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2016-01-26add new membarrier, userfaultfd and switch_endian syscallsSzabolcs Nagy-0/+34
new in linux v4.3 added for aarch64, arm, i386, mips, or1k, powerpc, x32 and x86_64. membarrier is a system wide memory barrier, moves most of the synchronization cost to one side, new in kernel commit 5b25b13ab08f616efd566347d809b4ece54570d1 userfaultfd is useful for qemu and is new in kernel commit 8d2afd96c20316d112e04d935d9e09150e988397 switch_endian is powerpc only for switching endianness, new in commit 529d235a0e190ded1d21ccc80a73e625ebcad09b
2016-01-26add new i386 socket syscall numbersSzabolcs Nagy-0/+30
new in linux v4.3 commit 9dea5dc921b5f4045a18c63eb92e84dc274d17eb direct calls instead of socketcall allow better seccomp filtering. musl continues to use socketcalls internally on i386. (older kernels would need a fallback mechanism if the direct calls were used.)
2016-01-26change the internal socketcall selection logicSzabolcs Nagy-1/+3
only use SYS_socketcall if SYSCALL_USE_SOCKETCALL is defined internally, otherwise use direct syscalls. this commit does not change the current behaviour, it is preparation for adding direct syscall numbers for i386.
2016-01-25add ssp suppression to some arch-override files that may need itRich Felker-2/+4
these were not covered by the parent-level rules with the new build system. in the old build system, the equivalent files were often in arch/$(ARCH)/src and likewise lacked the suppression. this could lead to early crashing (before thread pointer init) when libc itself was built with stack protector enabled.
2016-01-25use same object files for libc.a and if compiler produces PICRich Felker-2/+13
now that .lo and .o files differ only by whether -fPIC is passed (and no longer at the source level based on the SHARED macro), it's possible to use the same object files for both static and shared libc when the compiler would produce PIC for the static files anyway. this happens if the user has included -fPIC in their CFLAGS or if the compiler has been configured to produce PIE by default. we use the .lo files for both, and still append -fPIC to the CFLAGS, rather than using the .o files so that does not break catastrophically if the user later removes -fPIC from CFLAGS in config.mak or on the make command line. this also ensures that we get full -fPIC in case -fpic, -fPIE, or some other lesser-PIC option was passed in CFLAGS.
2016-01-25move dynamic linker to its own top-level directory, ldsoRich Felker-19/+11
this eliminates the last need for the SHARED macro to control how files in the src tree are compiled. the same code is used for both libc.a and, with additional code for the dynamic linker (from the new ldso tree) being added to but not libc.a. separate .o and .lo object files still exist for the src tree, but the only difference is that the .lo files are built as PIC. in the future, if/when we add dlopen support for static-linked programs, much of the code in dynlink.c may be moved back into the src tree, but properly factored into separate source files. in that case, the code in the ldso tree will be reduced to just the dynamic linker entry point, self-relocation, and loading of libraries needed by the main application.
2016-01-25adapt static dl_iterate_phdr not to depend on !defined(SHARED)Rich Felker-4/+3
like elsewhere, use a weak alias that the dynamic linker will override with a more complete version capable of handling shared libraries.
2016-01-25move static-linked stub dlsym out of dynlink.cRich Felker-11/+15
the function name is still __-prefixed because it requires an asm wrapper to pass the caller's address in order for RTLD_NEXT to work. since this was the last function in dynlink.c still used for static linking, now the whole file is conditional on SHARED being defined.
2016-01-25move static-linked stub dlopen out of dynlink.cRich Felker-5/+13
2016-01-25move dlinfo out of dynlink.cRich Felker-16/+12
2016-01-25move dlclose out of dynlink.c to its own source fileRich Felker-5/+9
2016-01-25move static-linked stub invalid dso handle checking out of dynlink.cRich Felker-9/+20
2016-01-25move static/stub version of dladdr out of dynlink.cRich Felker-9/+6
2016-01-25factor dlerror and error-setting code out of dynlink.cRich Felker-32/+55
the ultimate goal of this change is to get all code used in libc.a out of dynlink.c, so that the dynamic linker code can be moved to its own tree and object files in the src tree can all be shared between libc.a and
2016-01-25fix arm a_crash for big endianRich Felker-2/+4
contrary to commit 89e149d275a7699a4a5e4c98bab267648f64cbba, big endian arm does need the instruction bytes in big endian order. rather than trying to use a special encoding that works as arm or thumb, simply encode the simplest/canonical undefined instructions dependent on whether __thumb__ is defined.
2016-01-25add native a_crash primitive for armRich Felker-0/+10
the .byte directive encodes a guaranteed-undefined instruction, the same one Linux fills the kuser helper page with when it's disabled. the udf mnemonic and and .insn directives are not supported by old binutils versions, and larger-than-byte integer directives would produce the wrong output on big-endian.
2016-01-24add new IP_BIND_ADDRESS_NO_PORT and IPPROTO_MPLS to netinet/in.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+2
IP_BIND_ADDRESS_NO_PORT is a SOL_IP socket option to delay src port allocation until connect in case src ip is set with bind(port=0). new in linux v4.2, commit 90c337da1524863838658078ec34241f45d8394d IPPROTO_MPLS protocol number for mpls over ip. new in linux v4.2, commit 730fc4371333636a00fed32c587fc1e85c5367e2
2016-01-24update netinet/tcp.h for linux v4.2Szabolcs Nagy-0/+7
TCP_CC_INFO is a new socket option to get congestion control info without netlink (union tcp_cc_info is in linux/inet_diag.h kernel header). linux commit 6e9250f59ef9efb932c84850cd221f22c2a03c4a TCP_SAVE_SYN, TCP_SAVED_SYN socket options are for saving and getting the SYN headers of passive connections in a server application. linux commit cd8ae85299d54155702a56811b2e035e63064d3d Add new tcpi_* fields to struct tcp_info implementing RFC4898 counters. linux commit 2efd055c53c06b7e89c167c98069bab9afce7e59
2016-01-24add MS_LAZYTIME mount option to sys/mount.hSzabolcs Nagy-1/+2
new in linux 4.0 commit 0ae45f63d4ef8d8eeec49c7d8b44a1775fff13e8, used to update atime/mtime/ctime only in memory when possible.
2016-01-24add AF_MPLS (PF_MPLS) address family to socket.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+2
new in linux 4.0 commit 0189197f441602acdca3f97750d392a895b778fd.
2016-01-24add MSG_FASTOPEN sendmsg/sendto flag to socket.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
This was new in linux 3.5 in commit cf60af03ca4e71134206809ea892e49b92a88896, needed for tcp fastopen feature (sending data in TCP SYN packet).
2016-01-24clean powerpc syscall.hSzabolcs Nagy-24/+0
remove ifdefs for powerpc64.
2016-01-24add missing powerpc specific PROT_SAO memory protection flagSzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
this flag for strong access ordering was added in linux v2.6.27 commit aba46c5027cb59d98052231b36efcbbde9c77a1d
2016-01-24fix powerpc MCL_* mlockall flags in bits/mman.hSzabolcs Nagy-2/+2
the definitions didn't match the linux uapi headers.
2016-01-24fix aarch64 atomics to load/store 32bit onlySzabolcs Nagy-2/+2
a_ll/a_sc inline asm used 64bit register operands (%0) instead of 32bit ones (%w0), this at least broke a_and_64 (which always cleared the top 32bit, leaking memory in malloc).
2016-01-23improve aarch64 atomicsRich Felker-16/+36
aarch64 provides ll/sc variants with acquire/release memory order, freeing us from the need to have full barriers both before and after the ll/sc operation. previously they were not used because the a_cas can fail without performing a_sc, in which case half of the barrier would be omitted. instead, define a custom version of a_cas for aarch64 which uses a_barrier explicitly when aborting the cas operation. aside from cas, other operations built on top of ll/sc are not affected since they never abort but rather loop until they succeed. a split ll/sc version of the pointer-sized a_cas_p is also introduced using the same technique. patch by Szabolcs Nagy.
2016-01-22add arch/abi info to dynamic linker's id/version outputRich Felker-1/+1
2016-01-22remove arch/$(ARCH)/src from the build systemRich Felker-1/+1
the files that used to come from extra src dirs under the arch dir have all been removed or moved to appropriate places under the main src tree.
2016-01-22remove sh port's __fpscr_values source fileRich Felker-5/+0
commit f3ddd173806fd5c60b3f034528ca24542aecc5b9, the dynamic linker bootstrap overhaul, silently disabled the definition of __fpscr_values in this file since's copy of __fpscr_values now comes from crt_arch.h, the same place the public definition in the main program's crt1.o ultimately comes from. remove this file which is no longer in use.
2016-01-22move sh port's __shcall internal function from arch/sh/src to src treeRich Felker-0/+0
2016-01-22move sh __unmapself code from arch/sh/src to main src treeRich Felker-1/+1
2016-01-22move x32 sysinfo impl and syscall fixup code out of arch/x32/srcRich Felker-1/+0
all such arch-specific translation units are being moved to appropriate arch dirs under the main src tree.
2016-01-22overhaul powerpc atomics for new atomics frameworkRich Felker-14/+38
previously powerpc had a_cas defined in terms of its native ll/sc style operations, but all other atomics were defined in terms of a_cas. instead define a_ll and a_sc so the compiler can generate optimized versions of all the atomic ops and perform better inlining of a_cas. extracting the result of the sc (stwcx.) instruction is rather awkward because it's natively stored in a condition flag, which is not representable in inline asm. but even with this limitation the new code still seems significantly better.
2016-01-22clean up x86_64 (and x32) atomics for new atomics frameworkRich Felker-113/+130
this commit mostly makes consistent things like spacing, function ordering in atomic_arch.h, argument names, use of volatile, etc. a_ctz_l was also removed from x86_64 since atomic.h provides it automatically using a_ctz_64.
2016-01-22clean up i386 atomics for new atomics frameworkRich Felker-66/+58
this commit mostly makes consistent things like spacing, function ordering in atomic_arch.h, argument names, use of volatile, etc. the fake 64-bit and/or atomics are also removed because the shared atomic.h does a better job of implementing them; it avoids making two atomic memory accesses when only one 32-bit half needs to be touched. no major overhaul is needed or possible because x86 actually has native versions of all the usual atomic operations, rather than using ll/sc or needing cas loops.
2016-01-22overhaul mips atomics for new atomics frameworkRich Felker-53/+31
2016-01-22move arm-specific translation units out of arch/arm/src, to src/*/armRich Felker-1/+0
this is possible with the new build system that allows src/*/$(ARCH)/* files which do not shadow a file in the parent directory, and yields a more logical organization. eventually it will be possible to remove arch/*/src from the build system.
2016-01-21overhaul arm atomics for new atomics frameworkRich Felker-142/+38
switch to ll/sc model so that new atomic.h can provide optimized versions of all the atomic primitives without needing an ll/sc loop written in asm for each one. all isa levels which use ldrex/strex now use the inline ll/sc model even if the type of barrier to use is not known until runtime (v6). the cas model is only used for arm v5 and earlier, and it has been optimized to make the call via inline asm with custom constraints rather than as a C function call.
2016-01-21overhaul aarch64 atomics for new atomics frameworkRich Felker-174/+25
2016-01-21overhaul sh atomics for new atomics framework, add j-core cas.l backendRich Felker-262/+110
sh needs runtime-selected atomic backends since there are a number of supported models that use non-forwards-compatible (non-smp-compatible) atomic mechanisms. previously, the code paths for this were highly inefficient since they involved C function calls with multiple branches in the callee and heavy spills in the caller. the new code performs calls the runtime-selected asm fragment from inline asm with extremely minimal clobbers, rather than using a function call. for the sh4a case where the atomic mechanism is known and there is no forward-compatibility issue, the movli.l and movco.l instructions are provided as a_ll and a_sc, allowing the new shared atomic.h to generate efficient inline versions of all the basic atomic operations without needing a cas loop.
2016-01-21refactor internal atomic.hRich Felker-834/+491
rather than having each arch provide its own atomic.h, there is a new shared atomic.h in src/internal which pulls arch-specific definitions from arc/$(ARCH)/atomic_arch.h. the latter can be extremely minimal, defining only a_cas or new ll/sc type primitives which the shared atomic.h will use to construct everything else. this commit avoids making heavy changes to the individual archs' atomic implementations. definitions which are identical or near-identical to what the new shared atomic.h would produce have been removed, but otherwise the changes made are just hooking up the arch-specific files to the new infrastructure. major changes to take advantage of the new system will come in subsequent commits.
2016-01-20fix global visibility (vis.h) support for out-of-tree buildsRich Felker-1/+1
commit 2f853dd6b9a95d5b13ee8f9df762125e0588df5d failed to change the test for -include vis.h support to use $srcdir, so vis.h was always disabled by configure for out-of-tree builds.
2016-01-20exclude vis.h when compiling assembly filesKhem Raj-1/+1
otherwise C declarations are included into preprocessed (.S) asm source files, producing errors from the assembler.
2016-01-20simplify "make clean" and remove unneeded lib dir from treeRich Felker-7/+1
the lib dir is automatically created if needed by the out-of-tree build logic, and now that all generated files are in obj and lib, deleting them is much simpler. using "rm -rf" is also more thorough, as it picks up object files that were left around from source files that no longer exist or which are no longer to be used because an arch-specific replacement file was added or removed.
2016-01-20deduplicate compiler invocation command line in makefileRich Felker-7/+9
also clean up duplication of CFLAGS passing to assembler.
2016-01-20remove outdated/incorrect comment about AS_CMD from makefileRich Felker-1/+0
2016-01-20remove support for subarch .sub files from the makefileRich Felker-16/+2
as of commit af21a82ccc8687aa16e85def7db95efeae4cf72e, .sub files are no longer in use. removing the makefile machinery to handle them not only cleans up and simplifies the makefile, but also significantly reduces make's startup time.
2016-01-20fix build regression for arm pre-v7 from out-of-tree build patchRich Felker-1/+1
commit 2f853dd6b9a95d5b13ee8f9df762125e0588df5d failed to replicate the old makefile logic that caused arch/arm/src/arm/atomics.s to be built. since this was the only .s file under arch/*/src, rather than trying to reproduce the old logic, I'm just moving it up a level and adjusting the glob pattern in the makefile to catch it. eventually arch/*/src will probably be removed in favor of moving all these files to appropriate src/*/$(ARCH) locations.
2016-01-20switch arm, sh, and mips fenv asm from .sub system to .S filesRich Felker-6/+21
2016-01-20switch sh and mips setjmp asm from .sub system to .S filesRich Felker-109/+12