017-11-14add reverse iconv mappings for JIS-based encodingsRich Felker-1/+612
these encodings are still commonly used in messaging protocols and such. the reverse mapping is implemented as a binary search of a list of the jis 0208 characters in unicode order; the existing forward table is used to perform the comparison in the search.
2017-11-13generalize iconv framework for 8-bit codepagesRich Felker-246/+273
previously, 8-bit codepages could only remap the high 128 bytes; the low range was assumed/forced to agree with ascii. interpretation of codepage table headers has been changed so that it's possible to represent mappings for up to 256 slots (fewer if the initial portion of the map is elided because it coincides with unicode codepoints). this requires consuming a bit more of the 10-bit space of characters that can be represented in 8-bit codepages, but there's still a plenty left. the size of the legacy_chars table is actually reduced now by eliding the first 256 entries and considering them to map implicitly via the identity map. before these changes, there seem to have been minor bugs/omissions in codepage table generation, so it's likely that some actual bug fixes are silently included in this commit. round-trip testing of a few codepages was performed on the new version of the code, but no differential testing against the old version was done.
2017-11-13fix malloc state corruption when ldso rejects loading a second libcRich Felker-3/+4
commit c49d3c8adadfa24235fcf4779bb722b1aa6f480b added logic to detect attempts to load via another name and instead redirect to the existing libc, rather than loading two and producing dangerously inconsistent state. however, the check for and unmapping of the duplicate libc happened after reclaim_gaps was already called, donating the slack space around the writable segment to malloc. subsequent unmapping of the library then invalidated malloc's free lists. fix the issue by moving the call to reclaim_gaps out of map_library into load_library, after the duplicate libc check but before the first call to calloc, so that the gaps can still be used to satisfy the allocation of struct dso. this change also eliminates the need for an ugly hack (temporarily setting runtime=1) to avoid reclaim_gaps when loading the main program via map_library, which happens when ldso is invoked as a command. only programs/libraries erroneously containing a DT_NEEDED reference to via an absolute pathname or symlink were affected by this issue.
2017-11-11reformat cjk iconv tables to be diff-friendly, match tool outputRich Felker-2755/+2808
the new version of the code used to generate these tables forces a newline every 256 entries, whereas at the time these files were originally generated and committed, it only wrapped them at 80 columns. the new behavior ensures that localized changes to the tables, if they are ever needed, will produce localized diffs. other tables including hkscs were already committed in the new format. binary comparison of the generated object files was performed to confirm that no spurious changes slipped in.
2017-11-10prevent fork's errno from being clobbered by atfork handlersBobby Bingham-3/+3
If the syscall fails, errno must be set correctly for the caller. There's no guarantee that the handlers registered with pthread_atfork won't clobber errno, so we need to ensure it gets set after they are called.
2017-11-10add iso-2022-jp support (decoding only) to iconvRich Felker-2/+45
this implementation aims to match the baseline defined by rfc1468 (the original mime charset definition) plus the halfwidth katakana extension included in the whatwg definition of the charset. rejection of si/so controls and newlines in doublebyte state are not currently enforced. the jis x 0201 mode is currently interpreted as having the yen sign and overline character in place of backslash and tilde; ascii mode has the standard ascii characters in those slots.
2017-11-10add iconv framework for decoding stateful encodingsRich Felker-3/+24
assuming pointers obtained from malloc have some nonzero alignment, repurpose the low bit of iconv_t as an indicator that the descriptor is a stateless value representing the source and destination character encodings.
2017-11-10simplify/optimize iconv utf-8 caseRich Felker-4/+3
the special case where mbrtowc returns 0 but consumed 1 byte of input does not need to be considered, because the short-circuit for low bytes already covered that case.
2017-11-10handle ascii range individually in each iconv caseRich Felker-2/+10
short-circuiting low bytes before the switch precluded support for character encodings that don't coincide with ascii in this range. this limitation affected iso-2022 encodings, which use the esc byte to introduce a shift sequence, and things like ebcdic.
2017-11-10move iconv_close to its own translation unitRich Felker-5/+6
this is in preparation to support stateful conversion descriptors, which are necessarily allocated and thus must be freed in iconv_close. putting it in a separate TU will avoid pulling in free if iconv_close is not referenced.
2017-11-10refactor iconv conversion descriptor encoding/decodingRich Felker-6/+20
this change is made to avoid having assumptions about the encoding spread out across the file, and to facilitate future change to a form that can accommodate allocted, stateful descriptors when needed. this commit should not produce any functional changes; with the compiler tested the only change to code generation was minor reordering of local variables on stack.
2017-11-09fix getaddrinfo error code for non-numeric service with AI_NUMERICSERVA. Wilcox-1/+1
If AI_NUMERICSERV is specified and a numeric service was not provided, POSIX mandates getaddrinfo return EAI_NONAME. EAI_SERVICE is only for services that cannot be used on the specified socket type.
2017-11-09fix mismatched type of __pthread_tsd_run_dtors weak definitionRich Felker-2/+2
commit a6054e3c94aa0491d7366e4b05ae0d73f661bfe2 changed this function not to take an argument, but the weak definition used by timer_create was not updated to match. reported by Pascal Cuoq.
2017-11-05s390x: use generic ioctl.hSzabolcs Nagy-196/+2
s390 can use the generic ioctls definitions other than FIOQSIZE (like arm). this fixes some missing ioctls and two incorrect ones: TIOCTTYGSTRUCT and TIOCM_MODEM_BITS seem to be defined on frv target only in linux.
2017-11-05microblaze: add statx syscall from linux v4.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
statx number is allocated for microblaze in linux commit f5ef419630e85e80284cd0256cb5a13a66bbd6c5
2017-11-05aarch64: add extra_context struct from linux v4.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+7
allows expanding the signal frame beyond the 4k reserved space. new in linux commit 33f082614c3443d937f50fe936f284f62bbb4a1b
2017-11-05add new tcp.h socket options from linux v4.13Szabolcs Nagy-2/+7
TCP_ULP is new in linux commit 734942cc4ea6478eed125af258da1bdbb4afe578 TCP_MD5SIG_EXT is new in 8917a777be3ba566377be05117f71b93a5fd909d
2017-11-05add new fcntl.h macros from linux v4.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+12
for getting/setting write lifetime hints fcntl commands were added in linux commit c75b1d9421f80f4143e389d2d50ddfc8a28c8c35 added under _GNU_SOURCE || _BSD_SOURCE, since RWH_* life time hints are not in the POSIX reserved namespace.
2017-11-05ioctl TIOCGPTPEER from linux v4.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+7
added for safe opening of peer end of pty in a mount namespace. new in linux commit c6325179238f1d4683edbec53d8322575d76d7e2
2017-11-05add SO_ getsockopt options from linux v4.13Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
SCM_TIMESTAMPING_PKTINFO is new in aad9c8c470f2a8321a99eb053630ce0e199558d6 SO_PEERGROUPS is new in 28b5ba2aa0f55d80adb2624564ed2b170c19519e
2017-11-05s390x: add syscall number for s390_guarded_storage from linux v4.12Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new syscall in linux commit 916cda1aa1b412d7cf2991c3af7479544942d121
2017-11-05i386: add arch_prctl syscall number from linux v4.12Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
syscall for i386 compat mode on x86_64 for non-x86_64 prctls. new in linux commit 79170fda313ed5be2394f87aa2a00d597f8ed4a1
2017-11-05aarch64: add new HWCAP_* flags from linux v4.12Szabolcs Nagy-0/+3
hwcap bits for armv8.3 extensions, added in linux commits c8c3798d2369e4285da44b244638eafe446a8f8a cb567e79fa504575cb97fb2f866d2040ed1c92e7 c651aae5a7732287c1c9bc974ece4ed798780544
2017-11-05add ARPHDR_VSOCKMON from linux v4.12Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new in linux commit 531b374834c891ae2abf800693074df35a7d1a36
2017-11-05add new SO_ socket options from linux v4.12Szabolcs Nagy-0/+3
SO_MEMINFO added in linux commit a2d133b1d465016d0d97560b11f54ba0ace56d3e SO_INCOMING_NAPI_ID added in 6d4339028b350efbf87c61e6d9e113e5373545c9 SO_COOKIE added in 5daab9db7b65df87da26fd8cfa695fb9546a1ddb
2017-11-05add statx syscall numbers from linux v4.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+12
statx was added in linux commit a528d35e8bfcc521d7cb70aaf03e1bd296c8493f (there is no libc wrapper yet and microblaze and sh misses the number).
2017-11-05add TCP_NLA_* enums from linux v4.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
two new stats for SCM_TIMESTAMPING_OPT_STATS, added in linux commit 7e98102f489775d8c000884fca8a0d995ea688a9
2017-11-05add TCP_FASTOPEN_CONNECT tcp socket option from linux v4.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new in linux commit 19f6d3f3c8422d65b5e3d2162e30ef07c6e21ea2
2017-11-05add ETH_P_IBOE from linux v4.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new in linux commit 69ae543969abeba48e04dd93277684c8c0895f3b
2017-11-05update aarch64 hwcap.h for linux v4.11Szabolcs Nagy-0/+2
new hwcap bits were added in kernel commits 77c97b4ee21290f5f083173d957843b615abbff2 f92f5ce01ee6a6a86cbfc4e3b0d18529c302b1ea