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2013-02-01release notes for 0.9.9v0.9.9Rich Felker-0/+56
2013-02-01revert regex "cleanup" that seems unjustified and may break backtrackingRich Felker-0/+3
it's not clear to me at the moment whether the code that was removed (and which is now being re-added) is needed, but it's far from being a no-op, and i don't want to risk breaking regex in this release.
2013-01-31SOL_TCP is nonstandard and not in the reserved namespaceRich Felker-2/+1
alternatively, we could define it in sys/socket.h since SO* is reserved there, and tcp.h includes sys/socket.h in extensions mode. note that SOL_TCP is simply wrong and it's only here for compatibility with broken applications. the correct argument to pass for setting TCP socket options is IPPROTO_TCP, which of course has the same value as SOL_TCP but works everywhere.
2013-01-26fix tm_to_time logic for number of days in novemberRich Felker-1/+1
report/patch by Hiltjo Posthuma <>
2013-01-23add RTLD_NODELETE flag for dlopenRich Felker-0/+1
this is a trivial no-op, because dlclose never deletes libraries. thus we might as well have it in the header in case some application wants it, since we're already providing it anyway.
2013-01-23add support for RTLD_NOLOAD to dlopenRich Felker-3/+8
based on patch by Pierre Carrier <> that just added the flag constant, but with minimal additional code so that it actually works as documented. this is a nonstandard option but some major software (reportedly, Firefox) uses it and it was easy to add anyway.
2013-01-23fix regression in dlsym: rejection of special RTLD_* handles as invalidRich Felker-1/+2
2013-01-18use a common definition of NULL as 0L for C and C++Rich Felker-49/+8
the historical mess of having different definitions for C and C++ comes from the historical C definition as (void *)0 and the fact that (void *)0 can't be used in C++ because it does not convert to other pointer types implicitly. however, using plain 0 in C++ exposed bugs in C++ programs that call variadic functions with NULL as an argument and (wrongly; this is UB) expect it to arrive as a null pointer. on 64-bit machines, the high bits end up containing junk. glibc dodges the issue by using a GCC extension __null to define NULL; this is observably non-conforming because a conforming application could observe the definition of NULL via stringizing and see that it is neither an integer constant expression with value zero nor such an expression cast to void. switching to 0L eliminates the issue and provides compatibility with broken applications, since on all musl targets, long and pointers have the same size, representation, and argument-passing convention. we could maintain separate C and C++ definitions of NULL (i.e. just use 0L on C++ and use (void *)0 on C) but after careful analysis, it seems extremely difficult for a C program to even determine whether NULL has integer or pointer type, much less depend in subtle, unintentional ways, on whether it does. C89 seems to have no way to make the distinction. on C99, the fact that (int)(void *)0 is not an integer constant expression, along with subtle VLA/sizeof semantics, can be used to make the distinction, but many compilers are non-conforming and give the wrong result to this test anyway. on C11, _Generic can trivially make the distinction, but it seems unlikely that code targetting C11 would be so backwards in caring which definition of NULL an implementation uses. as such, the simplest path of using the same definition for NULL in both C and C++ was chosen. the #undef directive was also removed so that the compiler can catch and give a warning or error on redefinition if buggy programs have defined their own versions of NULL prior to inclusion of standard headers.
2013-01-16fix warning building dynlink.c stub for static libcRich Felker-2/+2
struct dso was not defined in this case, and it's not needed in the code that was using it anyway; void pointers work just as well.
2013-01-16fix bug in dladdr that prevented resolving addresses in the PLTRich Felker-1/+1
2013-01-15remove unused "params" related code from regexSzabolcs Nagy-21/+11
some structs and functions had reference to the params feature of tre that is not used by the code anymore
2013-01-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/math'Rich Felker-297/+207
2013-01-14regex: remove an unused local variable from regexecSzabolcs Nagy-3/+0
pos_start local variable is not used in tre_tnfa_run_backtrack
2013-01-13in crypt_des change unnecessary union keybuf into unsigned char[]Szabolcs Nagy-11/+8
original FreeSec code accessed keybuf as uint32* and uint8* as well (incorrectly), this got fixed with an union, but then it seems the uint32* access is no longer needed so the code can be simplified
2013-01-13crypt: fix the prototype of md5_sum, sha256_sum and sha512_sumSzabolcs Nagy-3/+3
the internal sha2 hash sum functions had incorrect array size in the prototype for the message digest argument, fixed by using pointer so it is not misleading
2013-01-13fix lio_listio return value in LIO_WAIT modeSzabolcs Nagy-1/+1
2013-01-12add MOD_TAI to sys/timex.h and update STA_RONLYSzabolcs Nagy-1/+2
2013-01-12add SWAP_FLAG_DISCARD to sys/swap.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
2013-01-12add mount flags to sys/mount.hSzabolcs Nagy-4/+22
added various MS_*, MNT_*, UMOUNT_* flags following the linux headers, with one exception: MS_NOUSER is defined as (1U<<31) instead of (1<<31) which invokes undefined behaviour the S_* flags were removed following glibc
2013-01-12add IN_EXCL_UNLINK to sys/inotify.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
2013-01-12add EPOLLWAKEUP flag to sys/epoll.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+1
2013-01-12add RB_SW_SUSPEND and RB_KEXEC to sys/reboot.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+2
using the glibc names for the magic constants of the linux reboot syscall
2013-01-12add missing mmap options and madvices to bits/mman.h based on linux headersSzabolcs Nagy-0/+41
2013-01-12add missing EXTPROC flag to bits/termios.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+4
mips and powerpc already had this termios flag defined
2013-01-12add missing F_GETOWNER_UIDS flag to bits/fcntl.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+11
2013-01-12add missing EHWPOISON to bits/errno.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+5
it was already defined for mips, but was missing from other archs
2013-01-12add missing ptrace requests and options to sys/ptrace.hSzabolcs Nagy-1/+9
2013-01-12add missing multicast socket options to netinet/in.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+17
based on linux headers add the missing MCAST_* options under _GNU_SOURCE as they are not in the reserved namespace (this api was originally specified by RFC 3678)
2013-01-12add missing protocol families to sys/socket.hSzabolcs Nagy-1/+11
missing protocol families based on current linux headers: PF_RDS, PF_LLC, PF_CAN, PF_TIPC, PF_NFC
2013-01-10fix another case of cloexec/nonblock flags not matching arch valuesRich Felker-2/+3
2013-01-10check for invalid handles in dlsym/dlcloseRich Felker-1/+17
this is wasteful and useless from a standpoint of sane programs, but it is required by the standard, and the current requirements were upheld with the closure of Austin Group issue #639:
2013-01-07math: erf and erfc cleanupSzabolcs Nagy-297/+207
common part of erf and erfc was put in a separate function which saved some space and the new code is using unsigned arithmetics erfcf had a bug: for some inputs in [7.95,8] the result had more than 60ulp error: in expf(-z*z - 0.5625f) the argument must be exact but not enough lowbits of z were zeroed, -SET_FLOAT_WORD(z, ix&0xfffff000); +SET_FLOAT_WORD(z, ix&0xffffe000); fixed the issue
2013-01-04setjmp.h: add struct tag for sigjmp_buf (GCC C++ compatibility)rofl0r-1/+1
the anonymous struct typedef with array notation breaks with GCC in C++ mode: error: non-local function 'static<anonymous struct> (& boost::signal_handler::jump_buffer())[1]' uses anonymous type this is a known GCC issue, as search results for that error msg suggest. since this is hard to work around in the calling C++ code, a fix in musl is preferable.
2013-01-04add legacy header values.hrofl0r-0/+40
some programs (procps, babl) expect it, and it doesn't seem to cause any harm to just add it. it's small and straightforward. since math.h also defines MAXFLOAT, we undef it in both places, before defining it.
2013-01-04time.h: add BSD aliases for otherwise internal struct tm membersrofl0r-0/+4
2013-01-04wait.h: add linux specific, thread-related waitpid() flagsrofl0r-0/+4
these flags are needed in order to be able to handle lwp id's which the kernel returns after clone() calls for new threads via ptrace(PTRACE_GETEVENTMSG). fortunately, they're the same for all archs and in the reserved namespace.
2013-01-04__assert_fail(): remove _Noreturn, to get proper stacktracesrofl0r-2/+2
for _Noreturn functions, gcc generates code that trashes the stack frame, and so it makes it impossible to inspect the causes of an assert error in gdb. abort() is not affected (i have not yet investigated why).
2013-01-01add some new-ish IPPROTO constants that were missingRich Felker-0/+3
2013-01-01math: bessel cleanup (jn.c and jnf.c)Szabolcs Nagy-164/+161
both jn and yn functions had integer overflow issues for large and small n to handle these issues nm1 (== |n|-1) is used instead of n and -n in the code and some loops are changed to make sure the iteration counter does not overflow (another solution could be to use larger integer type or even double but that has more size and runtime cost, on x87 loading int64_t or even uint32_t into an fpu register is more than two times slower than loading int32_t, and using double for n slows down iteration logic) yn(-1,0) now returns inf posix2008 specifies that on overflow and at +-0 all y0,y1,yn functions return -inf, this is not consistent with math when n<0 odd integer in yn (eg. when x->0, yn(-1,x)->inf, but historically yn(-1,0) seems to be special cased and returned -inf) some threshold values in jnf and ynf were fixed that seems to be incorrectly copy-pasted from the double version
2013-01-01math: bessel cleanup (j1.c and j1f.c)Szabolcs Nagy-187/+138
a common code path in j1 and y1 was factored out so the resulting object code is a bit smaller unsigned int arithmetics is used for bit manipulation j1(-inf) now returns 0 instead of -0 an incorrect threshold in the common code of j1f and y1f got fixed (this caused spurious overflow and underflow exceptions) the else branch in pone and pzero functions are fixed (so code analyzers dont warn about uninitialized values)
2013-01-01math: bessel cleanup (j0.c and j0f.c)Szabolcs Nagy-203/+161
a common code path in j0 and y0 was factored out so the resulting object code is smaller unsigned int arithmetics is used for bit manipulation the logic of j0 got a bit simplified (x < 1 case was handled separately with a bit higher precision than now, but there are large errors in other domains anyway so that branch has been removed) some threshold values were adjusted in j0f and y0f
2012-12-28expose [v]asprintf under _BSD_SOURCERich Felker-2/+2
reported/requested by Strake; simplified from the provided patch
2012-12-27align EPOLL_* flags with fcntl O_* flag definitions, which vary by archRich Felker-2/+3
the old definitions were wrong on some archs. actually, EPOLL_NONBLOCK probably should not even be defined; it is not accepted by the kernel and it's not clear to me whether it has any use at all, even if it did work. this issue should be revisited at some point, but I'm leaving it in place for now in case some applications reference it.
2012-12-26fix alignment logic in strlcpyRich Felker-1/+1
2012-12-26add linux extension POLLRDHUP to poll.hRich Felker-0/+1
the POLL prefix is in the reserved namespace for poll.h, so no feature test macro checks are needed.
2012-12-25fix reference to libc struct in static tls init codeRich Felker-1/+1
libc is the macro, __libc is the internal symbol, but under some configurations on old/broken compilers, the symbol might not actually exist and the libc macro might instead use __libc_loc() to obtain access to the object.
2012-12-20clean up and fix logic for making mmap fail on invalid/unsupported offsetsRich Felker-3/+7
the previous logic was assuming the kernel would give EINVAL when passed an invalid address, but instead with MAP_FIXED it was giving EPERM, as it considered this an attempt to map over kernel memory. instead of trying to get the kernel to do the rigth thing, the new code just handles the error in userspace. I have also cleaned up the code to use a single mask to check for invalid low bits and unsupported high bits, so it's simpler and more clearly correct. the old code was actually wrong for sizeof(long) smaller than sizeof(off_t) but not equal to 4; now it should be correct for all possibilities. for 64-bit systems, the low-bits test is new and extraneous (the kernel should catch the error anyway when the mmap2 syscall is not used), but it's cheap anyway. if this is an issue, the OFF_MASK definition could be tweaked to omit the low bits when SYS_mmap2 is not defined.
2012-12-19merge a few fixes by sh4rm4Rich Felker-1/+34
2012-12-19socket.h: add SO_(SND/RCV)BUFFORCE to generic blockrofl0r-0/+2
2012-12-19math: more correct tgmath.h type cast logicSzabolcs Nagy-32/+17
__IS_FP is a portable integer constant expression now (uses that unsigned long long is larger than float) the result casting logic should work now on all compilers supporting typeof